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Airline shutdown – Air Namibia to be liquidated

Airline shutdown – Air Namibia to be liquidated


Air Namibia is the next carrier to permanently stop operations. Effective Thursday 11th February 2021 all flight operations were canceled.  All planes were to return to the home base at Hosea Kutako International (WDH) in Windhoek. The airline has existed for 74 years and was the national carrier of Namibia.


It appears that its fate hadn't been sealed by the pandemic, although it certainly didn't help.

In a comprehensive statement the Namibian Minister of Finance, Ipumbu Shiimi (MP), has explained the main reasons for the government's decision. He mainly pointed out that the airline "has not been profitable since its inception".

The press release doesn't specifically state the government's view on passenger rights, namely compensations and refunds. However, the government (more or less) said it would cover the cost of liquidation. For example, the Minister of Finance stated that employees would receive "an ex-gratia payment to the value of 12 month’s salary for each employee". Hence, it appears not far stretched to expect a full covering of the passengers' site, too.


Consequences for you


Remember, an airline's insolvency does not hinder your claim for a refund or even compensation should your journey be disrupted.


But since financial means are, generally speaking, limited in bankruptcy or during the liquidation period, you should hurry if you do not wish to be the last in line and potentially miss out. Check and file your claim now.


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Written by: Christoph Przywara