Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the legal base and scope of the compensation?

It is the European Framework protecting passenger’s rights numbered 261/2004. According to regulation, you can ask for compensation between 250 EUR and 600 EUR per ticket with regard to the distance and delay time/cancellation of your flight.

2. How do I know that my flight qualifies for compensation?

You can check the eligibility of your claim via the service that Click2Refund offers. Simply fill the claim compensation calculator in 2 min and get complete feedback free of charge, no obligation.

3. Do I have to pay in advance for your services?

No! If your case is successful, Click2Refund will take 28% of the compensation.

4. If I do not receive any settlement money from my case, do I need to pay for your services?

No! Click2Refund is a complete risk-free service and works on No Win No Fee basis.

5. In case the company does not consent on paying the compensation, how is the lawsuit stage processed?

Most of the time, the companies consent on paying the compensation by force of the relevant European Framework. On the contrary case, we can apply to relevant small claims court. At this step, our expert lawyers deal with your case and do the best to get what is yours.

6. What is the framework of the law? What if I am not a European citizen?

You do not necessarily have to be a European. In case you travel with an EU registered airline or any airline that departs from an EU airport, then you may be entitled to compensation.

7. Do I have to cover the legal expenses if your lawyers lose the lawsuit regarding my claim?

No! We will cover any costs incurred in the event the lawsuit is lost.

8. Can I apply to Click2Refund for compensation regarding my previous delay/cancellation hassles?

Yes. According to the relevant rule, any delay/cancellation/denied boarding cases in the last 3 years (last 6 years in the UK) are subjected to claim. Please see the article for statute of limitations by country.

9. Can I claim on behalf of a child?

Yes. It is possible for all the passengers to submit their claim regardless of their age if they have a paid ticket.

10. Can I claim for compensation in case the cause is an extraordinary circumstance?

Extraordinary circumstances, like freak weather conditions, air traffic control strikes and acts of terrorism, are situations which could not be foreseen and avoided even if all reasonable measures are taken. If one of these is in question and in case the airline company proves the case, you might not be eligible to claim.

Keep in mind that airline companies use this tricky phrase to refuse your claims even if you are eligible to get compensation. At this point, Click2Refund team is ready to secure your rights thanks to its superior software and the legal network.

11. Once I contact you, how long will it take to receive the settlement money?

First, Click2Refund investigates the scope of the claim and get in contact with the airline. If the airline rejects to fulfill its responsibilities, we will immediately take your case to court and fight for your compensation with our legal experts and lawyers. One cannot easily give a certain time frame for the court phase but Click2Refund clients mostly get their compensation within 90 days on average.

12. How can I stay informed about my application?

You will be kept informed in each and every step of the progress regarding your claim. The results of your appeal will be sent to you by email.

13. What information and documents will you need?

Your flight information and a power of attorney to represent you will be needed. The said documents will be vital during the process in terms of proving the inconvenience and getting what is yours smoothly. Some airlines may ask for a copy of your Driver’s License or first page of your Passport and your address to confirm your case.

14. Can I also ask for my extra expenses arising from the delay or cancellation of my flight?

Yes, you can ask for your reasonable expenses regarding food and accommodation. Bear in mind that you will not be paid for alcohol, expensive meals or luxury hotels.

15. Under what conditions would an application be voided?

In case you are unable to provide the documents and information that we require, or if you provide wrong information, we will void the contract giving Click2Refund to pursue this court case in your interest.

16. The airline has offered me vouchers as compensation, what should I do?

Airlines could offer vouchers as compensation but it has to be a monetary compensation unless the passenger agrees.

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