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7/16/2024 Click2Refund
Do you know that even past flight information can be critical at desperate times? If you have missed your flights and now want to claim compensation or are facing a significant delay that has ruined your entire itinerary but want the airlines to compensate for your struggles, you need past flight information.
6/26/2024 Click2Refund
Imagine this scenario: You've booked a business class ticket for a long-haul flight, eager to enjoy the extra legroom, premium dining, and lie-flat seats. But when you board the plane, you discover you've been reassigned to an economy class seat in the back. Frustrating, right?
6/19/2024 Click2Refund
Are you a travel blogger or content creator looking to monetize your content? Look no further! Click2Refund's affiliate program offers a fantastic opportunity to earn money by partnering with a service that helps travelers claim compensation for delayed or canceled flights.
6/12/2024 Click2Refund
With many airlines carrying thousands of passengers to numerous locations, flight delays and cancellations are never a surprise. However, problems arise when airlines avoid responsibilities and try to avoid flight delay compensation by substituting with vouchers and discounts.
5/11/2024 Click2Refund
Airlines are notorious for scrutinizing compensation claims in the face of flight delay regulations like the EU Regulation 261/2004. Among them, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, often simply referred to as Lufthansa, has built a reputation for being particularly resistant to reimbursing passengers for flight disruptions.
5/3/2024 Click2Refund
Often, we book a flight, pay for all the amenities, spend extra money choosing our favorite seats, and subscribe to all the add-on services, paying so many dollars only to ensure a better journey. Unfortunately, flights can get canceled or delayed anytime and anywhere without any reason. The real struggle begins when the airline authorities refuse to acknowledge the problem, let alone compensate for the same. Moreover, they cover up the matter by offering trivial things like travel credit, vouchers, etc., instead of giving a refund.
4/26/2024 Click2Refund
Has your flight compensation claim been denied? Or is it taking forever to get resolved by the airline? Denying compensation claims for vague reasons or adding unnecessary bureaucracy are just a few sneaky ways airlines try to get out of paying passengers the compensation they’re rightfully owed.
4/13/2024 Click2Refund
Has your flight compensation claim been rejected? It can be a frustrating experience, especially if the airline makes vague claims about “extraordinary circumstances” that delayed your flight. Unfortunately, it’s a common experience for passengers who submit claims to airlines on their own.
2/10/2024 Click2Refund
Confused about whether or not you’re eligible for flight delay compensation in Canada? You’re not alone.
2/1/2024 Click2Refund
You are so excited about your holiday. You reach the airport two hours before your departure time. You wait for eternity only to find that your flight is now delayed by six hours! Not just that, since you had to catch a connecting flight, you must also miss that. You have no option but to sit, wait more, and daydream about whether you can catch your connecting flight!
1/21/2024 Click2Refund
Are you waiting to hear back from the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) about a flight compensation claim? If you are, you’re not alone. Many travelers that file claims with the CTA end up waiting months for their claim to be reviewed – but there’s help on the way.
1/7/2024 Click2Refund
While packing for your extended vacation trip or waiting for your flight at the airport lounge, your phone beeps and flashes a message - your flight to the destination has been canceled or delayed. Or, you keep waiting in the long check-in queues only to find out the airline authorities are denying you entry due to overbooking. Worse still, your first flight got so delayed that you missed your connecting flight!
1/2/2024 Click2Refund
If your flight has been delayed or cancelled, why was your compensation claim denied? You might already know that legislation in the EU, UK or Canada entitles you to compensation for delays that are the airline’s fault. These laws are meant to protect you from administrative errors airlines make that cost passengers time and money.
12/22/2023 Click2Refund
On average, 30,000 flights are delayed around the world every day – a problem so common that many people don’t realize that even a 2-hour delay grants them certain rights under many countries’ laws.
11/11/2023 Click2Refund
What does no win, no fee mean and why is it important for flight delay compensation? When there’s a flight delay, many passengers assume they’ll just get the compensation they’re legally owed. But there’s actually some legal grey areas that can make it challenging to know when an airline passenger can claim compensation.
10/10/2023 Click2Refund
Wizz Air is a global airline serving 193 airports across 54 countries. But it periodically experiences delays and cancellations like several other low-cost airlines. However, Click2Refund can assist you in asserting your right to just compensation, which could be worth up to €600 per passenger.
10/5/2023 Click2Refund
If you have ever missed your connecting flight due to the airline's fault, you know how frustrating and stressful it can be. Not only you have to deal with the hassle of rebooking your flight, but you also have to worry about the extra costs and the impact on your travel plans. However, the good thing is — you may be entitled to Missed Connection Compensation from the airline for your inconvenience.
10/1/2023 Click2Refund
Have you ever experienced the frustration of arriving at your destination only to find out that your baggage is missing? If so, you are not alone. Every year, millions of travelers face the problem of baggage delay or loss by the airline. How can you protect your rights and get compensation for your baggage issues? Let's see in the detailed article below.
9/6/2023 Click2Refund
Flight disruptions can ruin your travel plans and cause you a lot of stress. And though you may be entitled to compensation for the inconvenience, claiming it can be a hassle. That's why you need a flight refund service that can handle the process for you and get you the money you deserve. Right now, one of the top flight refund services in the industry that you can trust is Click2Refund. Let's check out why and how in detail.
12/16/2022 Click2Refund
Eating at the airport can be time-consuming and expensive. Once you get through security and sat at a restaurant, you are often met with high prices and bland food. If you’re like a lot of travelers, you enjoy bringing a snack or meal from home. But can you bring food through airport security and onto the plane itself?
8/13/2022 Click2Refund
Being on a delayed flight is extremely frustrating and if this has ever happened to you, you might be wondering why. You rarely get much information from the airline, so what are the main reasons for flights being delayed? There are many reasons that a flight may be delayed, but the top ones include adverse weather, bird strikes, mechanical issues, connecting passengers, waiting for crew members, and problems with getting the plane ready. There are also other potential problems, like baggage loading and late aircraft.
7/27/2022 Christoph Przywara
First, Lufthansa announced the cancellation of thousands of flights. The company reasoned this with Verdi's strike of ground personnel. This mainly affects the hubs Frankfurt (FRA) and Munich (MUC) yet also many other airports (Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg etc.). It is expected that the impact on routes etc. will last until Friday. Numbers of around 134,000 affected passengers are circulated. Secondly, Spanish unions USO and Sitcpla announced a strike period from August until January 2023 (yes, you've read correctly, around five months). The impact is yet to be seen. Solidarity. Right of collective bargaining and action. That's the heading of article 28 of the EU's Charter of Fundamental Rights. Workers are guaranteed to bargain and to strike for their interests. A strike always is disruptive. Yet, it is a risk inherent to every business including airlines. It's time for a reminder of your right's as passengers should you be affected
3/30/2022 Click2Refund
Have you ever wanted to make more money while traveling? It is possible to do it, but you need to be savvy and employ certain techniques to make this viable. You don’t want to spend your valuable traveling time wasting money on schemes that won’t work!
12/20/2021 by Click2Refund
The global aviation industry is currently responsible for around 2% of all carbon emissions produced by humans. This makes up roughly 915 million tons of the world’s 43 billion ton yearly global output. While these numbers may seem astronomical, the aviation industry has actually made great strides in the past 50 years to lower its emissions while simultaneously improving the quality of flights. Let’s take a closer look at how the aviation industry continues to impact global carbon emissions, where the majority of these emissions come from, which airlines are the cleanest, and how the industry as a whole has improved over the years.
10/30/2021 Click2refund
Worried you won't be able to make your flight? Find out if you can cancel ahead of time here.
9/18/2021 Click2Refund
Although the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the global airline industry over the past year and a half, airports across the United States continue to see millions of passengers pass through their doors every month. That being said, though, COVID-19 has reshuffled the rankings for which airport is the biggest and busiest in the nation. Let’s take a look at the top 10 busiest and largest airports in the United States and explore what makes them such influential travel hubs for not just the US but the entire world. We should state ahead of time that these rankings were compiled based on the total number of passengers transported through each airport, not the number of flights. You can find a list of the ten largest US airports by landmass here:
8/11/2021 Click2refund
Aircraft manufacturers have struggled during the pandemic. Want to know who came out on top? Check out our top 10 aircraft manufacturers of 2021!
7/17/2021 Click2Refund
Despite a hefty 18% dip in overall revenue since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global airline industry was still valued at a whopping $686 billion in 2020. As the world slowly begins to reopen throughout 2021, its value is expected to skyrocket and even surpass previous heights. But who is most likely to benefit from the reawakening of global travel?
2/17/2021 Christoph Przywara
Air Namibia is the next carrier to permanently stop operations. Effective Thursday 11th February 2021 all flight operations were canceled. All planes were to return to the home base at Hosea Kutako International (WDH) in Windhoek. The airline has existed for 74 years and was the national carrier of Namibia. It appears that its fate hadn't been sealed by the pandemic, although it certainly didn't help.
2/7/2021 Click2Refund
Traveling to other countries is one of the most exciting adventures you can have. Even though many of us have had our travel plans halted this year, planning for future adventures is a fun activity. But to explore far off places, you need to take an airplane. Many people dread long flights, no matter where they are going. Travel plans that last several hours or even days can be uncomfortable and cramped if you do not have the right clothing. If you can't wait for your next adventure but are dreading your next flight, keep reading. Below is a list of all of the traveling clothing you need in your wardrobe.
12/17/2020 Click2Refund
As of 2020, the global air transportation industry is valued at a staggering $686 billion. Growth in the industry had been impressive prior to the novel coronavirus pandemic, with IATA predicting a mindboggling 8.2 billion air travelers in 2037. If you frequently travel by airplane, chances are you’ve come across airports that seem to have never-ending escalators and hallways. Reaching your gate in such airports can seem like an impossible affair. Navigating inside the biggest and busiest airports in the world makes you feel like you’re walking through a whole city. Each year, some of these airports handle tens of millions of passengers. But have you ever wondered what the world’s biggest and busiest airports are? In this comprehensive post, we list ten of the biggest and busiest 2021 airports, based on the actual airport size and annual passenger traffic. Read on to find out.
11/25/2020 Click2Refund
At the beginning of COVID-19, back when we were all obsessing about Carole Baskins, we saw pictures of all the way empty flights. Then there was a period where you couldn't fly at all unless you had a really good reason. Things started easing up a little bit in June, and as of December, Southwest and Delta will be the only airlines spacing the passengers on their flights. On one hand, the airlines are businesses, and they have employees to pay, but on the other - aren't they putting their passengers at risk of more than just air travel delays by packing them together during a global pandemic? This guide will cover the impact COVID-19 has had on the airline industry, what we think flying post-vaccine will look like, and some tips on how to stay safe if you do have to fly. Start getting your questions answered.
8/7/2020 Click2Refund
The whole global industry faces a high volume of economic challenges due to the brand new virus outbreak, Covid-19 Pandemic, that could never be predicted by the global capital flows. Unquestionably, one of the most affected is the airline industry that had to garage the aircrafts, cease the operations and cancel the scheduled flights due to the restrictions emposed for an uncertain period of time. At this very point, what already ticketed air travellers would welcome is to get the full refund paid for the product the airline company promised, but remained unprovided.
3/17/2020 Christoph Przywara
The current situation evolving around the Corona Virus affects daily life in many ways. One of them being the questions of how and if we travel. On the one hand, the confined space of an airplane makes the thought of either having or being exposed to the virus especially discomforting. People only use flights as a mode of travel if they have to. On the other hand, governments trying to slow down the infection rates establish visa bans or ban people from certain regions or with specific travel history. Finally, fewer bookings cause airlines to cancel flights or shrink their overall flight schedules and offers. This article aims at showing the consequences of a flight disruption caused by the Corona Virus in terms of passenger rights, meaning reimbursements for tickets, care like food/drinks and hotel accommodation or compensation.
3/3/2020 Michael Hulleman
New regulations in the EU, Canada, and around the world are focusing on passenger rights to protect them from airline mismanagement and flight delays. Find out if you’re eligible for flight compensation and where to get help receiving it.
2/10/2020 Click2Refund
Since January 2020, the world has seen a sudden and alarming rise in a contagion known as the Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). A lockdown on over 10,000 flights to mainland China came into force in the wake of the outbreak, with coronavirus flight cancellations and travel restrictions applied in an attempt to curb the spread of the disease. Like the SARS outbreak before it, the Coronavirus looks set to seriously disrupt travel plans for the foreseeable future.
11/26/2019 Christoph Przywara
On December 15th, 2019, the second stage of the new Canadian Airline Passenger Protection Regulation will come into force. This article - the third part of our series - briefly guides through this section of the airlines' obligations and respective rights of passengers. The fourth part compares the Canadian and the European regime under the Regulation (EC) 261/2004. As a reminder, rules regarding denied boarding, tarmac delays and lost or damaged baggage have already been in force since July 15th, 2019. The new set of regulations covers further obligations for canceled and delayed flights. The obligations in these events are similar and vary depending on the reason for the disruption (whether it has been within the carrier's control or not), the length of delay caused and the size of the carrier.
11/11/2019 Christoph Przywara
On July 15th, 2019, the first stage of the new Canadian Airline Passenger Protection Regulation has come into force. This article briefly guides trough the airlines' obligations and respective rights of passengers. We decided to explain the rules coming into effect on December 15th, 2019 in the next article. The fourth part will make a brief comparison between the Canadian and the European regime under the Regulation (EC) 261/2004.
11/7/2019 Christoph Przywara
UFO striking against Lufthansa, what sounds like SciFi has a serious background and causes a lot of distress for passengers. The natural question to occur is about the rights of passengers in this case : - Entitlement to compensation; - Alternative travel; - Care duties of the airline; - Accommodation. Please make especially sure to read the “Recommendations” section with useful tips for you should you be affected.
8/28/2019 Michael Hulleman
There are a number of things that airlines say to avoid paying flight compensation to passengers inconvenienced by their company. In this article we’ll look at several real-world examples where Click2Refund has been awarded proper compensation for flight delays under European Union regulation 261/2004.
8/15/2019 Christoph Przywara
The logic is simple, you book your ticket with an airline and that airline is liable for flight disruptions. The legal logic is not quite that simple. Regulation (EC) 261/2004 (European Passenger Protection Regulation) uses the concept of the 'operating carrier'. That means the airline that actually undertook to transport the passenger faces the liability and obligations in case of disruptions (delay, cancellation and denied boarding). But those knowing a little about how the airline industry works have also heard of 'wet lease', 'dry' or 'code sharing'.
7/28/2019 Christoph Przywara
What happens when you skip a leg on an itinerary - Are you still eligible for compensation if your ticket becomes void due to no-show? Airlines' tariff systems are highly complex and nearly impossible to understand. Sometimes flights get more expensive the closer you get to the actual flight date. Sometimes the opposite is the case. The same applies to the distance flown. In not few cases, a longer (yet more indirect) flight is cheaper than a direct one. Airlines try to ensure that certain connections - mainly from tributary airports to their main hubs - are also profitable and used. They make them attractive with discounts.
6/11/2019 Christoph Przywara
Flight disruptions of any kind are everything but pleasant. Insult is added to injury when the replacement flight after cancellation is also delayed. What do you do? Simple, you claim your compensation twice.
5/30/2019 Christoph Przywara
The new Canadian Air Passenger Protection Regulations create a system of protection for passengers during disruptions. They help by standardizing compensations and treatments across the flight travel industry. Time will tell whether they actually are “world class” as branded by the government. The influence of airlines during the legislative and executive process is obvious. It inter alia explains exemptions to compensation rules for passengers. That specifically applies to the category of disruption reasons “within the airline's control but required for safety reasons”. Let's face it, the very majority of mechanical issues in air travel are safety-relevant. And it's clear that a lowering of safety standards is in nobody's interest. But keeping a plane safe is at the core of an airline's business. Therefore, it is unclear why it shouldn't have to compensate for disruption if it failed to conduct the business safely and on time.
5/19/2019 Aporve Khanna
Facing financial difficulties for airlines companies is no surprise due to the fierce competition. Since 2017, inter alia, the following airlines have declared bankruptcy Cobalt air, Air Berlin, Primera Air, Germania. We recommend any passenger affected to seek expert advice on topics as compensation or a refund as soon as the news breaks. Legal deadlines for filing claims might apply and the involvement of a bankruptcy complicates the matter.
3/16/2019 Aporve Khanna
The grounding of Boeing 737 Max has eventually resulted in the worldwide cancellation of flights and caused distress among passengers and now it is the time for passengers to know their rights. Here is the list of countries who had taken aggressive decisions by grounding Boeing 737 Max.
2/3/2019 Aporve Khanna
Long hours delay and cancellation of flights is becoming quite prominent in modern days and claiming compensation from airlines authorities are much of a challenge. The European Regulation EU261/2004, airlines are required to pay up to 600 € to passengers for the delay over 3 hours long as compensation for their inconvenience and time, excluding the price of the flight ticket. But the biggest challenge faced by passengers is circumventing the defense used by airlines which they call “Extraordinary circumstances”, the one is frequently used to avoid compensation. The EU Regulation 261/2004 is a common law which deals with the passenger compensation from the airlines in case of denied boarding, flight cancellation and long delay of flights.
1/3/2019 Aporve Khanna
Time limitation period for seeking compensations from the airline authorities have been one of the most debated topics from its very inception. The common question faced by the passengers is the number of years until a passenger can claim compensation in case of any denied boarding of flights, delay or cancellation of flights in the Europe and rest of the parts of the world.