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50 Amazing Tips That Will Help You Make Money While Traveling


Have you ever wanted to make more money while traveling? It is possible to do it, but you need to be savvy and employ certain techniques to make this viable. You don’t want to spend your valuable traveling time wasting money on schemes that won’t work!

1: Rent Your Home

If you are going to be away for a while, renting your home is one of the best ways to make a decent chunk of income. Make sure that you use a reputable agent to handle things for you, especially if you will be out of easy contact at times. Airbnb offers some great options and insurance for this.

2: Get Selling

You can ship products from pretty much anywhere in the world, so if you’ve got items that you can sell, why not sell them? As long as you have the products to hand (or the materials for making them if you’re going to be crafting), this is a great way to earn some pocket money.

3: Rent Your Car

Like renting your home, renting out a vehicle that you don’t need can earn you money. It also means that your car isn’t standing and rusting, and is being looked after. Try Turo, which offers protections to ensure that this goes smoothly.

4: Write A Book

If you’re traveling somewhere interesting, why not write about it? There are many niche topics surrounding travel, and lots of people are interested in learning more about traveling!

5: Save On Flight Tickets

Learning how to book cheap flight tickets and either booking early or very late is a great way to reduce your travel costs.

6: Try Your Hand At Stock Exchanges

Have you ever learned anything about the stock exchange? You can be trading in stocks without having to lift a finger if you know what you’re doing.

7: Downsize And Declutter

Traveling heavy doesn’t go well with cheap fares, and it’s also inconvenient, so try downsizing your life. What do you really need? Sell or swap anything that doesn’t make the cut!

8: Freelance

If your work can be done remotely, freelancing is a great way to bring in a steady income. Many platforms, such as Fiverr, now exist for this purpose.

9: Sell Photos

Do you have a great eye for a photo? Your pictures could be worth money, but make sure they are high quality if you want to sell them!

10: Get Delivering Packages

Despite the power of the internet, some things still can’t be got in certain areas – and people are always looking for those who can bring these things along. Services like Roadie are great for anyone taking a road trip who can also transport a few parcels to eager recipients.

11: Become An Influencer

Offering to become a brand ambassador won’t work for everyone, but it can be a great way to pick up some free gear and get sponsorship in some cases. If you already run a successful blog, this is more likely to work.

12: Try Your Hand At Vegetable Picking

Seasonal workers are staples in many countries, and if you enjoy a bit of manual labor, picking fruits, vegetables, or flowers can be a great way to earn some cash.

13: Become A Salesperson

Could you sell? If you’ve got a slick pitch, find out what local products you can pick up a commission on.

14: Work At A Summer Camp

If you’re good with kids, working at a summer camp can be a great way to enjoy a new culture.

15: Offer To House-Sit

Is someone you know also traveling? If so, house-sitting for them can be a great arrangement that will save you money on lodgings and may even come with pay.

16: Stay In Hostels

Don’t waste money on fancy hotels; hostels are far cheaper and tend to be better for regular travelers.

17: Try Local Cuisine

It’s a good idea to seek out local places where meals are likely to be less expensive. You may also hear about job offers here!

18: Face-painting, Haircuts, Or Massages

If you have any skills like this, you can offer them to locals or others staying in your hostel. Make sure you are good enough to satisfy your customers, though!

19: Offer Yourself As An Expat

Some jobs specifically want to hire foreigners for an outsider’s take, so see if your own workplace or ones in your destination country would be interested in this.

20: Try A Work Exchange

You can find work exchanges by searching online, and sites like HelpX are designed to help workers find jobs that will suit them. A lot of positions are for volunteering only, but this is a wonderful way to get free accommodation, food, and sometimes finances.

21: Join The Peace Corps

This definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you want to spend a couple of years volunteering and traveling, joining the Peace Corps is a great way to do it, and can involve life-changing experiences.