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5/19/2019 Aporve Khanna
Facing financial difficulties for airlines companies is no surprise due to the fierce competition. Since 2017, inter alia, the following airlines have declared bankruptcy Cobalt air, Air Berlin, Primera Air, Germania. We recommend any passenger affected to seek expert advice on topics as compensation or a refund as soon as the news breaks. Legal deadlines for filing claims might apply and the involvement of a bankruptcy complicates the matter.
3/16/2019 Aporve Khanna
The grounding of Boeing 737 Max has eventually resulted in the worldwide cancellation of flights and caused distress among passengers and now it is the time for passengers to know their rights. Here is the list of countries who had taken aggressive decisions by grounding Boeing 737 Max.
2/3/2019 Aporve Khanna
Long hours delay and cancellation of flights is becoming quite prominent in modern days and claiming compensation from airlines authorities are much of a challenge. The European Regulation EU261/2004, airlines are required to pay up to 600 € to passengers for the delay over 3 hours long as compensation for their inconvenience and time, excluding the price of the flight ticket. But the biggest challenge faced by passengers is circumventing the defense used by airlines which they call “Extraordinary circumstances”, the one is frequently used to avoid compensation. The EU Regulation 261/2004 is a common law which deals with the passenger compensation from the airlines in case of denied boarding, flight cancellation and long delay of flights.
1/3/2019 Aporve Khanna
Time limitation period for seeking compensations from the airline authorities have been one of the most debated topics from its very inception. The common question faced by the passengers is the number of years until a passenger can claim compensation in case of any denied boarding of flights, delay or cancellation of flights in the Europe and rest of the parts of the world.