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Finnair is the leading airline in Finland that provides a wide range of flight services both on domestic and international levels. However, there are instances when Finnair flights might experience delays or cancellations. In such cases, do you have the right to claim flight compensation from Finnair?

The answer is — yes. Under relevant regulations, you might qualify for compensation of up to €600 if your flight faces delays or cancellations or if you're denied boarding for any reason.

At Click2Refund, we aim to simplify the process of claiming compensation from Finnair! If you have faced a flight delay or cancellation with Finnair, check your eligibility for Finnair Airways flight compensation using our online checker—just enter your flight details!

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The EU Law on Finnair Flight Compensation: How Much Money Can You Receive?

The compensation you receive depends on two main things: the flight distance and how long the delay or cancellation lasted.

  • If your flight covers less than 1,500 km, you're eligible to claim €250 from Finnair. This applies to shorter flights within Finland or neighboring countries.
  • For flights spanning between 1,500 and 3,500 km, the compensation you can claim from Finnair is €400. This applies to medium-haul flights within Europe, certain parts of Asia, or Africa. It's also the maximum compensation for any flight within the EU.
  • For flights surpassing 3,500 km, you have the potential to claim up to €600 from Finnair. This applies to long-haul flights reaching other continents or regions.
Less than 1,500 km €250
Between 1,500 and 3,500 km €400
More than 3,500 km Up to €600

Finnair Flight Delay Compensation

Under what circumstances can I get Finnair's delayed flight compensation?

You might be eligible for Finnair flight delay compensation if your flight is late and these things are valid:

  • The flight arrived at your final destination with a delay of more than three hours.
  • The delay didn't happen due to extraordinary situations (like severe weather, security problems, and so on).

Is My Flight Eligible?

To figure this out for a Finnair flight, you'll need to know both the actual and the scheduled arrival times of your flight. The actual arrival time is when the plane touches down and at least one door opens. The scheduled time is what the airline planned initially it'll land at the airport. The difference between these tells you how long the delay was. Make sure to note down the actual arrival time or even snap a photo of the airport screens showing your flight's info.

And here's a heads up: if you've made a booking with Finnair, their commitment is to get you to where you planned to go. If your journey ends up getting redirected to another airport for any reason, there's a chance you could claim compensation unless some extraordinary circumstances got in the way of reaching your original destination.

Check your eligibility with Click2Refund!

What are Extraordinary Circumstances?

What qualifies as "extraordinary circumstances"? These are events that the airline has no control over or isn't responsible for, things that have the potential to disrupt your travel arrangements. Some examples of extraordinary circumstances are:

  • Security threats
  • Air traffic control restrictions (including runway closures)
  • Acts of terrorism
  • Political or civil unrest
  • Severe weather conditions (e.g., low visibility, strong crosswinds, etc.)
  • Airport staff or union strike

The impact of these events may vary depending on the situation and the aircraft. For example, different weather conditions may affect different aircraft models differently. Finnair flies have different aircraft models, each of which may have different capabilities and limitations. At times, certain aircraft can handle flying under specific conditions while others might not. This means that sometimes, some Finnair flights could face delays or cancellations, while others remain unaffected, depending on the type of aircraft in use.

If the airline can provide evidence that exceptional situations led to the delay and took all possible steps to prevent or reduce it, they might not be obligated to provide compensation to their passengers.

Finnair Flight Cancellation Compensation

Under what circumstances can I get Finnair Cancelled Flight Compensation?

If your Finnair flight is canceled, you may be eligible for Finnair flight cancellation compensation if your flight meets the following criteria:

  • The cancellation happened less than 14 days before your scheduled departure.
  • The cancellation wasn't due to any extraordinary circumstances, like bad weather or security issues.

Is My Flight Eligible?

To check if your flight qualifies for cancellation compensation, note the date and time the airline notified you about the cancellation and compare it with the originally scheduled departure time. This difference is your notice period.

Check out how much the airlines owe you with our flight delay compensation calculator.

Always keep a record of the airline's communication about the cancellation. Saving emails or text messages as proof helps.

Remember, if your Finnair flight gets canceled, the airline must offer you these choices:

  • A complete ticket refund
  • Rebooking you to your destination at the earliest or later date of your preference

You hold the right to choose the option that best fits your needs! However, if you decide on a full ticket refund, you won't meet the criteria for cancellation compensation. On the flip side, opting for a re-routed flight might still make you eligible for cancellation compensation, contingent upon the notice period and the arrival time of the alternative flight.

Want to know whether your flight problem satisfies the compensation rules? Find out with our Flight delay compensation calculator - your go-to tool for quick and easy refund computation.

Finnair Denied Boarding Compensation

If you are denied boarding on your Finnair flight, you may be eligible for Finnair flight denied boarding compensation if your flight meets the following criteria:

  • You had a confirmed reservation and a valid ticket
  • You checked in on time and presented yourself at the boarding gate
  • You were denied boarding due to overbooking or operational reasons

You can use our compensation calculator to check your eligibility and the amount of compensation you can claim.

Always request written confirmation from the airline regarding the reason for being denied boarding. Capture a photo of your boarding pass or ticket indicating the denial as proof of the incident.

In case you are denied boarding on your Finnair flight, the airline is obligated to provide you with one of these choices:

  • A complete ticket refund
  • Re-routing to your destination at the earliest or a later date of your preference

You can decide on the choice that fits your needs the most.

Time Limit for Claiming Flight Compensation from Finnair

If you're flying with Finnair and your flight faces delays, cancellations, or overbooking, you might qualify for compensation under EU law. Just remember, there's a time limit to file your claim, and it varies based on the country where the flight disruption occurred.

The table below shows the time limit for claiming flight compensation from Finnair in different countries in Europe. The time limit is counted from the date of the disrupted flight.

Austria 3 years Ireland 6 years
Belgium 1 year Italy 26 months
Denmark 3 years Norway 3 years
Finland 3 years Poland 1 year
France 5 years Spain 5 years
Germany 3 years Sweden 10 years
Greece 5 years UK 6 years

How to Claim Finnair Flight Compensation?

If you are eligible for Finnair flight compensation, the best option is to engage a flight compensation service such as Click2Refund since the claim process is lengthy, filing Finnair compensation claim form needs legal assistance and Finnair may try different tactics to avoid paying you compensation.

  • Click2Refund will manage the claim process for you and interact with the airline on your behalf. This route can save you time and inconvenience while enhancing your likelihood of receiving compensation.

Finnair's Customer Service

Here are some of the ways Finnair provides customer service:

  • Chat and phone support: Finnair has a dedicated chat and phone service that is available 24/7 for any questions or issues related to bookings, travel extras, refunds, or changes.
  • Manage booking tool: Finnair offers a convenient and flexible online tool that allows passengers to review their trip details, purchase travel extras, or change their travel dates. Passengers can access the Manage booking tool from the Finnair website or app and make changes to their reservation up to 2 hours before departure.
  • Flight disruption assistance: In case of flight disruptions, such as delays or cancellations, Finnair provides timely and accurate information to its passengers via SMS, email, or app notifications.

Finnair's customer service is always ready to help and support its passengers in any situation. Still, sometimes - due to the large number of customer requests, a detailed response may take longer.

How to Calculate Your Flight Compensation Amount

Many passengers are unaware of their rights and end up settling for a much lower amount than they deserve. At Click2Refund, we can help you calculate the exact compensation amount you can claim from Finnair for your flight disruption. Our flight compensation calculator is a free and easy tool that you can use to check how much Finnair owes you.

How Click2Refund Can Help You Get Your Flight Compensation

We are experts in helping air passengers get compensation from the airline for their flight disruptions. We have a proven track record of assisting over 200K+ passengers and achieving outstanding results.

Here are the steps that we follow to help you get your flight compensation:

  1. Check your entitlement: You can use our flight compensation calculator to check if you are eligible to claim compensation from Finnair for your flight disruption.
  2. Enter your flight details: You can fill out the claim form with your flight details and personal information. We'll double-check everything and reach out if we need more details.
  3. Assign to us: Assign your claim to us and grant authorization for us to represent you. We'll send a claim letter to Finnair and engage in negotiations on your behalf for compensation.
  4. We process your case: We will keep you updated on the progress of your case and inform you of any developments. We will also handle any legal actions if necessary.
  5. Get compensation: Once we receive the compensation from Finnair, we will transfer it to your bank account after deducting our fee. You can enjoy your compensation without any hassle.

Why Choose Click2Refund

We will only charge you a fee if we succeed in getting you compensation from the airline. You can compare our prices with other claim companies and see how competitive we are!

Click2Refund works on a no-win, no-fee basis and ensures that you get a fair amount in the shortest time possible!

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About  Finnair

Finnair Airline was founded in 1923 in Finland, but it was originally called Aero O/Y. It changed its name to Finnair in 1968. Finnair’s headquarters are located in Vantaa, near the Helsinki Airport, which is also its main hub. Finnair Airline is a member of the One World airline alliance, as well as its own alliance called Finnair Plus.

The company has a rating of 4 stars on Skytrax. Topi Manner is the CEO of the company. Its subsidiaries include Finnair Facilities Management, Finnair Cargo, and Finnair Travel Services. It has reported EUR 3,097 million in revenue. Finnair Airline flies to over 80 destinations in 52 countries, connecting Europe, North America, and Asia via its Helsinki hub.

Finnair Airline's fleet consists mostly of Airbus model aircraft. The average age of the fleet is 6.2 years. The newest aircraft is the Airbus A350-900, which is 3.5 years old. They rank nine among 34 airlines operating this type of aircraft. The most common aircraft in the fleet is the Airbus A320, with 22 of them at hand. They rank 28 among 259 airlines operating this type of aircraft.