Reviews by customers.
Michael Mackenzie
October 07, 2019
They got me a full refund and I was happy to give them the 25% fee.
very fast replies to all my questions. simple instructions on what i needed to do and they told me how long approximately it would be before I received my refund. I received my refund quicker than they thought. I have done this process myself previously however this time I flew with an airline I suspected would be difficult to deal with so I contacted Click2refund. They got me a full refund and I was happy to give them the 25% fee. Highly recommended
Guillermina Iturri
October 02, 2019
I contacted them and just by giving them all the information, they took care of everything
Excellent service!! I had canceled the flight and rescheduled for 3 days later. I didn't think anything could be done about it !! But I contacted them and just by giving them all the information, they took care of everything. And they got a very good compensation! Highly Recommended!
Ola Olchowska
September 25, 2019
Quick and efficient
Great! Quick and efficient. No paperwork to do on your own. I highly recommend the firm.
Don Emery
September 25, 2019
The process was easy
I contacted Click 2 Refund about a delayed flight over 4 years ago. I had a copy of my flight itinerary. The process was easy to apply for. I received the compensation in about 3 months. My only suggestion, if it is even possible, would be to give some element of an update as the process is proceeding.
Sdiba Madiba
September 23, 2019
Excellent customer service
Click 2refund best company to help you with a compensation claim, excellent customer service and I got my compensation without any problem
Boaz Keren Gil
September 22, 2019
Amazing and fast service
Amazing and fast service. I just got over $400 compensation money from the airline through them. I can only recommend.
Stephen Quigley
September 19, 2019
Great company
Great company. Did exactly what they said they would and I got my refund
Taha Dursun
September 14, 2019
Fabulous company
I strongly recommend this fabulous company. I've never seen such a quick service. Thank you all for your interest.
Horus Harerimana
September 14, 2019
My emails were answered timely
Thanks so much to Click2refund ! Jamies was amazing as a customer support agent, my emails were answered timely and I was provided with all the information. Koodos !
Horus Rao
September 14, 2019
My emails were answered timely
Thanks so much to Click2refund ! Jamies was amazing as a customer support agent, my emails were answered timely and I was provided with all the information. Koodos !
Justin Tse
September 11, 2019
Great job
great job claiming compensation on my European flight!
Yaiyarat Ongcharoenjai
September 10, 2019
The service is excellent.
My case is between my family and RJ airline. Our flight is from Munich to Bangkok and it delay more than 4 hours, over 3500 km. In November 2018. The service is excellent. Reliable. Finally I got my compensation today. The lawer of Click2refund help us flight for this . I cannot do this with out you. Thank you.
Abhishek Choudhary
September 07, 2019
Got a decent compensation with their help.
Happy with the service. Got a decent compensation with their help.
Mattie Foulds
September 06, 2019
It really worked!
Amazing result for my family! We had our flight from Scotland to Halifax cancelled at the last minute by Westjet. They put us on a flight 27 hours later, so we lost a whole day of our big trip to Canada (that was only 10 days long to start with) so losing a whole day felt really sore. We got over it and had a great time. A friend of a friend pointed me to C2R and after we got home I thought it was worth a shot, so I filled in the forms, which didn't take long, got immediate communication from Jamie and Simon and they went to work! Well, the result has been incredible! It all seemed a bit "too good to be true", I was very skeptical, but it really worked! We will now be having another trip back to Canada much sooner because of it! Thanks for providing this service and lets hope the airlines realize they can't mess with people like they do!
Che Fisher
September 01, 2019
I could not be more happy with this incredible service.
I could not be more happy with this incredible service. I wanted to make a claim against TAP (Air Portugal) and after some back and forth with them and a bunch of red tape I was getting a bit frustrated, especially since this was taking up quite a bit of my time. Click2Refund actually reached out to me when they noticed me tweeting to AIR Portugal asking why I couldn't make a claim using their online form (bugged website). After reviewing Click2Refund on Trust Pilot I thought hey, why not? I would absolutely both recommend and use Click2Refund again. It's risk free since they guarantee "no win no pay"
Mustafa Yeniceri
August 29, 2019
Very satisfied with professional service
Very helpful with excellent service. I'm very satisfied with professional service provided to me.
Rania Chaiban
August 28, 2019
I highly recommend them
Excellent service and follow up. I highly recommend them they are professional. Thank you for your help
Lancy Teles
August 24, 2019
Excellent service
Quick and excellent service
Canberk Bayraktar
August 24, 2019
I totally recommend this service!
I got the chance to communicate with Jamie S. from click 2 refund. Jamie was very professional and solved my case within the promised time frame. Everything went so smooth. I totally recommend this service!
Franck Portalupi
August 21, 2019
No hidden costs
I was skeptical, but overall the experience was great, good customer service, quick and easy process, everything is well explained, no hidden cost. Highly recommended.
Nidhi Garg
August 17, 2019
My experience with Click 2 Refund has been fantastic
My experience with Click 2 Refund has been fantastic. I never thought it would be so easy. Special thanks to Simon for playing an instrumental role & getting my claim approved from the comfort of my home. Thanks Simon & team!😊
Adam D
August 17, 2019
Super professional, always keeping me in the loop
Great company, they managed to get compensation in only case I was not able to. Super professional, always keeping me in the loop. Everything worked as promised and I have additional cash to spend :) Will definitely use their help in future dealings especially with Lufthansa :D
Irina Tcacenco
August 15, 2019
I got my compensation very fast!
Excellent and great service!!! I got my compensation very fast! I am really very happy
Faina Oystrakh
August 10, 2019
I recommend to use this company
This company get 600 EUR from LOT airline for delayed flight very fast ( about 1month). Their fee is 25% from sum which they recovered . Without any problem in one day after I got email from them with good news they transferred My money to PayPal account. I recommend to use this company if your flight was significantly delayed.
Marc Castle
August 08, 2019
Click2Refund did a very good job of getting us a refund
After a problem with a cancelled flight, Click2Refund did a very good job of getting us a refund. Thank you so much!
Madhuri Agrawal
August 03, 2019
I am happy with the solution
For me the process was very fast. Simon was dealing my case and he handled it very well. I am happy with the solution. Thanks click2refund !
Douglas Miller
July 16, 2019
They have earned my trust.
Great service, and very responsive. I definitely would use this service again, if needed. They have earned my trust.
Kamila Steklá
July 11, 2019
Glad I chose Click 2 Refund
Really good nice and smooth service. Glad I chose Click 2 Refund and can strongly recommend it to others. Wish to be everything so easy as get your refund back with Click 2 Refund. Thank you guys!!!!!
Sam Leung
July 10, 2019
Excellent service
Excellent service and really prompt assistance. I would highly recommend Click2refund over other well known services in this field, such as Airhelp. Click2refund was a lot more transparent and efficient, and really spoke up on my behalf to facilitate the whole process. Thank you for the fantastic experience.
Cheez Ring
July 09, 2019
Highly recommended over similar companies
Very helpful with excellent service. Highly recommended over similar companies such as Airhelp. The process was more efficient and transparent with prompt assistance, especially as my scenario was a little bit more complex. But Click2Refund really understood the situation to ensure that I got my refund, and I am really thankful.
Krizia Cureg
July 08, 2019
Click2Refund has been incredibly helpful
Simon from Click2Refund has been incredibly helpful, and they have managed to secure our compensation despite how complicated our situation was.
Elvis Baburov
July 08, 2019
Highly recommend!
Great services! Our flight delayed with 7 hours from NY to Istanbul and, as a result, we missed our connection flight to Sofia as well. Click 2 Refund took care of our claim and also listed my case for legal action due to Turkish Airline's rejection to pay my compensation! Highly recommend!
Debbie Allen
July 07, 2019
Quick and timely
Quick and timely and I have received my promised refund thank you !
James Block
July 03, 2019
Excellent service with 1 key contact
Excellent service with 1 key contact to liaise with. Simon made the process very easy. I had previously pursued this with another company and given up as they didnt liaise properly with me over submitting documents and it just went dead. Simon helped and made it simple and several weeks later, I got the compensation due.
Kuli Vee
July 03, 2019
I undoubtedly recommend
Simon was a beacon of hope to me at a time when I did not know what to do regarding my problematic situation with my unlucky flight problems and the airlines involved. Not only was he able to defend me from an unjust situation, he was able to get me the maximum money from the airlines. I am eternally grateful for his service and I undoubtedly recommend Simon without reservation.
Ryan Peterson
July 01, 2019
Very happy with the service
I heard how difficult it can be dealing with the airline personally so I contacted Click 2 Refund and was very happy with the service! Simon gave quick and cooperative support and after waiting a couple weeks for the process confirmed my refund for me. Couldn't be happier!
Bohumil Smida
July 01, 2019
I undoubtedly recommend
Simon was a beacon of hope to me at a time when I did not know what to do regarding my problematic situation with my unlucky flight problems and the airlines involved. Not only was he able to defend me from an unjust situation, he was able to get me the maximum money from the airlines. I am eternally grateful for his service and I undoubtedly recommend Simon without reservation.
Carla Mencio
June 30, 2019
Customer service was helpful and polite
They helped me after a SAS strike on April '19. Highly recommended. Customer service was helpful and polite
Kärt Kukke
June 24, 2019
Great service!
Fast communication, professional support and delivered what they promised. Great service!
Kevin Valson Jacob
June 20, 2019
Click2Refund is amazing
Click2Refund is amazing. I had missed my flight from Amsterdam to the US as it was cancelled. Click2Refund made it possible for me to get compensated . Had I dealt with the airline myself I'm almost sure I wouldn't have gotten any money. The best thing with Click2Refund is the personal attention they give you. Simon is great and he personally responds to you. Recommend this 100%
Steve Potter
June 18, 2019
Great service and would definitely use them again!
After being let down by Lufthansa directly, I got the impression the airline didn't care and they said there was no way they were going to compensate us. I then came across click 2 refund after posting something on Twitter. From the very beginning they were keen to help, they kept me informed of the progress of my claim and finally this week we had great news that the airline was going to payout! I can highly recommend using click 2 refund if you ever need help getting back at the big airline corporations...great service and would definitely use them again! Big thanks goes out to Simon @click2refund!!
Larry Jaffee
June 16, 2019
A company delivering exactly what they promised
On May 5 I was stuck at the Dublin airport for 6 hours after my flight to NYC was supposed to take off. On June 15 Click 2 Refund came through with nearly $500 for my troubles related to Aer Lingus screwup. Thanks Simon & Co. it was refreshing to find a company delivering exactly what they promised
June 11, 2019
Professional and effective
I was hesitant at first—there was a significant amount of money involved in my case. Nonetheless, I trusted Simon, and I’m glad I did. He was helpful, courteous, and professional. And most important of all: he was effective. I received all the money I was owed. I highly recommend this service.
Marco Amaglio
June 08, 2019
Great Job
Great Job, after losing a flight from Frankfurt to Cape Town I have my refund!
Ana Beatriz Valladares
June 08, 2019
I've tried thousand of times contact…
I've tried thousand of times contact Lufthansa and I've never heard back from them. If it wasn't for Click 2 refund I would never get any kind of reimbursement. I had a great experience.
Hugh O'Rorke
May 27, 2019
Highly Recommended!
Very Competent and cooperative. I very highly recommend the company services to those who may require it. Satisfied customer..
Sheldon Lazarovitz
May 23, 2019
Great service. Fabulous result!
My wife and I experienced a 5 hour delay on a recent flight to Europe. No explanation was provided by the airline. Upon our return, I became aware that compensation may be available for up to 600 Euros a person. A friend informed me of the Click2Refund service. I contacted C2R online, providing our flight details and received an immediate response. We moved forward with a claim, and within two weeks I received an online Interac funds transfer for the full compensation, minus the agreed upon commission. I couldn't be happier with the service and the result. A completely hassle free experience. Would certainly use their services again.
May 22, 2019
Excellent service
Excellent service. At first i was not sure but it turned out to be a very goor service and i got my refund very fast. Thank you :)
Forintos Eliza
May 15, 2019
Great Service!
They gave us a great service! Thank you very much!!!!
Satyavati Rawat
May 13, 2019
Highly recommended
Very friendly Simon helped us to get refund very fast. Highly recommended for delayed flights. Cheers.. Dinesh Kumar & Satyavati
Semant Singh
May 13, 2019
Trustful , cooperative and best company for flight delay refunds . Thanks click2refund for my refund .
Pavel Andreev
May 11, 2019
The best experience.
Simon helped during all the process. It took time but everything was as promised.
Jean-Sebastien Chasse
May 07, 2019
Awesome service.
They took care of everything. Payment was quick and accurate. Awesome service.
May 02, 2019
Brilliant Offering... Brilliant Service...
I was so fortunate to be introduced to Click2Refund. I had a terrible experience with an airline flying out of Europe. Multiple cancellations and delays. Yet the airline declined to compensate me and my team for our difficulties during our travel. Click2Refund came to the rescue - they worked hard and convinced the carrier to compensate us, even though the flight took place a long time ago. They have good customer service, are straightforward, and no doubt have an expert legal team. I recommend you reach out to them and see if they could help you.
April 20, 2019
Fast and Reliable
I highly recommend click2Refund, they are fast and reliable.
April 15, 2019
The experience was great
The experience was great, it was uncomplicated, seamless and fast with a good result. Great communication with Simon, he took care of everything - two thumbs up!
April 04, 2019
Hhighly recommend!
We would highly recommend Click2Refund. They were successful in getting a refund for us and great to deal with.
March 31, 2019
We feel blessed for the introduction
Our experience with Click2refund was exceptional since the beginning. Company was introduced to us by a close friend. In the beginning It sounded too good to be true and I avoided contacting them. But then somehow I thought I would not loose anything If I gave a try.  It was one of those tough cases and after couple of refusals from the airline company Click2refund insisted on the case and finally won! We feel blessed fort he introduction. Company has exceptional customer service. Your e-mails are responded maximum within a few hours with detailed explanations of what is going on with the case. And in the end I am not even sure if financial return is satisfactory for them because in our case it took almost 6 months continues back and forth of communication. But regardless, they never gave up! If you have experienced flight delay, flight cancellation and denied boarding Click2refund is the best stop to fight for your case. You will not be mislead.
March 31, 2019
So thankful for Click2refund!
When standing in line after a complete debacle of a return trip home, Click2refund came up on my Twitter feed. I am not prone to trusting things, nor is my wife, but BA had messed up or plans so much that i was willing to take a chance. I messaged them through Twitter and then email and Simon Edwards took us through the whole process. My wife remained skeptical the whole 10-month process until this week when the refund check arrived in the mail! To say it was easy doesn't do it justice. It was shockingly easy to have these guys fight for our rights and to put right what was simply insulting treatment by BA. They stayed on the case and did all the work (for a percentage of the refund of course) while we simply continued on with our lives while justice was served. It was fantastic! Look me up and send me questions about it if you like. I am the trumpet professor at Rowan University.
March 27, 2019
Got my money in less than a month
I used click2refund because of the terrible experience i had with Lufthansa. It hasn't even been a month since I filed a claim with them and I already have the money in my account. Thank you!!! I will definitely recommend this to my friends.
March 22, 2019
Excellent customer service!
Excellent customer service, very attentive and professionnal. I had a delay with my flight from Russia and missed my connexion in Torronto. It happened in last july. Click2refund helps me through all processus. It takes two months to have my money back. Thank you very much Christoph for your help. I weren't knew the existence of this kind of service. Thank you very much one more time.
March 19, 2019
Quick and easy service
They gave me a great service i really appreciate the quick and easy service they give. Hope my freinds and family will use this service too.
March 18, 2019
Perfect service
Perfect service!! Cancelled flight! They helped out perfectly and everything worked out perfectly. It was easy and fast.  Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!
José Gutiérrez Álvarez
March 18, 2019
Tweeted, got the money!
I had a flight delayed for +7h. I tweeted to try to contact the airline and help me, and Click2Refund responded to me. I used their service and got the money. I was really sceptical, honestly, to get money for a delay. But hey, a couple of weeks later I got the money! It was awesome. Thank you so much Click2Refund!
Aichah Al-Halak
March 17, 2019
No time wasted! less than a month to get
My flight from Paris to Newark was cancelled for technical reasons, after waiting for hours in the plane. United airlines then rebooked us the next day. I contacted Click2refund, and right away they got me set. They were quick and efficient, got straight to the point, no time wasted, it took less than a month to get me $679 CAN while the airline 300$ US coupon to use toward any of their flights. I am so happy and pleased with the service, thank you so much Click2refund.
Ira K Tahirovic
March 16, 2019
They have got it right away
Just want to say a few great thinks about this company. They were helpful about helping me to get a refund from Lufthansa. What I have tried to get for 3 months they have got it right away. Thank you Click2Refund. I highly recommend to everyone to use this company as it will save you time , emerge and stress from dealing with flight companies.
Jessica Grabbe
March 16, 2019
Communication was clear and quick
Simon at Click2Refund was very helpful and managed to get me the money I was owed in a timely manner. All communication I had with Click2Refund was clear and quick. I’m grateful for the help (since Czech Airlines was not going to pay up) and definitely recommend using this service!
Christina Coetzee
March 15, 2019
Great service!
It takes a while until u receive the funds but they get it sorted for u. I had a complaint with Edelweiss and the airline ignored my complaint but Click2Refund took over and sorted everthing out for me. Thank you so much!
Hidde K
March 14, 2019
Click2refund fought for me.
After losing all hope with Lufthansa for messing up my flight from Heathrow to Venice, click2refund contacted me. They said they'd fight for my refund from Lufthansa for delaying me 2 days and being forced to buy a train ticket. After I had lost all hope I received an email that click2refund fought for me, for months upon months, and they won. They got my refund from Lufthansa. The amount of work the company put in this case is insane. They go above and beyond.
Hidde Kuperus
March 09, 2019
The most fantastic service ever!
These people went above and beyond for me. I contacted them about 8 months ago and they kept fighting for me. I had lost hope about 2 months in but after 8 months I got an unexpected email that they had won my case. I received my money and for 8 months of fighting for me, they took almost no money. Customer service above all for this company. Love them, recommended it to everyone I know. Will use it in the future as well!
March 08, 2019
Got the most difficult claims
Brilliant customer service and very attentive professionals. Thank you so much for getting my most difficult claims out of Lufthansa and Turkish airways. Much recommended.
February 28, 2019
Easiest process I have ever experienced
I was delayed for 24 hours and ignored by Turkish Airlines leaving me in Istanbul overnight. There was no reason given other than a “misconnection” even though my flight was booked 3 months in advance. I got nowhere with the airlines even after reciting their own compensation guarantees. Click2 Refund handled everything. This was the easiest process I have ever experienced and when I consider all the wasted time arguing with the airlines, I wish I had contacted Click2Refund immediately. I hope I never need their services again but if I do, I will certainly call them. I can’t recommend their services enough. They were absolutely fantastic, start to finish.
Evelyn Engel
February 25, 2019
Fantastic Company to work with
The service was excellent. I was impressed with how short a period I had to wait. In less than 2 months I received my refund. All I had to do was fill out a short form. They actually got us back more money than we had paid for our flights. Fantastic Company to work with.
February 10, 2019
Great Service!!!
The service was amazing. It takes a while until you receive the funds but they get it sorted for me. I had a complaint with Swiss and the airline refused my complaint. Click2Refund took over and helped me get what I deserve. Through the whole process they were very friendly and helpful! Thank you so much!
Добромир Господинов
January 31, 2019
Brilliant lawyers
We missed a connection flight to Germany, which we paid extra for, and the brilliant lawyers from Click2refund were able to reimburse us for massive inconviniance. Big thanks!
January 29, 2019
Very professional and fast-behaved staff
Hi everyone. I'm probably the first to receive compensation by click2refund. I had problems with Turkish Airlines and they did not want to pay my compensation. I tried my luck using this site and they got my money in a very short time. Six times as much as the ticket. I would highly recommend the staff to anyone who is very professional and fast behaved. Thank you Click2Refund.
January 29, 2019
Got my compensation in one week!
My flight canceled on flight day and i couldn't get my compensation because of policy. Click2refund experts helped me so i win 6 times as much as ticket price in one week. Successful company. They are helpful and professional.
January 27, 2019
Fast and reliable service!
Fast and reliable service . No need to pay for this service and you get your money first. They follow all steps and inform you and get result . Thanks.
January 20, 2019
Explained me the process
I missed my flight connections on Lufthansa because of their delays. Click2Refund helped me with the rights that I had. They explained me the process, fast in their service and very helpful. I recommend Click2Refund if you have a problem with your flights in Europe!
October 26, 2018
Unbelievable results
Hi guys. Amazing service. Unbelievable results. I got a 1323$ refund from Lufthansa through the diligence of Click2Refund. I heartily recommend the service. Keep your tickets.
October 16, 2018
Get your refund
Most passengers rarely know or take advantage of this consumer protection law. Whenever you get stranded at any airport outside of your control, know you have rights and get your refund
October 14, 2018
Very appreciated
I would recommend the Click2Refund service to everyone. I had indirect flight from Istanbul to Cleveland. The flight was delayed 45 minutes and I could not catch transfer flight at Frankfurt airport and I had to stay one night at airport. But I took the refund, ı thought it was nothing to stay there. So I'm very appreciated.. 😊
Andrew Clarke
September 23, 2018
Use them again

We got stuck in London for a few days more than five years ago. I tried on my own to get a refund, but British Airways repeatedly stalled us. I finally hired Click2Refund for our four flights and they were able to get us our money from British Airways. I would absolutely use them again and you should too.

September 19, 2018
Amazing help

I would recommend the Click2Refund service to everyone. I only send the required documents and get paid. Don’t deal with the procedures, paperwork or airline staff, nothing. Easy, online and quick. Thanks for the help.

Andrejka Bernatova
September 05, 2018
Got our reimbursement

Click2Refund is an easy to use and very reliable service. We could not be happier with their help and with the result. We got our reimbursement and it was an incredible easy process thanks to Click2Refund. Thank you!

August 21, 2018
Only Because of Click2Refund

I did not even think of claiming compensation for my terrible flight experience. Clik2Refund team informed me, I just signed the authority act, they claimed on behalf and I enjoy the compensation.

Thank you Clik2Refund!

August 20, 2018
Fast and easy

Click2Refund has done a job beyond the expectations. We have received the reimbursement really fast and easy... Thank you!

June 27, 2018
Five stars
Thank you very much for the service! I had two incidents with flights between Europe and Canada. One was from Portugal to Toronto and the other one was from Toronto to Frankfurt. I had no luck with the flights but I had big luck with Click2Refund because they helped me a lot in both cases. It was really easy to communicate via e-mail because they prepared everything very well and always replied fast. They also did everything with a lot of patience. Thanks! Five stars +
June 23, 2018
Great job!!!
The service was amazing. Our flight happened almost 1 year ago. We were scheduled to leave Rome to Toronto and found out the flight was cancelled. Our carrier was able to get us on another flight through Frankfurt, and we arrived back in Toronto just over 3 hours after our original scheduled landing. This meant that we could not pick up our dogs that night and incurred some extra costs. I found out about Click2Refund 10 months after our flight. They took over and were able to get us a refund of over $600 from our carrier almost 1 year after the fact. Thanks guys..great job!!!
May 03, 2018
They got me 600 Euros
I was hesitant at first to trust a service like this, but to my surprise they got me 600 Euros and very fast, loved these guys
Benjamin Ribeiro
January 07, 2018
Helped out perfectly, worked out perfectly!
Cancelled flight! They helped out perfectly and everything worked out perfectly! I'm so glad for that. It was easy and fast. The communication was so friendly and nice. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!
Gwendolin Hannah Rapp
November 04, 2017
Literally, I didn’t even know I was eligible for compensation

I went to Toronto for attending language school and arrived one day later than the planned. I had to stay overnight in Amsterdam since my flight was cancelled. I rented a room in Toronto and the landlord advised me to use Click2Refund. I am EU citizen and I didn’t know the consumer protection law and my eligibility to get €600 compensation. Click2refund didn’t request any advance payment. They got their fee from the compensation money. I find it fair enough and that is the money I wasn’t accepting at all.

George Mendoza
October 18, 2017
Very satisfied
It's the fastest and most reliable refund source someone can ask for ! I'm very satisfied with professional service provided to me.
Omar B Fernandez
October 17, 2017
Leave the rest to click2refund

Delayed flight Madrid-New York, a friend told me about click 2 refund and they sort out everything

Michael Roggendorf
September 30, 2017
Happy Customer

Support I got from click2refund is very professional in timely manner. They answered all questions. Fast and clear. I found processing fee a little more but I really don’t have time to deal with procedures and chase after airlines.

Ewa Bastin
September 16, 2017
Best Claim Service

Amazing service. Very professional, updated via email every step of the way, took less than 2 months and money in my account 3 day after I received the email about compensation is won. We were four family members on the flight and get 1900 USD. Thank you very much, I will definitely use your service again and also recommend to everyone.

Selman Akinci
January 16, 2017
Don’t leave your money to airlines

I had a delayed flight from New York to London. I e-mailed the airline repeatedly but to no avail. These guys got my compensation in three weeks. Don’t let the airlines intimidate you. Fight them with law.

Beyza Yildirim
January 04, 2017
Very Happy with the service provided

Having been delayed almost 8 hours from New York to Istanbul in May 2016, I pursued compensation since I missed the connection. After several months of chasing and being ignored by the airline, I decided to ask Click2Refund to help with my claim. I am pleased to say that Click2Refund successfully fought my battle and won in 3 weeks. I was notified of the success early last week, and paid in the following week. I am very happy with the service provided.