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An Introduction to LATAM Airlines Compensation

As the largest airline group in Latin America, LATAM serves five major South American domestic markets with its subsidiaries: LATAM Peru, LATAM Colombia, LATAM Chile, LATAM Brazil, and LATAM Ecuador.

As a passenger on any LATAM Airlines, it is important to ascertain whether you qualify for time-related compensation in the event of a delay on any LATAM Airlines Group aircraft. In accordance with the UK and EU rules, travelers who experience delays lasting 3 hours or longer and for which LATAM Airlines Group is held accountable may be entitled to compensation of up to Euro 600 per person. But this only happens after the affected passenger must have proved their eligibility.

After all the documents have been submitted, examined, and proven, LATAM Airlines Group will confirm the time the flight arrived at its intended destination. This is due to the fact that when requesting LATAM flight delay compensation for flight delays, the arrival time—rather than the departure time—is what counts.

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Rights of Air Travelers and Flight Compensation

Despite not being a European airline, LATAM Airlines Group complies with European law whenever it conducts flights from European airports including the UK. This means that EC 261 and UK261— two of the most extensive aviation passenger rights legislation in the world—protect travelers on flights operated by LATAM Airlines Group that depart from airports in Europe and the UK.

In a situation where LATAM Airlines Group is at fault for the interruption, passengers flying with them out of European airports are entitled to reimbursement under EC 261 and UK 261 for flight delays, cancellations, or overbookings.

It's crucial to remember that planes flying in the other direction are not protected in the same way. EC 261 and UK261 do not apply to travelers traveling with LATAM Airlines Group who arrive in the European Union (EU) and the UK after leaving from a non-EU airport.

What are the passengers’ rights with LATAM Airlines?

All aircraft carriers leaving the EU airports and UK airports are subject to EU Regulation 261 or the UK Regulation 261. You might be eligible for flight reimbursement if you fly with LATAM Airlines and you depart from the EU or UK. In addition, in the event of flight delays or cancellations, you are entitled to accommodations, care, free meals, and phone conversations.

Compensation Amount for Different Flight Distances

  • All flights under 1,500 km are eligible for compensation of up to €250 or £220 per person.
  • All Flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km are eligible for compensation of up to €400 or £350 per person.
  • All flights over 3,500 km are eligible for a compensation of up to €600 or £520 per person.

How Do I Claim My LATAM Compensation?

In order to begin a LATAM compensation claim, kindly follow these steps:

  • Gather all required paperwork:
    Make sure you have all the necessary information, such as your flight number, departure date, origin airport, and destination airport before submitting a LATAM compensation claim. All flight-related paperwork, including tickets, boarding cards, and receipts for any additional costs paid, should be kept on file.
  • File a claim for LATAM compensation:
    Using a third-party option is faster and more effective compared to the long bureaucratic methods that would take months to come through the airline’s customer service. And this is where we'd recommend Click2Refund: an organization that knows its onion in such a niche – here, it only takes a couple of weeks (or less) to come through.

Denied Boarding

Overbooking, in which the airline sells more tickets than there are seats available, may be the cause of your involuntary denial of boarding on a LATAM Airlines aircraft. In these situations, the airline looks for volunteers to give up their seats in exchange for perks.

What Determines a Seamless LATAM Reimbursement Process?
  • You arrived at the gate punctually: This connotes arriving at the airport early enough to board the flight.
  • You posed no security or safety concerns: This is a situation where the affected party does not have any criminal records e.g., on the run, is involved in a terrorist activity, or is wanted by the authorities.
  • You possessed all necessary travel documentation: It means that the relevant documents are intact.

What Should I Know About LATAM Airline as a Passenger?

  1. Guarantee for Returns on Domestic Flights:
    If you miss the outward leg of a domestic flight to Chile, it won't affect your chances of making it back. In these circumstances, you can quickly check-in and take the returning aircraft. It is recommended that you notify the airline in advance of your intention to use your ticket so that they can assist you with making your travel arrangements.
  2. Minors Under 14 Traveling with an Adult Company:
    Children under 14 who are traveling with an adult will be seated together on the same reservation. The airline is expected to handle the remaining arrangements appropriately, so please make sure the kids are included in the same reservation code as the adults.
  3. Protection Against Flight Cancellations:
    In a situation where the flight is canceled, the affected passenger(s) will be transferred to the next available flight. As an alternative, travelers can ask for a refund of their ticket price and boarding costs or modify their dates at no additional expense. Prompt notification of flight cancellations and guidelines for modifications or reimbursements will be conveyed.

Please note:
If the tickets were purchased at least 7 days in advance of the departure of the flight, the withdrawal request must be submitted within 48 hours of the purchase, and if the tickets were purchased at least 180 days in advance, it must be submitted within 7 days.

This is also applicable if the ticket was purchased in LATAM Airways Brazil at least seven days before the original flight and the ticket was bought. Meanwhile, the National Civil Aviation Agency " of Brazil (ANAC) has published Resolution No. 400, which states that in order for the resolution's provisions to be implemented, the stipulated requirements must be fulfilled.

What Do I Do or Expect in a Case of Airline Cancellation?

Actually, it depends. If you were at home when the cancellation took place, you first have to get in touch with LATAM. However, they are expected to contact you. But in a situation where they haven't, try to reach out to know their next plan for you.

But in cases of cancellations due to unusual circumstances, you should be given the option of selecting an alternate route or receiving a full refund for flights leaving the European Union and the United Kingdom.

In the case of Traveling from Colombia Using LATAM Airline

The airline or travel agency is required to inform you using the same channel that you used to make your ticket if there are any changes to your flight, schedule, or any other factor affecting your reservation. The quickest method of communication—such as phone, fax, email, or text message on your phone—should be used for this exchange, and it must happen no later than twenty-four (24) hours before the trip.

If, within twenty-four hours of the flight, there are abrupt and unanticipated changes resulting from weather, technical difficulties, operational limitations, or other circumstances, this commitment may be canceled. When this happens, the airline is expected to notify the traveler right away.

In a case where the passenger is boarding the first leg of their itinerary that is operated by the same airline, and there is a delay, or it looks like they won't make it to the connecting point in time under normal flight conditions, the airline is required to notify the passenger of their options.

What Should I Do If My Luggage Is Still at the Airport?

Please go to the Lost and Found office before leaving the baggage claim area. You will receive a Baggage Irregularity Record (BIR) upon arrival, which you can use to record the event, describe your baggage, and start monitoring it. You should keep the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) for future use and claims as a reference number with a code attached. To make it easier to find a missing luggage, a thorough description must be provided.

Within a day, LATAM Airlines will arrange for your luggage to be delivered. Most luggage is located and delivered within 72 hours under normal conditions. When you initiate a PIR, an integrated system searches every airport for your luggage. This tool is used by LATAM Airlines to track down your luggage, send you an SMS, email, or phone call, and make arrangements for its timely delivery to the address listed in the PIR. Please get in touch with the airline to update the shipping address if you would like to specify a new one.

What Should I Do in a Situation Where LATAM Airline Damaged My Luggage?

Before leaving, please proceed to the Lost and Found office within the baggage claim area if your luggage has been damaged by LATAM Airlines. A Baggage Irregularity Report (BIR), which is necessary for reporting the incident and starting follow-up processes, will be given to you once you arrive.

Once LATAM Airlines receives the delayed, missing, or damaged baggage and confirms the damage, compensation for baggage delay or damage is expected to be paid within 21 calendar days. In the event of damage, please make sure you save the completed PIR form. Please remember to fill out the attached form within 7 calendar days of receiving the damaged luggage.

You must keep in mind that airlines are not required to pay for little damages, like tiny dents or scratches to luggage brought on by baggage handling.

How do I file a complaint if my luggage is damaged?

  • Verify that the information on the form matches exactly what is on the paperwork that LATAM Airlines gave you at the airport.
  • Recall bringing the original paperwork with you when filing a claim for damaged luggage.
  • Please enclose the bag with the damaged tag, boarding pass, itinerary, and a photocopy of your passport or ID card with the filled PIR form.

How Much Does LATAM Airline Pay for Damaged Luggage?

The thing is, there's no specific amount set aside for compensating victims of lost or damaged luggage. However, passengers may be eligible for reimbursement of up to $1700 in the case that their luggage is lost, stolen, or delayed.

What is the timeframe for claiming flight delay compensation?

Victims of flight delays or cancellations have up to three years to apply for compensation. However, the time limit may change according to the jurisdiction of the country in Europe. For example, it is 6 years in the UK, 5 years in Spain and 3 years in Germany. For increased odds of success, it is advised to start the process as soon as possible.

Does this Rule only Apply to Citizens of the European Union (EU) Alone?

No, tourists are also protected by this regulation. You do not need to be European to be entitled to these rights. Also, note that you are also eligible for the EU and UK flight compensation in the event of delays, cancellations, or overbookings on European flights.

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About  LATAM Airlines

As the largest airline group in Latin America, LATAM serves five major South American domestic markets: Peru, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, and Ecuador. It also operates international flights to locations in the Caribbean, Europe, and the United States, in addition to inside Latin America.

Airbus A319, A320neo, A320, and A321 aircraft, as well as Boeing B787, B777, 767, and other cutting-edge models in their respective classes, make up the airline group's diverse fleet. In 2021, LATAM was ranked fourth internationally and recognized as the best sustainable airline in the region.