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Airlines manage numerous flights monthly, with delays being an inevitable part of their operations. Kenya Airways, like many others, experiences occasional delays in reaching their destinations. Though not a European airline, Kenya Airways adheres to European regulations for their flights departing Europe or the UK.

So, if you've experienced delays or cancellations with Kenya Airways flights, you may be entitled to compensation under the EU 261 and UK-261 rule. The compensation ranges from 250€ to 600€ based on the route distance and delay duration. For instance:

  • Short distance (up to 1500 km): €250 (£220)
  • Medium distance (1501 to 3500 km): €400 (£350)
  • Long distance (more than 3500 km): €600 (£520)

Vast majority of Kenya Airways flights departing Europe are long distance flights that are destined to African countries, which makes passengers eligible for compensation to €600 (£520).

Check your eligibility for Kenya Airways flight compensation without any cost by entering your flight information into our online checker below!

Here's what you need to know to make a successful claim.

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Understanding Air Passenger Rights: EU 261 and UK-261 Rule

EU Regulation 261/2004 and UK-261 safeguard air travelers' rights, ensuring compensation or refunds. Passengers are eligible to claim compensation if the airline is found responsible for:

  • Flight Delays: When the arrival at the final destination is delayed by more than 3 hours.
  • Flight Cancellations: If passengers receive notice of cancellations within 0 to 14 days before the scheduled departure.
  • Denied Boarding: In cases where passengers are denied boarding due to oversold flight tickets.
  • Missed Connecting Flights: When the delay or cancellation of the initial flight leads to missing a connecting flight, resulting in a delay of over 3 hours at the final destination.

However, you need to know that in case of extraordinary circumstances, compensation is not provided for flight disruptions. Extraordinary circumstances encompass events beyond the airline's control, such as security threats, strikes, tsunamis, or extreme weather conditions.

EU/UK Regulation specifies that when circumstances are exceptional, passengers may not be eligible for compensation.

For a comprehensive understanding of EU air passenger rights, click here.

Kenya Airways Flight Delay Compensation

Under what circumstances can I get Kenya Airways delayed flight compensation?

Passengers qualify for compensation for Kenya Airways' delayed flights if:

  • The flight experiences a 3+ hour delay upon arrival at the final destination.
  • Departure occurs from an EU or UK airport
  • Distances over 3500 km with a delay exceeding 3 hours enable compensation of up to 600€ or £520. If the delay is between hours, the airline has the right to reduce the compensation 50%.

Understanding these criteria lets you handle the compensation process effectively, ensuring fair treatment in the face of delayed flights with Kenya Airways. It is essential for travelers to be aware of their rights and the corresponding compensation amounts applicable to their specific situation.

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Rights During Flight Departure Delays

In situations where flight departures encounter delays, passengers are granted specific entitlements outlined by regulations and policies:

  • For 2-Hour Delays: Passengers are entitled to receive complimentary meals, refreshments, and access to communication services to mitigate inconvenience.
  • For 5-Hour Delays: Beyond the initial amenities, passengers are additionally eligible for re-routing to the earliest available flight, ticket refunds (if unwilling to proceed with travel), accommodation provisions, and transport arrangements for overnight delays.

Moreover, compensation of up to 600 Euros is provided if the final destination is reached later than three hours due to the delay.

Kenya Airways Flight Cancellation Compensation Rights

In the event of an unexpected flight cancellation by Kenya Airways, passengers hold specific rights under European Regulation EC261 and Regulation UK-261. If the cancellation occurs without prior notice of at least 14 days, you have two primary options for recourse.

  • Ticket Refund: Request a refund for the canceled flight, providing an option for reimbursement.
  • Change of Flight or Alternate Flight: Opt for either a change in the original flight or select an alternative one, offering flexibility in rescheduling travel plans.

If the replacement flight encounters delays beyond the scheduled arrival time, you are entitled to compensation for the canceled flight. The compensation amount varies between 125€ and 600€ based on:

  • Days you were informed before the cancellation.
  • Length of the delay.
  • Route distance.

If your flight was canceled without prior notice, exercise your right to claim compensation through Click2Refund!

Kenya Airways Denied Boarding Rights

Passengers denied boarding on Kenya Airways flights may be eligible for compensation under European Regulation EC261 and UK-261, amounting to up to 600€ (£520) if specific criteria are met.

  • Presented yourself on time for check-in.
  • Possess a valid flight reservation and travel documentation.
  • Did not voluntarily give up your seat.
  • Denied boarding due to overbooking (overselling of flight tickets).

If denied boarding due to overbooking, you have the right to be re-routed to the earliest available flight. Alternatively, you can request a refund of the ticket cost, which should be credited within the next 7 working days if you choose not to travel.

In case of being stranded at the airport due to a replacement flight, you have the right to free:

  • Meals and refreshments.
  • 2 calls, email, or fax services.
  • Hotel accommodation and transport facility (for an overnight delay or when an extended stay becomes necessary).

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Dealing with Missing Luggage on Kenya Airways

If your bag doesn't arrive on your Kenya Airways flight, take these steps at the airport:

  • Step 1) Report to Lost and Found: Head to the Lost and Found office before leaving the baggage claim area. There, you'll receive a Baggage Irregularity Report (BIR) to document the incident, describe your baggage, and initiate tracking. Kenya Airways typically arranges to deliver the bag within 24 hours if it's missing from the terminal. Most bags are found and returned within 72 hours under regular circumstances.
  • Step 2) Filling the Form: Fill in the form with the exact details as on the airport documentation. Keep the original documentation for damaged baggage delivery—include the completed PIR, damaged bag tag, boarding pass, itinerary, and a photocopy of your ID or passport.
  • Step 3) Customs and Delivery: For delayed baggage, be aware that delivery might hinge on the country's customs regulations. Your presence at the airport could be necessary as per authorities.
  • Step 4) Escalating Contact: If there's no reply from Kenya Airways within 24-72 hours:
    • Within 48 hours, contact Kenya Airways customer support. through their website for an update.
    • If your luggage hasn't arrived within 72 hours, fill out the relevant form within 21 days from the incident.

Following these steps helps expedite the search and ensures a smoother resolution for your missing luggage with Kenya Airways.

Kenya Airways Missed Connecting Flight Rights

Passengers must fulfill specific criteria to qualify for compensation:

  • Same Airline and Booking: The missed connecting flight(s) must be under a single reservation or booking with Kenya Airways.
  • EU Airport Connection: Flight disruptions must occur departing from an EU or UK airport.
  • Exclusion of Extraordinary Circumstances: The disruption should not result from extraordinary events beyond the airline's control, such as severe weather, strikes, security threats, or air traffic control restrictions.
  • Three-Hour Delay: The delay at the final destination should surpass three hours compared to the initial arrival time.

Passengers meeting these conditions could be eligible for compensation up to 600€ (£520), depending on the flight distance and delay duration. In most cases, Kenya Airways flights departing EU or UK are long distance flights which makes the passengers eligible for compensation to 600€ (£520)

Beyond compensation, passengers may also have rights to:

  • Reimbursement of the ticket price or re-routing to the final destination at the earliest opportunity or at a later date of their choice, subject to availability of seats.
  • Care and assistance, such as meals, refreshments, communication, and accommodation, depending on the duration of the delay and the distance of the flight.

Additional expenses, such as income loss, hotel charges, or extra transportation costs, can be claimed if proof shows the airline's responsibility for the disruption caused more harm than the compensation offered.

Can I claim past flight compensation?

Compensation for past flights is viable. You have the option to claim compensation for flights delayed or canceled even years ago. Typically, claims can be filed within 2-3 years after the occurrence date. It is 6 years in the UK. It's advisable to act promptly to maximize your chances of a successful claim.

Enter your flight details in our easy compensation calculator—it'll reveal if you're owed money. And our expert legal team? They're all set to help you claim what's rightfully yours.

How long does it take to get compensation from Kenya Airways?

The entire procedure typically spans around 2 to 3 months. However, in certain instances, it might extend further especially when you pursue compensation independently.

Collaborating with Click2Refund eliminates this concern as we handle the legal aspects on your behalf, ensuring a zero-risk approach for you.

Calculate Your Compensation from Kenya Airways

Passengers often underestimate their entitled compensation. At Click2Refund, our complimentary flight delay compensation calculator helps determine the accurate amount you are entitled to receive from Kenya Airways.

Use our Claim Calculator to find Kenya Airways delayed or cancelled flight compensation in just 2 minutes. No obligations!

How I can Claim Compensation from Kenya Airways?

When seeking compensation for flight disruptions, follow these steps to ensure a smooth claim process:

  1. Ask for Reason: Inquire with the airline for the cause of the delay and obtain written confirmation from their customer service.
  2. Note Arrival Time: Record the flight's arrival time, specifically when passengers were allowed to disembark.
  3. Collect Evidence: Gather evidence like arrival board photos, boarding passes, receipts, etc., to substantiate the delay.
  4. Check Eligibility: Use our claim checker to determine if you qualify for compensation.
  5. Exchange Contacts: Obtain contact details from fellow passengers as potential evidence.
  6. Claim Processing: Assign your case to Click2Refund for a hassle-free claim process. We operate on a "No Win – No Fee" basis, allowing you to relax while we handle your claim.

How Click2Refund Can Help?

When approaching airlines directly, passengers often encounter excuses citing 'extraordinary circumstances,' resulting in denied compensation. We analyze the genuine reasons behind flight disruptions and assist in your claim process.

  • Check your flight using our compensation checker tool by providing flight details and relevant information.
  • Opt to claim through us by sharing personal details and signing the digital contract.
  • Our experts handle your claim meticulously, leveraging data access to flight specifics, delays, reasons, and departure/arrival times, significantly boosting your chances of successful compensation.

Don't let legal processes drag you down – submit your details online, and Click2Refund will take care of the rest within minutes. Relax while our experts handle your compensation, even going to court if necessary.

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About  Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways was founded in 1977 in Kenya. Kenya Airways’s headquarters are currently located in Nairobi and the main base in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Kenya Airways is not a star alliance member. The company has 3 stars on Skytrax rating. The CEO of the airline is Titus Naikuni. The airline has several subsidiaries, such as Jambojet, Kenya Airfreight Handling, and African Cargo Handling.

Kenya Airways employs more than 3,800 employees worldwide and operates a mainline fleet of more than 40 aircraft. It has declared $ 1.2 billion in revenue. Kenya Airways offers service in 53 destinations in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Kenya Airways’s fleet includes Embraer 190/195, Boeing 737, and Boeing 787 models. The average age of the fleet is 6.5 years. The newest aircraft are the Boeing 787, which are 4.5 years old. They rank 45 among 56 airlines that use this type of aircraft. The most common aircraft in the fleet are the Embraer 190/195, which are 15 in number. They rank 18 among 65 airlines that use this type of aircraft.

Kenya Airways have 2 accident reports to date. The most recent one is in 2007 at Near Douala Airport, Cameroon with Boeing 737 Next Gen aircraft.