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Information On Wizz Air Delay and Cancellation Compensation

Wizz Air Flight Delays and Cancellations

Wizz Air is a global airline serving 193 airports across 54 countries. But it periodically experiences delays and cancellations like several other low-cost airlines. However, Click2Refund can assist you in asserting your right to just compensation, which could be worth up to €600 per passenger.

You may be entitled to compensation under EC Regulation 261/2004 if you have taken a flight with Wizz Air and it was delayed or cancelled (without prior warning) for any reason or if the relevant authority controlled the reasons for the disruptions

Here are the conditions under which your flight delay with Wizz Air is eligible for compensation:

1. Flight Delay: You are entitled to compensation in a case where your Wizz Air flight arrives at your intended location more than three hours after the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

2. Flight Cancellation: If you were not advised of the cancellation of your flight or if you were informed less than 14 days before the scheduled departure, compensation may be due.

3. Overbooking: You are entitled to compensation if Wizz Air overbooked your flight and you were denied boarding.

4. Missed Connection: You are entitled to compensation if you were unable to make a connection owing to a delay on one of the fleets, arriving at your destination more than three hours later than anticipated.

In any of these scenarios, you may be entitled to compensation according to the stipulated regulations.

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How to claim compensation from Wizz Air

Click2Refund provides a fast and straightforward process for claiming Wizz Air flight delay compensation. The initial step is to ascertain whether you qualify for a claim. You can spare just 2 minutes using our complimentary online compensation calculator to verify your eligibility, and we will handle the rest.

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Information on Your Entitlements in Wizz Air Flight Delays

    Under EU law, you may be eligible for up to €600 in compensation.

    Claims for flights can be made dating back up to 6 years.The compensation is not determined by the ticket price.

    You may claim compensation if the flight is delayed for more than 3 hours if it's overbooked, or if it's outrightly cancelled.

How Much Will I Get in Compensation for A Wizz Air Trip That Was Delayed?

The amount of compensation you are entitled to depends on the distance of your flight according to EC261 regulations. Below is the breakdown of compensation for flight delays with Wizz Air:

    Short distance flight delays (Below 1500 km) - Passengers are entitled to €250 compensation from Wizz Air.

    Medium distance flight delays (Between 1500km and 3500 km) - Passengers are entitled to €400 Wizz Air compensation.

    Long distance flight delays (Over 3500km) - Passengers are entitled to €600 Wizz Air compensation.

There is some important aspect to take into account

The amount of compensation will be reduced if your flight is delayed for three to four hours and travels more than 3,500 kilometres. Even though this may not be ideal, it is still preferable to getting nothing at all. It's important to keep in mind that a Wizz Air flight delay may cause you to miss your connecting flight. But if your tickets were purchased using the same booking number (PNR), you might be entitled to compensation for a missed connection.

Please Note:

The distance of your flight (not the cost of your ticket) determines the compensation you receive. You have the right to file a claim if your flight is delayed for more than three hours and is covered by the applicable EU rule. Eligible passengers have up to six years to claim for delayed or cancelled flights.

Wizz Air: Additional Services at The Airport

In the event of extended Wizz Air flight delay or cancellation, passengers are automatically entitled to specific benefits. These rights and benefits may differ based on the distance of the flight, so it is essential to be aware of what you are eligible for.

Below is an overview of the entitlements:

    Medium-distance flights (between 1500 and 3500 km) that are delayed by three hours or more are entitled to two free communication services, such as emails, phone calls, or faxes.

    Short-distance flights (below 1500 km) delayed by 2 hours or more: Passengers are entitled to receive complimentary drinks, food, and two communication services such as emails, telephone calls, or faxes.

    Long-haul flights (over 3500 km) that are delayed by four hours or more are entitled to two free communication services, such as emails, phone calls, or faxes.

    Passengers are allowed to cancel their flight for delays of five hours or more. In such circumstances, the airline is required to either compensate customers for expenses incurred or make alternate transportation arrangements.

What If My Flight Is Postponed Until the Following Day?

If the delay extends into the following day, the airline is required to provide you with hotel accommodation and cover the costs of transportation to and from the airport. To go about this, approach the airline's customer service desk or gate agents and request hotel accommodations for such delays.

If Wizz Air cancels your trip and you have already made hotel reservations, you are entitled to both a refund of the ticket price and the amount you paid in advance for lodging at your destination.

It is important to have the appropriate documents that attest to the flight cancellation as well as the price of the hotel reservation to file a claim. We advise submitting the all the required evidence using our form. Then, our staff will walk you through every step of the procedure to ensure that you receive the proper compensation to which you are entitled.


The process of contacting the Wizz Air management directly for your due compensation may not be as easy as mentioned above if you decide to go on your own. Most times, it can take up to 10 hours or more to get through the appropriate office, coupled with some rigorous process that might follow afterwards.

How Long Does Wizz Air Take to Pay Compensation?

The timing and the steps we apply include:

    Eligibility: Within the seconds, we validate the complaint using our flight monitoring systems.

    Legal: Within the following 24 hours, we forward the file to the legal department to prepare the necessary documentation against the company.

    Settlement: The out-of-court settlement process takes approximately 60 to 120 days. During this period, we will keep you informed of the progress.

Wizz Air Compensation Claim for Lost or Delayed Baggage

Before proceeding with a Wizz Air compensation claim for lost luggage, it is crucial to understand that the airline must promptly search for the luggage and deliver it to the passenger.

If the luggage is not found within 21 days from the scheduled delivery date, it is considered lost, and a compensation claim can be made against the airline.

You must submit a Baggage Irregularity Report to Wizz Air within seven days of the flight's arrival date to start the compensation claim process for missing luggage. To request any compensation from the airline, you must submit this report.

The compensation claim could be rejected if this report is not submitted by the deadline specified. After submitting the report, the passenger must wait for the airline to find the luggage. After 21 days, if the said baggage is still unaccounted for, it is deemed lost, and the Wizz Air compensation claim process for lost luggage can commence.

The airline's maximum responsibility under the Montreal Convention for misplaced baggage is limited to 1.253 SDRs (Special Drawing Rights), or roughly €1.414 at the time of writing. It's necessary to understand that these reimbursements are not automatic, and passengers must present proof of the losses and difficulties incurred due to lost luggage.

Maintaining all receipts for any costs incurred, such as the purchase of clothing and necessities, is important. Passengers can submit a direct Wizz Air compensation claim to the airline to file a claim for missing luggage. Passengers can escalate their complaints to the National Enforcement body in charge of handling claims from air travellers. But this should only happen if Wizz Air does not answer within two months.

Regardless of the course of action taken, presenting the Baggage Irregularity Report is crucial to initiating any Wizz Air compensation claim process for lost baggage. It is also advisable to retain all relevant documents that can support the additional expenses incurred due to the loss of baggage.

Also, Note:

In the event of a cancelled return flight or cancellation on the stopover flight with Wizz Air, you may be faced with the need to find accommodation, leading to increased expenses.
You are entitled to seek reimbursement from Wizz Air for any expenses you've incurred for essentials like food in such situations. Ensure you keep all receipts and relevant documentation to validate your claim.
It is always advised to seek assistance from an experienced legal company that handles Wizz Air compensation claims, such as Click2Refund to make sure you obtain the amount to which you are due.

Wizz Air Compensation in The Event of A Pilot Strike

Passengers affected by a pilot strike are eligible to receive Wizz Air compensation for the damages they have suffered. While many airlines may claim that a pilot strike falls under "force majeure" or an extraordinary circumstance, European regulations on air passengers' rights do not categorise pilot strikes as such.

Unless the airline can demonstrate that the delay or cancellation was caused by extraordinary circumstances that were unavoidable despite taking all reasonable precautions, passengers are entitled to compensation under European law if their flight is cancelled or delayed for longer than three hours. You have to note that Pilot strikes do not come under this category of extreme circumstances. Therefore, under the relevant legislation, passengers who are impacted by a pilot strike have a genuine claim for compensation.


We want to stress that reaching out to the airline directly can be a tedious process, often requiring hours before your complaints are addressed. This underscores the value of consulting a specialist like Click2Refund. Filing your claim online with them takes only a few minutes, and with their legal expertise, your chances of a successful claim are significantly higher.

Can I Receive Compensation for My Wizz Air Flight?

Under EC 261 regulations, you are eligible to claim compensation if your Wizz Air flight has encountered delays, cancellations, or overbooking.

Information On Overbooked Flight

You are entitled to the same amount of compensation as if Wizz Air had delayed or cancelled your flight if it overbooked and refused you boarding against your will. Additionally, following EC Regulation 261, you may select a different flight to your intended destination or a refund of the cost of your ticket. This right is distinct from your entitlement to flight compensation; thus, you may also decide to pursue both types of compensation.

Wizz Air Rankings

Wizz Air has received a general rating of 5/10 for its comfort and value for money according to Skytrax, a prominent website that assesses air traveller satisfaction. The airline's low-cost status has resulted in particularly poor ratings for its in-flight entertainment offerings

Luggage and Fare Information

Like most low-cost airlines, Wizz Air allows up to 10 kilos of cabin luggage per passenger. For an additional fee, travellers with larger luggage can choose to check an extra bag. Ukuleles, violins, and flutes are examples of smaller musical instruments that can be brought on board; larger instruments would need to be checked in. Sports equipment can also be checked in for a charge at the counter by passengers.

How Wizz Air Compensation Works

Based on your request, Wizz Air might propose compensation in the form of Wizz Air Credit, which you can receive in your WIZZ Account. This credit would be equivalent to the compensation you are entitled to. However, it's important to remember that Wizz Air is obligated to offer cash compensation as an option. The choice between cash and travel credit is entirely up to you. Please be aware that travel credits may have an expiration date. The terms and conditions of the WIZZ Account, including credit expiration details, can be found on their official website.

About Wizz Air

Wizz Air is one of the few international airlines that offers the most economic rates. It has its main office in Budapest, Hungary, and operates as Wizz Air Hungary Ltd. The airline also has a few destinations in North Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and several European cities

At first, it was Wizz Air Holdings Plc in Hungary, which was founded in 2003, with its main office located at Katowice International Airport. Notably, Wizz Air has a 3-star rating from Skytrax despite not being a member of the Star Alliance. József Váradi, the company’s current CEO, oversees day-to-day operations – while Jambojet, African Cargo Handling Ltd., Kenya Airfreight Handling Limited, and Africa Cargo Handling Limited are a few of Wizz Air’s subsidiaries.

Currently, Wizz Air provides service to 238 sites across 54 different countries. The airline would have reached a historic milestone since its first flight in 2004 if it carried 200 million passengers by 2019. According to the business credo, as often repeated by the airline: “Wizz Air is committed to making air travel accessible and affordable for everyone.”

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