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The Benefits of Using a Professional Service to Handle Your Flight Compensation Claims


While packing for your extended vacation trip or waiting for your flight at the airport lounge, your phone beeps and flashes a message - your flight to the destination has been canceled or delayed. Or, you keep waiting in the long check-in queues only to find out the airline authorities are denying you entry due to overbooking. Worse still, your first flight got so delayed that you missed your connecting flight!

Ever happened to you? Not a very ideal situation, isn’t it?

You don’t need to be a lawyer to determine that you are entitled to a claim for each flight problem mentioned above. If you board a plane from anywhere in Europe, the EU261 bestows you with numerous provisions of flight refunds to compensate for the hassles you face. Unfortunately, filing flight delay compensations and cancellation refunds is easier said than done. You may have to wait an eternity till you receive your claims. And that’s where professional flight refund services come in. This blog will help you understand how flight delay and cancellation refund works, why the process becomes daunting, why you should use flight refund service, how we can help you with stress-free claims, and more. Let’s dive in.

Understanding flight delay compensation

The EU261 directives give you numerous provisions to claim flight delay compensation if you face a halt that exceeds three hours. However, the delay should be triggered by factors that are within the control of airline authorities, for instance, technical glitches or scheduling errors for arrivals and departures. In case of extraordinary circumstances, airlines can refuse your flight complaints.

In exceptional circumstances like adverse weather conditions, airlines may choose not to approve your complaint. However, compensation is guaranteed for technical glitches or staff strikes under Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004. Here’s what the break up looks like:

All flight up to 1,500 km All intra-Community flights of more than 1,500 km All flights between 1,500 - 3,500 km All other flights over 3,500 km
€250 €400 €400 €600

Additionally, your compensation is contingent on the distance you travel. The duration of your original flight will also impact the calculation of time and reimbursement for the delayed flight. For instance:

Hours of delay Compensation
0-3 hours No compensation
3-4 hours €250 for 1500 km
€400 for 3500 km
€300 for more than 3500 km
More than 4 hours €250 for 1500 km
€400 for 3500 km
€600 for more than 3500 km

Understanding flight cancellation compensation

Facing a cancellation with your flight? You can claim flight cancellations refunds. EU261 has various rules that will help you claim equivalent to the full value of your ticket and gain reimbursements for the hassles during your journey.

Notification of flight cancelation Announcement of alternative flight Compensation Applicable
Before seven days in advance Departs before one hour Or Arrives later than two hours Yes
7-14 days in advance Departs before two hours Or Arrives later than two hours Yes
Prior to 14 days No Alternative flight Yes

Make sure you meet these criteria to assert your right to reimbursement and compensation for any disruptions to your travel plans caused by airline flight cancellations.

When can you apply for flight refunds?

With flights taking off and landing that is too much to even count, even the most reputed airlines can cause chaos to your highly-planned travel journeys. It happens for a million reasons, from overbooking to strikes or technical glitches, that make flight delays and cancellations inevitable for airlines. If you are someone encountering such inconveniences led by overbooking, denied entry, or missing connecting flights, always remember that EC261 lets you get complete reimbursements for these mishaps.

Also, if your flight sees a delay that exceeds three hours, you can always file a refund. And guess what? You can get compensation that is as high as €600. Additionally, in cases of unexpected flight cancellation, you can get a refund that’s the full amount of your ticket cost. Also note that your airline has to notify you within 14 days of your departure in such cases.

What are your rights?

If you are bouncing around EU airports and find speed breakers with your flights - be it overbooking, denied entry, delays, or cancellations, EC261 provides various options for refund in clear words and covers landings for all major EU-based airlines. The refund, though, will depend on the hours of trouble and the distance you travel. Usually, the compensation goes up to around €600 per passenger for any hiccups.

What are the challenges you face when you file flight problems by yourself?

Despite EC261 and airlines offering various provisions for claims for flight disruptions and inconveniences, filing refunds can be a patchy road with so many speed breakers. It’s more like a solo expedition where you are fraught with challenges, from negotiating with the airlines to paperwork disasters to waiting for responses that never or hardly hit your mailboxes. Here are some of the prominent problems you face when you file flight refunds by yourself:

Stressful Negotiations:

Negotiations are a complete showdown with the airline. If you are not a pro, it can often turn into a high-stakes game, triggering stress and testing your patience.

Lots of Paperwork:

Ever felt buried under a mountain of paperwork? Figuring out the right forms and where to send them can make you feel like you're in a paperwork jungle with no map.

Time-Consuming Process:

It’s a marathon, not even a sprint. Dealing with airlines involves months of back-and-forth and countless hours spent on hold, listening to elevator music.

Risky Legal Proceedings:

If your claim goes to court, get ready to bet on legal fees – win or lose. Moreover, you have to pay additional lawyer fees, attending sessions, and whatnot.

Unresponsive Airlines:

So many airlines just leave you in the dark - neither replying nor notifying you about the acceptance or rejection of the claim.

This is where a professional flight refund company comes into play. They swoop in to rescue you from paperwork avalanches, negotiate on your behalf, speed up the timeline, and keep you in the loop. And you get your money back in a simple, stress-free way.

Why use the flight refund service?

Opting for a flight refund service is the key to a seamless and stress-free experience, streamlining the entire process from initiation to compensation. Here's why a professional flight refund service is the ultimate solution:

Effortless Journey:

  • We take the reins, handling your entire claim process effortlessly. There's no need to navigate the intricate details alone—they make it smooth

Expert Document Guidance:

  • Leave the paperwork to them! They offer expert guidance, ensuring all necessary documents are in order, and take charge of the submission process on your behalf.

Time-Efficient Convenience:

  • Time is precious, and they value yours. All you have to do is submit your documents online, leaving the time-consuming aspects in our capable hands.

Regular Updates and Support:

  • Stay informed about your claim's progress with their regular updates. All flight refund companies have a dedicated support team ready to assist, ensuring you feel supported throughout the process.

How does a professional flight refund agency work?

Get Started:

You tell the agency what happened with your flight—whether it was delayed or canceled. This is usually done online.

Show Your Papers:

They check your flight info and ask for any documents you have, like your tickets and boarding passes.

They Talk to the Airline:

The agency talks to the airline for you. They know the rules and how to ask for money back if something goes wrong with your flight.

Ask for More Money (if needed):

If the airline doesn't agree initially, the agency keeps negotiating to get you more money. They know the ins and outs of dealing with airlines.

Help with Legal Stuff (if it comes to that):

If things get serious and legal action is needed, the agency helps. They take care of legal fees and make sure you're okay.

They Only Charge if You Get Paid:

You don't have to pay them anything if they don't get you any money. They only take a bit if they successfully get you compensation.

Keep You in the Loop:

They make sure to keep you updated on what's happening. You can ask them anything you're curious about.

Get Your Money:

Once they get the money from the airline, they take their fee and give the rest to you.

Benefits of hiring a flight refund service

Are you thinking about getting help from a flight refund agency? Here's why it can be a great idea:

Saves You Time and Stress:

  • Instead of dealing with confusing rules and paperwork, let the pros handle it. They know what to do, so you don't have to stress.

Expert Knowledge for Success:

  • These companies know all about flights, rules, and settlements. Their experience makes it more likely that your claim will succeed.

Handles Communication:

  • They can talk to the airline or settlement folks for you. This is handy because they keep things organized and ensure all your papers are ready.

Deals with Complications:

  • If your case gets tricky, they have the resources to take legal action if needed. This is something most people need help to do.

Click2Refund at your service: smart, easy, and stress-way to your flight compensation

Deciding to hire a flight refund service? Well, your life just got a lot better because we, Click2Refund, bring you the best in class service for all your compensation needs. Be it flight delays, cancellations, denied entry, or missed connecting flights - we know how to deal with it.

We will carefully assess your case, gather all the evidence required to prove your eligibility, and then build a strong case to bring out the best compensation from the airline. After that, we will compute the amount of compensation you can get and then directly contact the airlines - and everything as seamlessly as possible.

And to top it all, as we specialize in handling flight delays and dealing with cases like yours, we know exactly how to advocate on your behalf and get the best out of flight complaints. Our expertise also extends to helping people understand all legal rights they have, to say, claiming compensation for delayed canceled, or overbooked flights.

How Click2Refund works?

At Click2Refund, we have simplified the process to make claiming your compensation easy and efficient.

Make Your Claim:

Providing the necessary information about your flight takes less than 2 minutes with our user-friendly interface.

Leave the Rest to Us:

Click2Refund takes charge from here. Our team will fight for your compensation, and our expert lawyers will handle all legal procedures.

Enjoy Your Money:

We understand the importance of a swift resolution. Click2Refund transfers your compensation to you as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Click2Refund?

High Success Rate:

Airline companies often reject valid claims, but our legal expertise and persistence maintain a success rate of over 98% in eligible cases. Click2Refund's legal experts evaluate your case for free, leveraging our European legal network for a robust success record.

Hassle-Free Process:

Avoid the hassle of long legal processes and uncertainty. Submit your details online in minutes, and let Click2Refund's legal experts handle the rest, fighting for your compensation to the fullest, even in court if required.

No Cost Risk:

Click2Refund operates on a no-win, no-fee basis, ensuring a risk-free experience for you. We handle all legal procedures on your behalf without upfront payment. No credit card information is required, and our service fee is deducted directly from your compensation.

Click2Refund Success Stories

Our ultimate goal has been to get our customers to receive what they deserve. Our team of dedicated lawyers and claim experts has been helping countless people get the best flight compensation and not let one blocker define their next journey.

Here are a few Click2Refund reviews where happy customers share their experience with this flight refund company.



Flight delays and cancellations are an inevitable part of journeys. But these hiccups should never define your next travel plans. Instead of getting yourselves all tangled up in the airline bureaucracy, it’s always best to seek help from a professional flight refund service. Flight refund companies like Click2Refund take all your burden and get the maximum amount of compensation.

Want to find out how much you can get for your delayed flight? Use our flight delay compensation claim calculator and compute your refund amount in just 2 minutes! Our legal professionals will evaluate your case in detail and responds you in minutes.

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