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As an EU-based airline, SAS Scandinavian Airlines operates under EC Regulation 261, which ensures comprehensive air passenger rights. The regulation allows passengers to claim compensation for flight delays, cancellations, or instances of being denied boarding, provided these incidents were not caused by extraordinary circumstances.

Passengers have up to 3 years to make a claim for compensation for a delayed flight. By entering their flight information into the flight delay compensation calculator available on our website, passengers can determine if they qualify for monetary compensation. In such cases, Click2Refund offers the assistance of their professional team to help passengers obtain the compensation they are entitled to.

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What Conditions Allow Me to Ask SAS for EC621 Flight Delay Compensation?

When airlines change their travel arrangements, the EU Regulation 261 (EC261), which was enacted in 2004, serves to defend the rights of passengers.

Flight difficulties like delays, cancellations, and overbooking are all thoroughly covered by EC261.

The following requirements must be satisfied for passengers to be eligible for SAS flight delay compensation:

  • Their flight originated from or arrived in the European Union.
  • Their flight landed at their ultimate destination with a delay of at least three hours.
  • There were no Extraordinary Circumstances (EC) that contributed to the flight delay.

Extraordinary circumstances are incidents over which the airline has no control, according to the EU regulation.

These things happen, like:

  • Medical emergencies.
  • Severe weather conditions.
  • Political unrest.
  • Bird strikes.
  • Strikes by airport workers or unions, etc.

Please keep in mind that you may be eligible in case of an airline personnel strike.

The Compensation for SAS Overbooking You Should Know

It can be very upsetting to learn that your SAS flight has been overbooked. There's no need to freak out, though, because EC261 guarantees that you will be reimbursed for the inconvenience.

You are qualified for compensation from SAS for overbooking if:

  • Neither did you voluntarily surrender your seat to SAS or consent to alternate payment from SAS.
  • SAS overbooked the flight; thus, you were denied boarding.
  • You had the proper travel documentation and showed up on time for check-in.

If, however, you are denied boarding because of:

  • If you volunteer to give up your seat.
  • Safety concerns, you will NOT be entitled to overbooking compensation.
  • Your failure to show the proper travel documents.
  • Health dangers.

If you are eligible for compensation, you have two options:

  • A complete refund of your ticket price, payable in cash, check, or electronic bank transfer.
  • Rerouting, based on seat availability, either as quickly as feasible or at a time that works better for you.

How Can I Calculate My SAS Flight Cancellation Compensation?

Several factors enshrined in the EC261 play a role when calculating the compensation you are entitled. These factors include:

• The distance of the flight and the advance notice given for the cancellation. If the airline arranges an alternative route, they will also consider the delay in your arrival at the final destination.

• The compensation amount for flight cancellations to vary between €125 and €600.

Calculating SAS flight cancellation compensation can be complicated. Why not simplify the process and reach out to us, you'd be glad you did.

Flight Compensation and Passenger Rights at SAS Scandinavian

Passengers travelling with SAS Scandinavian Airlines may be eligible for compensation under certain circumstances as outlined by EU Regulation 261. These circumstances include delays lasting 3 hours or longer, unexpected or late cancellations, overbooking situations, and missed connections.

As a way of providing adequate compensation to passengers, SAS adheres to the EU Regulation EC261/2004 and its General Conditions of Carriage, which can be found on the airline’s website.

The compensation amounts are determined based on the distance of the flight. The compensation arrangement is as follows:

Destination (km)

Compensation (€)

1,500 km


1,500 km and 3,500 km


3,500 km


For flights up to 1500 km, the compensation is €250. For flights between 1,500 km and 3,500 km, the compensation is €400. For flights exceeding 3,500 km, the compensation is €600.

In cases where passengers experience flight disruptions and incur additional expenses such as accommodation, refreshments, and communication tools, SAS Scandinavian Airlines is responsible for covering reasonable costs. If passengers believe they are entitled to compensation or reimbursement, they are encouraged to claim compensation with the airline. With a success rate of over 98% in dealing with SAS-related claims, Click 2 Refund can provide no-win-no-fee assistance to passengers seeking compensation.

How To Respond If Delay Is More Than Five Hours

Regardless of the distance, you can cancel your flight for no fee if the delay lasts more than 5 hours. Scandinavian Airlines is required to offer you a refund or find another way to get you to where you're going.

You are entitled to hotel accommodations, including transportation to and from the airport, if your departure is postponed until the next day. It is good to ask for written confirmation of your hotel reservation and transportation plans.

SAS Punctuality Review

It would be right to say that Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is one of the most punctual airlines in Europe. However, a problem with its cancellation figures poses a serious problem for the airline.

According to statistics, the possibility of your flight being completely cancelled is more than six times greater than the possibility of a delay of more than three hours.

Is SAS Responsive to Complaints?

SAS, like other airlines adhere to EU regulations. Typically, airlines are expected to address complaints within a 6-week.

SAS is also highly effective in resolving claims, with an average processing time of 25 days (or more).

If you wish to complain about the airline, you have two options:

  • Contact the SAS customer contact centre directly via phone.
  • Fill out an online complaint form provided by CAA's Passenger Advice and Complaints Team (PACT).

You can get it even a lot faster when you reach out to Click2Refund by filing out the forms online just in two minutes. Yes, you can!

Please also note that:

Data has shown that complainants who "directly filed a complaint" have only a 10% chance of getting these compensations listed in this piece; hence, contacting a Claim Consultant is always recommended.

Secondly, direct contact with the company's "dedicated phone numbers" is not always as easy. Callers may be compelled to wait long hours before an agent can respond to them.

Contacting SAS Customer Service

For customers in need of assistance, contacting SAS customer service is not always a straightforward process. Although the original purpose the airline provides dedicated phone numbers for specific regions or countries is to ensure efficient and convenient communication between passengers and the airline’s customer support representatives:


Telephone Number

United Kingdom (Local)

+44 871 226 7760

Ireland (International)

+353 1 844 5440, +44 207 660 6876

Belgium & Luxembourg

+32 2 643 6900


+43 820 988 530


+372 880 18 19


+358 981710 062

France (Local and International)

+33 0825 325 335, +33 1851 48203


+49 1806 117 002


+354 800 7624


+39 0699 748 015


+41 84 811 7100


+34 93 00 39916


+7 49 57 829 353


+48 22 8500 500


+31 900 74 66 3727


+370 52 051 109


+371 67 852 191

Other countries

+46 8797 3010

Should I accept SAS's offer of an SAS Voucher?

SAS Scandinavian Airlines also offers passengers the alternative of a non-refundable SAS flight voucher alongside monetary compensation. This approach is often employed by airlines as a means to circumvent the payment of compensation under EC261. SAS entices passengers to opt for the voucher by offering a higher value compared to the cash or bank transfer compensation.

However, it is important to note that the non-refundable SAS travel voucher can only be utilized for future travel with SAS and cannot be exchanged for cash. Based on our experience, it is generally recommended to refrain from accepting vouchers to avoid potential dissatisfaction with the airline.

SAS Scandinavian Airlines Destination Services:




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Hong Kong, China

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United Kingdom

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United States

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Some Useful Tips and Tricks to Follow If You Experience Delay with Scandinavian Airlines

1.Ascertain that the airline verifies the cause of the delay

Ask the airline employees to give you a detailed justification for the delay. Knowing the reason for the delay is important for reference purposes in the future or for any required claims.

2.Demand basic services and amenities at the airport

During a delay, you have the right to a number of facilities and services as a passenger. Make sure to request that the airline offer you with necessities like food, water, and access to the facilities you require.

3.Document useful evidence

Take screenshots or take photos of pertinent information, such as departure boards, announcements, or any communications you have with airline personnel. You should also keep receipts, vouchers, or any other evidence of expenses incurred during the delay, such as meals or transportation.

4.Exchange information with other affected travellers

Engage with other travellers who are also experiencing disruptions due to the delay. This will help you to better understand the whole situation as they may have information that you don’t.

Online Check-In Guidelines for Scandinavian Airlines

You may check in online with Scandinavian Airlines, which is quite convenient. You have up to one hour before take-off to check in for your flight, but you can do so as early as 22 hours before departure.

Please be aware, though, that there may occasionally be exceptions to this rule, so it is advised to double-check with the airline before your departure. It is strongly advised to choose online check-in because it offers the fastest procedure.

In addition, Scandinavian Airlines has a user-friendly app that makes the check-in process even easier.

Flight Statistics and Luggage Information

Based on recent flight data, SAS Scandinavian Airlines has operated a total of 1,260 flights within a 24-hour period. Out of these flights, approximately 57.70% departed on time, demonstrating the airline’s commitment to punctuality. However, delays and cancellations can still occur, and passengers are protected by air passenger rights in such situations.

SAS provides various fare plans for travellers, including Go Light, SAS Go, SAS Plus, and SAS Business. Each plan offers different baggage allowances and amenities, allowing passengers to choose according to their preferences and needs.

Additional Services Offered by SAS At the Airport

In the event of an extended delay or cancellation of your SAS flight, certain benefits are automatically provided to you. It is important to be aware of these rights and benefits, which may vary based on the distance of your flight. Here is a summary of what you are eligible for:

Short Distance: If you experience a waiting time of 2 hours or more, you are entitled to complimentary drinks, free food, and two telephone calls, emails, or faxes.

Medium Distance: If you experience a waiting time of 3 hours or more, you are entitled to complimentary drinks, free food, and two telephone calls, emails, or faxes.

Long-haul: If you experience a waiting time of 4 hours or more, you are entitled to complimentary drinks, free food, and two telephone calls, emails, or faxes.

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About  SAS Scandinavian Airlines

SAS Scandinavian Airlines was founded in 1946 by SAS AB in Norway. SAS Scandinavian Airlines’s headquarters are currently located in Stockholm and the main base in Copenhagen Airport. SAS Scandinavian Airlines is a star alliance member. The company has 3 stars on Skytrax rating.  Rickard Gustafson leads the company as the CEO. Its subsidiaries include Cimber and Spirit Air Cargo Handling AB.

It has declared $ 92,876,386 in revenue. SAS Scandinavian Airlines offers service to 119 destinations in 35 countries. Amsterdam-Oslo,Oslo-Munich,Dublin-Oslo,Brussels-Oslo,Paris-Berlin,Stockholm-Oslo are some of the main flight destinations.

SAS Scandinavian Airlines’s fleet consists of Boeing 737 Next Gen model aircrafts. The average age of the fleet is 10.5 years. The youngest aircrafts are the Canadair Regional Jet at 2.3 years old. They rank 2 among 103 airlines operating this type of aircraft. The most common aircraft in the fleet is the Boeing 737 Next Gen with 65 of them at hand. They rank 190 among 249 airlines operating this type of aircraft.

SAS Scandinavian Airlines have 1 accident reports to date. The most recent one is in 2001 at Milano Linate airport, Italy.

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