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Despite not being a European airline, Avianca always complies with European regulations when it operates flights out of European airports. Passengers flying with Avianca out of European airports are entitled to the protection provided by EC-261 and UK-261, which are regarded as the most extensive air passenger rights regulations in the world.

If Avianca is determined to be at fault for flight delays, cancellations, or overbooking, passengers are entitled to reimbursement under EC-261 and UK-261. This guarantees that travelers have options if their travel schedules are disrupted.͏

Please note:

These protections do not apply to Avianca flights that depart from non-EU and non-UK airports. In these circumstances, EC-261 and UK-261 do not apply to travelers arriving in the EU or UK on Avianca flights from airports outside the EU or UK. Passengers should acquaint themselves with the air passenger rights that apply to their circumstances and point of departure before these journeys.

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What should I do if my Avianca flight is Canceled?

It's normal to have many questions and concerns when you learn that your Avianca flight has been canceled, whether you are traveling domestically or overseas. First, you should be aware that Avianca is legally obligated to reimburse you in full for the canceled travel or rebook you on another flight.

However, since airline cancellations might seriously interfere with travel arrangements, it's a good idea to find out if you can also get reimbursed for the canceled flight by calling Avianca through their Avianca Airlines complaints contact channel.

By UK and EU laws, passengers who have a flight canceled with short notice—defined as any cancellation that happens fewer than 14 days before the scheduled departure date—may be eligible to receive compensation of up to €600 per person.

What Will I Expect on Avianca Flight?

If Avianca can arrange a substitute flight with departure and arrival times comparable to the original schedule, they will not be required to provide compensation. Moreover, if unforeseen circumstances outside of the airline's control led to the cancellation, they are not required to reimburse you. This implies that Avianca cannot compensate for flight cancellations caused by unforeseeable circumstances, such as severe weather or an air traffic control strike.

When is Avianca Liable for a Flight Cancellation?

Avianca might not be held accountable in some circumstances. According to the regulations, a flight cancellation is considered an extreme circumstance if it is caused by events beyond its control, such as bad weather or airport problems. Passengers are not entitled to reimbursement for a missed flight on Avianca in these situations.

Airlines usually try to rebook impacted passengers on the next available flight at no additional cost in case of a flight cancellation. If none of the suggested alternatives satisfy the passenger, they may accept the suggested other flight, ask for a different replacement flight, or request a refund.


Please be advised that you will not receive reimbursement if your revised departure time is similar to your original departure time. This fairness-minded legislative provision permits airlines to decline payment if passengers can arrive at their destination with the least disruption.

Passengers impacted by flight cancellations will, however, typically still have a legitimate claim for Avianca flight compensation if they arrive at the final destination with a delay of at least two hours with the rebooked flight.

How Much Should I Expect as the Avianca Flight Compensation?

Passengers on flights that go less than 1,500 kilometers may be eligible for reimbursement of up to €250 per person.

Compensation of up to €400 per passenger is also available for flights that falls within the 1,500–3,500 km range.

Lastly, travelers may be eligible for reimbursement of up to €600 per person for flights longer than 3,500 kilometers. These values are comparable under UK-261 law and are based on EC 261 legislation.

What Should Passengers Know About Avianca Delayed Flight Compensation?

Flights operated by Avianca that take off from airports in Europe and the UK are subject to European legislation, namely EC 261 and UK-261, which are intended to protect passengers during delays. As per this legislation, airlines such as Avianca are required to furnish impacted customers with basic facilities, including food, drinks, and communication devices, when there are delays.͏

They also need to arrange lodging and, if needed, alternative flights. Also, according to EC 261 and UK-261, passengers are entitled to compensation if Avianca flight delay lasts three hours or longer and Avianca is found to be at fault.

It's a good idea to determine if you're eligible for Avianca flight delay compensation if you arrive at your destination more than three hours later than expected. This compensation ensures that passengers receive their full entitlements, up to a maximum of €600 per person.

Check your eligibility and compensation amount with free calculator!

What Does the Avianca Reimbursement Policy Say?

In some circumstances, you might be eligible for both, but flight compensation and refunds are two different ideas subject to laws. Airlines usually try to rebook customers on a similar flight when a flight is canceled. Passengers are entitled to a full cash refund, sometimes called a cancelation refund, if rebooking is impossible.

Passengers are entitled to a full refund for any unavailable flights if Avianca cancels a flight due to extraordinary circumstances, such as travel limitations connected to COVID-19 or a serious breakout, and no substitute flight is given.

What are the Acceptable Types of Ticket Refunds in Avianca Airways?

Either cash or credit must be used to cover the entire refund. Gift cards are only allowed with the passenger’s express permission. However, accepting vouchers is not recommended because of their short validity dates and possible redemption restrictions.

It's important to remember that you can lose your right to reimbursement and other benefits if Avianca offers you a substitute flight with a comparable arrival time and you choose not to accept it.

What are Some Extraordinary Circumstances Seen in Avianca Airways?

When an uncommon event results in a delay or cancellation and a claim is not qualified for compensation, this is referred to as "extraordinary circumstances." Examples include strikes by baggage handlers, severe weather, political or civil unrest, and security concerns.

You can read more about the reasons of compensation denial in our related article.

What Document Do I Need to Claim Avianca Flight Delay Compensation?

Below are all the documents affected passengers need to process their compensation:

  • Booking authentication. This is required to prove the passenger bought a ticket with Avianca Airline.
  • Proof of your identity (Passports and ID Cards). Aside from using your proof of identity to cross security checks, confirming the information on the plane ticket is also needed.
  • Creditable Expenses. This is where you are required to present the expenses incurred for the cause of the delay or flight cancellation. For example, money spent on hotel accommodation, meals, and transport.
  • Boarding pass or acknowledgment from Avianca: Providing the boarding pass or a letter/email from Avianca acknowledging the fault helps substantiate the claim.

Can a Passenger on Avianca Airways Claim Their Flight Delay Compensation Directly?

Yes, you can. However, it's critical to realize that attempting to settle a claim directly with Avianca may be unsuccessful.

Often, Avianca explains away flight delays with unusual circumstances—such as problems with air traffic control—which may not fully reflect the reality of the situation.

This is where we'd recommend using third-party specialists like Click2Refund, one of the best you can find around. It only takes them a couple of weeks to get things done without hassle.

Make your Avianca flight claim with Click2Refund’s professional legal service. We serve no win-no fee basis.

How Far Can I Go Back to Request My Avianca Airways Compensation?

The duration usually varies from two to six years, depending on the laws that apply to each case of jurisdiction country. For example, it is 6 years in the UK and Ireland, 5 years in Spain and France, 3 years in Germany, 2 years in Italy.

Check time limitations in different countries in our blog.

What do I need to Know About Overbooking at Avianca Airways?

Overbooking happens when the airline sells more tickets than it can accommodate, which may lead to a situation where there aren't enough seats for all passengers who have made reservations. Although overbooking is permitted, travelers may be eligible for up to €600 in reimbursement.

Avianca overbooks to avoid having empty seats due to low or no turn-ups, but only to the extent permitted by law. A passenger's reservation is considered "confirmed" once they have received their flight ticket or payment confirmation. When travelers show up at the gate but are denied entry to the aircraft by Avianca, this is known as a "boarding denial.".

What Will I Do if I'm Denied Boarding on Avianca Airways?

There are two cases of denied boarding on Avianca Airways:

When travelers voluntarily give up their seats because of overbooking—often in exchange for rewards from the airline—this is known as voluntary denied boarding. It's crucial to remember that accepting such offers revokes your ability to obtain reimbursement for your flights. When overbooking occurs, the first step for the airline is to look for volunteers who are prepared to give up their seats.

If no volunteers step up, passengers may not be allowed to board, and Avianca will reimburse them or give them benefits. Like delays and cancellations, denied boarding compensation can go up to €600, contingent on the length of your journey.

How do I go About it if My Bag is Looted or Damaged during my Travels?

When you get to your destination, you can use the channels given to report any issues you have with the state of your luggage or any instances of theft that you have encountered. Reporting can be done in two different time frames: 48 hours before or after arrival.

The following procedures should be followed if you report less than 48 hours before your flight and have completed the luggage self-management form. To fill in the luggage self-management form, please follow these steps:

  • First, choose "damage to baggage" as the category for baggage effects.
  • Give your 6-digit alphanumeric boarding pass code and your Avianca reservation information.

To finish the baggage report, please adhere to these steps:

  • Select the affected passenger or passengers and indicate where the checked luggage is going.
  • Specify the location of registration and the tag number of the concerned baggage or bags.
  • Give a detailed account of the checked luggage and confirm your contact details.
  • Keep the ID you were given after the process; it will be needed to reference your registration.

What are the Precautionary Measures to Take Against Damaging My Baggage?

To avoid damaging your bag during handling, pack it appropriately. Improperly packed items could have a limited liability label applied to them—also, endeavor to take out any hooks or items that might snag on a conveyor belt.

Please be aware that, according to the terms of the contract attached to your ticket, minor wear, and tear, such as scuffs, scratches, dents, or blemishes that do not affect the functionality of the baggage, is not covered by claims.

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About  Avianca

Founded on December 5, 1919, under the original registration name SCADTA, Avianca S.A. is the leading airline in Colombia. Avianca is a well-known player in Colombia's aviation scene, having its corporate headquarters in Bogotá and its operational base in Barranquilla. It is the country's official flag carrier, and its main hub is El Dorado International Airport.

Avianca uses a code sharing system to operate as part of the bigger airline company throughout the Americas, simplifying its travel services. Widely recognized for its extensive network, Avianca is the biggest airline in Colombia and the second largest in South America, only surpassed by LATAM of Chile.

Because of its extensive network that covers the Americas, it is the go-to option for tourists looking for connectivity across the continent. Before its 2010 merger with TACA, Synergy Group, a South American corporation founded by Germán Efromovich with a primary concentration on air transportation, owned all Avianca.

Avianca employs more than 19,000 employees worldwide and operates a mainline fleet of more than 173 aircraft. Avianca offers services in 114 countries. Avianca’s fleet consists of Airbus A320 model aircraft. The average age of the fleet is 5.9 years. The youngest aircraft is the Boeing 787 at 2.7 years old. They rank 25 among 54 airlines operating this type of aircraft. The most common aircraft in the fleet is the Airbus A320 with 41 of them at hand. They rank 73 among 259 airlines operating this type of aircraft.

Avianca has one accident reports to date. The most recent one is in 1983 at Madrid, Spain with Boeing 747 aircraft.