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Croatia Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

Although airlines make every effort to be on time, there will inevitably be delays. And if you are a victim of this scenario, EU Regulation 261 is there to protect people like you. The Regulation protects passengers who experience flight delays (EU 261). If your flight is delayed by more than three hours and you can submit a Croatia Airlines delayed flight compensation claim, you may be eligible to receive a flight refund under EC 261.

In unusual circumstances, Croatia Airlines will not pay compensation for delayed flights. Extraordinary circumstances include bad weather or airport delays that cause the flight to depart later than scheduled. Technical difficulties, operational concerns, or airline employee strikes cannot justify rejected compensation claims. It is crucial to understand that, according to EU regulations, passengers might not be entitled to compensation in such extraordinary circumstances.

If you have a Croatia Airlines flight disruption, check our compensation calculator to see what is rightfully yours!

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When Are Croatia Airlines Flight Cancellations Subject to Liability?

Examples of situations in which Croatia Airlines is not liable include flight cancellations brought on by events outside of its control, like bad weather or issues with the airport. Croatian Air will likely classify these events as extraordinary circumstances, which means that passengers won't be able to get a compensation if they miss their flight.

Croatia Airlines (as seen in other airline companies) usually tries to rebook customers on the next available flight at no additional cost in the event of a cancellation. When a flight is canceled, passengers have three options:

  • Take the offered alternative (which often differs considering the airline's current decision).
  • Ask for a different flight.
  • Get a compensation, via the Croatia Airlines compensation claim.

But some circumstances, like airport worker strikes, are beyond everyone's control.

In cases where Croatia Airlines cannot avoid liability, specific actions are outlined in the EU 261 Regulation concerning the rights of air passengers. Passengers have the right to a full refund for the canceled flight or to be accommodated on an alternate flight by Croatia Airlines.

Moreover, travelers may be entitled to compensation of up to €600 per person if they learn of the flight cancellation less than 14 days before the planned departure date. Furthermore, travelers may be eligible for compensation from Croatia Airlines for flight delays if their initial flight is delayed by three hours or longer.

Croatian Air flight compensation includes:

  • Under 1,500 km flights: up to €250 per person
  • Domestic flights within the EU beyond 1,500 km: Up to €400 per person.
  • Up to €400 per person for flights outside the EU between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers.
  • Over 3,500 km non-internal flights within the EU: Up to €600 per person.

Let’s check your compensation amount at Click2Refund’s claim calculator.

What is Croatia Airlines Flight Refund Policy?

Although flight compensation and refunds are two different things, regulations allow passengers to make claims for both under certain circumstances.

Should there be a cancellation, the airline will try to find you a new ticket on a comparable flight. But if rescheduling is not possible, a cancellation refund—that is, a full cash reimbursement—will be given. Generally speaking, your claim would be accepted if there were no exceptional circumstances outside of the airline's control.

You are eligible for a complete ticket refund if Croatia Airlines cancels your flight for unusual reasons, like COVID-19 travel restrictions or a severe illness e g. an outbreak, and no other flight is available.

What are the Types of Ticket Croatia Airlines Reimbursements?

Croatia Airlines offers affected persons two refund options: cash or credit. Either of these must be used to cover the whole refund. Vouchers are acceptable only if you specifically consent to the option. Because of their short expiration dates and possible redemption restrictions, it is not advised to accept vouchers.

Note: You may lose compensation and your ticket refund if Croatia Airlines offers a substitute flight with a similar arrival time and you decide not to accept it.

Please note:

If the replacement flight arrives three hours or more later than your originally scheduled arrival time, you have right to claim compensation. If you decline alternative flights and choose to receive a full refund, you waive your right to compensation.

Am I Still Eligible for Compensation if I travel outside the UK/EU with Croatia Airlines?

Yes, of course. Since Croatia Airlines has its headquarters in Buzin, Croatia, the EU flight compensation regulations apply to all of its flights. Even if you took a Croatia Airlines flight to or from a location outside the UK/EU, like Canada, you are still eligible to file a claim for Croatia Airlines compensation in case of a disruption.

When Do I Claim a Refund for My Cancelled Croatia Airlines Flight?

You can always ask for a ticket refund if your Croatian Air flight is canceled and you decide not to board the alternate flight that the airline is offering. If the airline cannot provide a different flight, you are entitled to a refund.

What should you do during a cancellation or a Croatia Airlines delayed flight?

  • Confirm the reason for the postponement or cancellation.
  • Compile proof, such as pictures, vouchers, expense reports, a booking number for Croatia Airlines, and just about any recipient that would serve as a prove.
  • At the airport, assert your right to basic amenities and services.

What if I Missed the Croatia Airlines Connection Flight Due to Delay or Cancellation?

By UK/EU air passenger rights legislation, you might be qualified for Croatian Air delayed flight compensation if you made both reservations as part of the same booking and the delay or cancellation meets the requirements.

How Long Does it Take to Claim the Croatia Airlines Compensation and Refund?

You have two years, by Croatian law, to claim compensation. However, the time window for filing a claim varies depending on your flight route, so if you were traveling outside of the UK, you have six years to do so.

In order to check your eligibility please fill the Croatia Airlines compensation claim form and our professional legal experts will respond you in minutes.

How Long Does it Take To Get Through the Croatia Airlines Compensation Process?

When travelers submit a claim for flight compensation through the direct channel, it might take months or years (in most cases). It all depends on the hurdles encountered during the process. If the process doesn't involve lawsuits, it is likely to take months, but in a case where a court proceeding is engaged, it will likely take longer. This is another reason you must look out for Click2Refund: airline fund recovery experts with experience.

What Happens in a Situation of Overbooked Flight Compensation?

Whatever your destination, Croatia Airlines offers specific passenger protection against overbooking. Your best bet, though, if you're in Europe, is to file a claim under EC 261. The following are the prerequisites:

  1. Boarding was refused to you against your will. This does not apply to you if you failed to board your flight or did not have the required paperwork.
  2. You had no control over the problem.
  3. You did not offer to give up your seat, frequently in return for miles, gift cards, or other advantages.

Below are the conditions at which you can file a claim in any of these circumstances:

Flight Delay Rights under EC Regulation 261/2004

Passengers traveling from an EU airport or a non-EU airport to an EU destination on an EU airline are subject to EC Regulation 261/2004, published on February 17, 2005. Travelers should be informed that there are some restrictions and exceptions regarding compensation for flight delays.

If extraordinary circumstances result in delays or cancellations, no payment will be given; therefore, these events are inevitable. These circumstances can include unfavorable weather patterns or security worries, like the possibility of a terrorist attack. In these circumstances, passengers will not be entitled to any reimbursement.

However, passengers are entitled to compensation under EU regulations outlined in the regulation if a flight experiences a delay of more than three hours.

In cases where the delay cannot be ascribed to unusual circumstances, this entitlement is applicable. If a passenger's reservation is delayed by more than five hours, they can cancel and receive compensation for the Croatian Air flight delay.

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About  Croatia Airlines

The Republic of Croatia's official airline, Croatia Airlines, was founded in 1989. It is a state-owned enterprise with its main office in Buzin. The airline specializes in both domestic and international travel, with a focus on destinations in Europe. Zagreb International Airport is the main hub for Croatia Airlines, with Dubrovnik, Split, and Zadar as its focal cities. Croatia Airlines is a star alliance member. Jasmin Bajić leads the company as the CEO. Its subsidiaries include Amadeus Croatia D.d., Pleso prijevoz d.o.o. and Obzor Putovanja d.o.o..

Three ATR 42s and two more 737s were added to the airline's fleet in 1993. In parallel, the company opened representative offices in several European cities and purchased the travel agency Obzor, which allowed it to arrange group and individual travel packages. In 1994, the airline celebrated carrying its one-millionth passenger, an important milestone. Notably, Pope John Paul II selected Croatia Airlines for his trip to Croatia in the same year, which enhanced the credibility and reputation of the airline.

Croatia Airlines’ fleet consists of Dash 8 model aircrafts. The average age of the fleet is 13.3 years. The youngest aircraft is the Canadair Regional Jet at 7.1 years old. They rank 11 among 103 airlines operating this type of aircraft. The most common aircraft in the fleet is the Dash 8 with 6 of them at hand. They rank 28 among 117 airlines operating this type of aircraft.