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Don’t settle for flight problems anymore! Get up to 200% of airfare for Saudi Arabian Airlines delays and cancellations.

If you faced a Saudi Arabian Airlines flight forced you to miss your connecting flight.
Or denied your boarding at the airport
Or was delayed by more than three hours
Or, got canceled

Then you just got yourself eligible for Saudi Arabian Airlines reimbursement.

Claim up to €600 per EU Regulation 261/2004. And there's more! In case your flight doesn’t fall under the purview of EU Regulations, you can claim to Saudi Arabian Airlines and get a refund of a whopping 200% of airfare!

Delayed or Canceled Saudi Arabian Airlines flight?

Successful claims with Click2Refund for every Saudia delayed or canceled flight.

No more Saudi Airlines flight problems! Get up to 200% of airfare for Saudi Arabian Airlines delays and cancellations.

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Saudia compensation: how does it work?

Understand how EU Regulations and Saudi Arabian Airlines complaints and compensations work.

Remember that Saudi Arabian Airlines is not an EU airline. EU regulations can protect your rights only when you travel from an EU to a non-EU zone. No flight that arrives at EU airports will be considered for any kind of refund or claim. Also, in other circumstances, you will have to knock on the doors of Saudia and file a Saudi Arabian Airlines complaint.

How does it work?

To get Saudia compensation for your delayed or canceled flight, you have to ensure that you departed from an airport in the UK or EU zone. If you are flying to the EU or UK zone from a non-EU zone with airlines established outside of this periphery, your rights are unfortunately not protected by the EC261 norms.

But these hiccups will not define your travel experience!

Saudi Arabian Airlines recently introduced a new set of passenger rights guidelines with the Saudi civil aviation authority. Brought into inception in November 2023, these rules cover almost all aspects of air travel - from ticketing to in-flight services, baggage, and services for special needs and also for those with reduced mobility.

These reforms say that you have the right to claim Saudia compensation of up to a whopping 200% of your ticket value for flight cancellations, delays, overbooking, unexpected stopovers, and more. You can also claim refunds for your lost or damaged luggage.

Icing on the cake - these regulations are also applicable if you are traveling to Hajj or Umrah by charter flights. You can also terminate your contract with the air carrier if you find your Saudia flight delayed for more than 2 hours.

How much is the Saudi Arabian Airlines reimbursement?

Do you know you are entitled to double the benefit of EU + Saudia passenger rights?

Saudi Arabian Airlines flight problems?
Know that your rights are safeguarded by EU Regulation 261 and British regulations 261 that ensure compensation for various cases. If you face cancellation with your Saudia flight, EC261 and UK261 will compensate you up to €600 or £520 and a full refund of the ticket price.

Delayed Saudia flight?
If your final destination is delayed at least 3 hours, departing from the EU/UK, you likely qualify for flight compensation.

For canceled Saudia flights:
If you opt not to take an alternative flight the airline provides, a refund is your entitlement. Moreover, compensation may be applicable if the cancellation occurs within 14 days of departure and the flight is scheduled to depart from the UK/EU.

The EU261 regulation of 2004 stipulates that you are entitled to compensation from Ryanair if your flight experiences:

  • A delay exceeding 3 hours
  • Canceled without notification within 14 days of flight cancellation
  • Denied boarding due to overbooking, or
  • Forced you to miss a connecting flight because you arrived three hours later than expected

Wait! You will also be eligible for claims from Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Stay Informed:
Receive timely updates! Saudia must notify you at least 45 minutes before take-off about any flight delays and present you with the new take-off time. They will consistently update the flight status and any additional delays every 30 minutes to keep you in the loop.

Comfort Assurance:
Should a delay catch you mid-stay at paid accommodation, a cozy hotel, or a residential unit? Foot the bill for extending your stay until the new flight time. Ensure you're informed about the new departure time and support every step of the method.

Cancellation Policy:
Your plans are precious, and we respect that. Saudi Arabian Airlines won't cancel scheduled flights without due consideration. Only in cases of Force Majeure or verified safety and security concerns approved by GACA will a cancellation occur.

Cancellation Etiquette:
In the unfortunate event of a flight cancellation, they will present you with alternative flights.

Overbooking Assurance:
Worried about overbooking? Saudi Arabian Airlines commits to minimizing denial of boarding due to overbooking.

Upgrade Delight:
Ever dreamt of an upgrade without the extra cost? When alternative seats in a higher class are available on the same flight, consider it done.

Does Saudi Arabian Airlines pay for delayed flights?

Get your precious bucks back with Saudi Arabian Airlines flight delay compensations.

Despite airlines' efforts, such as Saudi Arabian Airlines, to adhere to schedules, delays can occur. The silver lining for travelers is that passenger rights come into play when facing delays with Saudi Arabian Airlines flights.

You have about three years to file a compensation claim for a delayed Saudia flight. Enter your flight details in our easy compensation calculator—it will reveal if you're owed money. And our expert team? They are all set to help you claim what's rightfully yours.

You will get a refund up to as high as €600.
Covers flight that got delayed for at least 3 hours.
Get a reimbursement irrespective of the ticket price.
Get compensated for flight delay cases as old as three years old!

Know your EU261 compensation claim rights

Under EU Regulation 261, your delayed flight compensation depends on your planned flight distance. However, almost all the Saudi Arabian Airlines’ flights departing from EU or UK are destined to Saudi Arabia or other Asian countries. So, the flight distance is more than 3500 km which makes the passengers be eligible for compensation in the amount of €600 or £520.

However, if your flight gets delayed by more than 3 hours but less than 4 hours, the compensation can be reduced by 50%.

Try our flight delay and cancellations compensation claim calculator.

What is the timeframe for claiming Saudi Arabian delayed flight compensation under EU-261 and UK-261?

The duration within which you can claim compensation or a refund is determined by three distinct laws:

  • The law of your country of origin
  • The law of the destination country
  • The law of the country where the airline is headquartered

In general, if your flight originated from the United Kingdom, you have a window of 6 years to file for flight compensation and a refund.

However, if you are flying from another country via Saudia Airlines, the time limit may differ. For example, if you fly from Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi, you will have to look for rights under Dutch norms that provide a 2-year timeframe for claiming flight compensation. You must be extremely careful with the changing timeframes and timelines concerning travel destinations and circumstances.

Delayed flight compensations by Saudia Airlines under Saudi Arabian Regulation

Discover how compensation for flight delays is calculated at Saudia Airlines, ensuring fairness and transparency for our valued passengers. The compensation is determined by comparing the actual arrival time of the passenger to the arrival time specified in the reservation. Here's a breakdown of the compensation structure:

a. If the total flight delay duration ranges from three to six hours, passengers are entitled to the equivalent of (50) Special Drawing Rights Units.

b. For delays exceeding six hours, the compensation increases to the equivalent of (150) Special Drawing Rights Units.

However, if the flight delay extends beyond five hours, passengers reserve the right to treat the situation as a cancellation. In such cases, compensation is provided according to the cancellation provisions outlined in the Regulations.

Filing Saudia complaints for refunds could be a rainy day!

One of the biggest hurdles passengers from EU or UK zones face when filing complaints for a non-EU carrier is knowing when EC 261 rights kick in and when they don't. You have to be very clear about the destinations of arrival and departure of non-EU airlines like Saudia to file a delayed flight compensation in Saudi Arabia. Remember that if you are flying from an EU zone like Britain or Germany, only your EC regulations will help you with a refund.

However, the good thing is you can always seek refuge from the new Saudia rules that ensure you solve your Saudi Airlines flight problem just for cases like this. But again, remembering when to go for an EC flight and when Saudia will help can be a hell of a mess and creates confusion.

Click2Refund has got your back!

Choose Click2Refund because we handle all the hard work for you. Whether it's navigating EC or Saudia regulations, determining compensation for non-EU carriers to non-EU zones, or tackling airline excuses, we've got it covered. Our legal experts thrive on persistence, boasting a success rate of over 98% with free case evaluations.

Don't let legal processes drag you down – submit your details online, and Click2Refund will take care of the rest within minutes. Relax while our experts handle your compensation, even going to court if necessary.

Worried about costs? Fear not. Click2Refund operates on a no-win, no-fee basis, making it entirely risk-free. No upfront payments or credit card information is needed – our service fee comes directly from the compensation. Enjoy a risk-free and hassle-free compensation journey with confidence.

Key features:
- Process essential flight information in just 2 minutes
- Swift transfer of compensations to your account
- Impressive success rate of 98%
- Manage legal procedures with zero upfront charges

Claim Saudia Compensation for Canceled Flights

If Saudia cancels flights, the EU 261 Regulation and UK261 Regulation on air passenger rights mandate clear actions: you can be rebooked on an alternative flight or receive a full refund. If you are notified of the flight cancellation less than 14 days before your departure date, you may get a refund of up to €600 or £520 per person.

However, these rights will only apply if you fly within the EU zone or UK. Also, Saudia flight delay compensation may apply if you experience a delay of 3 or more hours beyond the scheduled arrival time of your initial flight. Other rights include:

Receive a refund of the ticket value or the remaining part of the flight.
Air carriers are committed to providing alternative transportation, approved by the passenger, ensuring arrival at the destination or the nearest airport for departure.

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About  Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudia's journey took flight in 1945 when King Abdul Aziz received a twin-engine DC-3 (Dakota) HZ-AAX as a gift from U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Building on this generous beginning, the airline swiftly expanded its fleet, acquiring two additional DC-3s. These initial aircraft laid the foundation for Saudia's evolution into one of the world's premier airlines.
Saudi Arabian Airlines’s headquarters are currently located in Jeddah and the main base in King Khalid International Airport. Saudi Arabian Airlines is not a star alliance member. The company has 4 stars on Skytrax rating. Jaan Albrecht leads the company as the CEO. Its subsidiaries include Flyadeal, Saei, Saudi Ground Services, Saudi Airlines Real Estate Development Company and Saudia Aviation Company Limited.

It has declared $ 586,330,580 in revenue. Saudi Arabian Airlines offers service to 79 destinations in 36 countries. Jeddah-Medina,Jeddah-Bisha,Sharurah-Abha, Hail-Riyadh,Riyadh-Taif,Taif-Medina are some of the main flight destinations.

Fast forward to today, SAUDIA boasts a fleet of 142 aircraft featuring cutting-edge wide-bodied jets, including the B787-9, B777-268L, B777-300ER, Airbus A320-200, Airbus A321, and Airbus A330-300. Witness the legacy of a single gift transforming into a fleet of modern and advanced aircraft that define the airline's status as a global aviation leader. The average age of the fleet is 4.6 years. The youngest aircrafts are the Boeing 787 at 1.5 years old. They rank 13 among 54 airlines operating this type of aircraft.

Saudi Arabian Airlines have 1 accident reports to date. The most recent one is in 2008 at Dhaka-Zia, Bangladesh with Boeing 747 aircraft.

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