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Despite the best of efforts, all airlines, including ITA Airways, can end up causing journey hurdles like:

  • Denying you boarding due to overbooking
  • Forcing you to miss your connecting flight
  • Delaying your flight by more than three hours
  • Canceling your flight within 14 days of departure

In any of the above cases, you are entitled to ITA Airways compensation. Remember that the airline must pay you as much as €600. Use our flight delay compensation calculator to find out how much ITA Airways owes you for any of the journey obstacles.

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Can I claim compensation for an ITA Airways flight problem?

Like any airline that caters to countless destinations and carries millions of passengers every hour, ITA Airways ends up throwing sour experiences like flight delays and cancellations. If you face a delay problem with ITA Airways due to overbooking or denied entry, or in case of missed connecting flights, know that you are fully eligible for compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004.

If you find your ITA Airways flight holding up for more than three hours, you are eligible for a good amount of money - as high as €600 precisely. In addition to this, you will always get a refund if your flight gets cancelled out of the blue. In such cases, if ITA Airways doesn’t notify you within 14 days of your departure, you will get your money back against the claims.

And the best part: you have up to six years to file an ITA Airways complaint for every delayed and canceled flight (2 years in Italy, 3 years in Germany, 5 years in Spain and 6 years in UK).

But there are some exceptions. These mostly include extraordinary circumstances like bad weather, airport chaos, etc. But if you find your flight delayed due to situations like airline staff strikes or technical glitches, EC261 clearly provides compensation.

How much is your ITA Airways Compensation?

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Want to claim your ITA Airways delayed flight compensation? Check out how much the airlines owe you with our flight delay compensation calculator.

Want to know whether your flight problem satisfies the compensation rules? Find out with our Flight delay compensation calculator - your go-to tool for quick and easy refund computation.

Passenger rights you must learn by heart

If you are bouncing around EU airports and find blockers with your ITA Airways flight - be it overbooking, denied entry, delays, or cancellations, EC261 mentions provisions of compensation in clear words. It will also cover landings for ITA Airways, an EU-based airline. The compensation amount, though, will depend on the hours of trouble and the distance you travel. Usually, the compensation goes up to around €600 per passenger for any hiccups.

However, remember that EU rules won’t apply if you are traveling in the UK zone since UK 261 passenger laws were amended after Brexit. But don’t worry! It’s more or less the same as what EC261 provides. You can claim compensation for every delayed or canceled UK carrier flight and get a fair refund. Compensation usually caps out at £520 for hefty delays on longer journeys and will depend on the length of the journeys and hours of delay.

When can ITA Airways deny your claims?

Know more about the extraordinary circumstances

While EC261 strives to provide compensation for flight delays or last-minute cancellations, there are specific situations where the airline may rightfully refuse compensation, especially in delays caused by third parties or force majeure events—considered extraordinary circumstances. Here are some common examples:

    Inclement Weather:
  • Thick fog, heavy rain, or thunderstorms that significantly impact flight operations.
  • Strikes in Aviation Industry:
  • Strikes by air traffic control workers or other aviation-related strikes affecting specific airports.
  • It's worth noting that a strike by the airline's crew is not considered an extraordinary circumstance.
  • Political Unrest:
  • Instances of a terrorist attack or general security risk due to political instability.
  • Natural Disasters:
  • Events such as volcanic eruptions and hurricanes disrupt air travel operations.
  • Aircraft Collisions:
  • Collisions between aircraft, birds, or other foreign objects pose a safety risk.
  • Unruly Passengers:
  • Situations involving ill or unruly passengers impact the flight's ordinary course.
  • Airport Staff Delays:
  • Extended queues at security checks caused by airport staff, leading to delays beyond the airline's control.

It's important to understand that these extraordinary circumstances may exempt the airline from providing compensation. However, note that a strike by an airline crew does not fall under extraordinary circumstances. If you find your flight delayed or canceled due to an airline strike, you can claim ITA Airways reimbursements.

Want to know if your ITA Airways delayed flight falls under extraordinary circumstances?
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ITA Airways Flight Delay Compensation Rights

Will you get paid for ITA Airways delayed flight compensation? What are the forces driving your delayed flight refund?

Under EU261 directives, you could qualify for compensation if your ITA Airways flight is delayed. This right kicks in when the delay stretches beyond 3 hours and is caused by factors within the airline's control, such as technical glitches or scheduling mishaps with arrivals and departures.

Here's the lowdown on ITA Airways flight delay compensation:

  • A compensation of €250 for a delay of three hours or more, traveling within 1500 km
  • A compensation of €400 for a delay of three hours more, traveling 1500-3000 km
  • A compensation of €600 for a delay of three hours or more, traveling more than 3500 km

While in extraordinary circumstances, like adverse weather conditions, airlines may choose to not approve your ITA Airways complaint. But again, you will get compensation if it’s a technical glitch or staff strikes under Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004.

In addition to this, your compensation will depend on the distance you fly. Also, the duration of your original flight will affect your time computation and reimbursement for delayed flight.

Up to 1500 km Intra-Community (EU) flights of more than 1 500 km All other flights between 1 500 and 3 500 km Non-internal EU flights over 3,500 km
€250 €400 €400 €600

Receive a refund of up to €600.
Obtain reimbursement, regardless of the ticket price.
Claim compensation for flight delays dating back as far as six years.

Want to find out how much ITA Airways owes you for your delayed flight? Try our Flight Delay Compensation Calculator.

Why is filing ITA Airways complaints hard?

Filing claims for ITA Airways delayed flight compensation can be as rough as terrain.

Securing ITA Airways compensation for a flight disruption is no less than navigating a maze with its intricacies and rewards. It involves unraveling the nuances of regulations and stringent conditions. If you are considering filing claims for ITA Airways problem, here's a breakdown of what you might encounter:

    Navigating Eligibility Criteria:
  • Airlines establish specific conditions for compensation eligibility, considering factors such as the nature and duration of disruptions, reasons for delays, and airline responsibility.
  • Regulatory Complexity:
  • Air travel compensation adheres to regulations like EU Regulation 261/2004, which outlines passenger rights. Navigating these rules in specific situations can pose challenges.
  • Documenting the Journey:
  • Compensation claims often require thorough documentation, including proof of booking, boarding passes, and disruption details. Lack of proper documents can lead to delays or denials.
  • Cooperation Dynamics:
  • Airlines vary in their approach to cooperating with compensation claims. The speed and efficiency of processing claims can differ significantly between airlines.
  • Exploring Legal Avenues:
  • In certain instances, passengers may need to explore legal action for compensation, a process that can be both time-consuming and expensive.
  • Policy Puzzle:
  • Airlines may adjust compensation policies or dispute resolution processes, introducing challenges for passengers to stay informed and navigate changes effectively.
  • Managing Claim Volume:
  • Airlines, preeminent ones like ITA Airways, handle a significant volume of compensation claims. Processing these claims takes time, potentially causing delays due to the sheer number of requests.

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Claim ITA Airways Compensation for Canceled Flights

We have solutions for abruptly canceled flights as well!

Experiencing a cancellation on your ITA flight? You could be eligible for a refund of your ticket cost and compensation for the disruption caused to your travel plans.

Speaking of ITA Airways refund, if your flight is cancelled (whatever the case), and you cannot go for an alternative flight, you can always go for ITA Airways reimbursement. It doesn't matter if the airline proposes an alternative; you will get your money back if you don't reach your destination.

You can also claim a compensation if you don’t get a notification within 14 days of your departure date. But you meet the following criteria.

Notification of flight cancelation Announcement of alternative flight Compensation Applicable
Before seven days in advance Departs before one hour
Arrives later than two hours
7-14 days in advance Departs before one hour
Arrives later than two hours
Prior to 14 days No Alternative flight Yes

Your rights when you miss ITA Airways Connecting Flights

As an ITA Airways passenger, EU261 grants you the right to claim compensation if you miss a connecting flight due to a delay or cancellation of your initial ITA Airways flight, provided all flights were booked under a single reservation.

A crucial factor to consider is your cumulative delay upon reaching your final destination. If the overall disruption results in a total delay of 3 hours or more at your end destination, you have the right to pursue compensation for the missed connection. The potential compensation amount for a missed connection is determined by the total delay experienced at your last destination and the average distance of your journey.

Things you should avoid

Navigating flight disruptions? Here are three pitfalls to sidestep for a smoother journey:

    Snap Judgments on Initial Offers:
  • Airlines might lowball initial compensation offers. Don't rush – compare against EU261 standards and insist on what you’re rightfully owed.
  • Voucher Temptation:
  • Beware of shiny travel vouchers. They often tie you to one airline with tricky restrictions. Politely decline and safeguard your right to full compensation.
  • Sign with Caution:
  • In the chaos, airlines may push quick signatures. Don’t go for it. Take a moment, read the agreements thoroughly, and seek advice if needed. You have six years to research and then go for a claim.

We have your back if you are still unsure of your next steps in ITA Airways complaints. Talk to us today, and we will figure this out for you.

About  ITA Airways

ITA Airways, entirely owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, commenced operations in November 2020, establishing itself as a key player in the air transport sector. Initially serving 44 destinations with 59 routes, the airline plans to grow to 74 destinations and 89 routes by 2025, with a strategic emphasis on long-haul flights to enhance national connectivity.

ITA Airways is gearing up with a modern and eco-friendly fleet, loaded with cutting-edge technologies to boost efficiency, and service quality and make a big dent in our environmental footprint, by rolling with a fleet of 52 aircraft – 7 wide-bodies and 45 narrow-bodies. By the end of 2025, our fleet will hit 105 aircraft, including 23 wide-bodies and 82 narrow-bodies. And a whopping 75% of them will be the latest and greatest in new-gen aircraft.

ITA Airways has its sights set on crafting a top-notch and forward-thinking air carrier with an aim to become the go-to provider for quality connectivity between Italy and international destinations, giving a boost to tourism, foreign trade, and seamless travel within the country.