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If your flight with China Eastern Airlines has been disrupted, you may be eligible for compensation of up to €600. China Eastern is one of the largest world-class airlines to have served millions daily across the globe. Though disruptions aren't a common occurrence, they can arise unexpectedly due to various issues.

The good news is that, however, in саse of such problems, раssengers аre entitleԁ to compensation under EC 261 and UK261. Here's everything you need to know regarding your раssenger rights when disruptions hаррen with China Eastern Airlines.

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What Does EU and UK Air Passenger Rights Cover?

EU air passenger rights, EC 261/2004, and UK 261 regulation are two of the most extensive passenger rights in the world. They are meant to ensure airlines like China Eastern Airlines provide adequate care for their passengers and pay them fairly when their trips are affected by flight delays, cancellations, or overbookings.

Under EC 261 and UK-261, passengers are entitled to compensation for:

  • Cancellations
  • Delays over 3 hours
  • Denied boarding

So, which Eastern Airlines Flights are Covered by EC 261 and UK-261?

  • Flights leaving EU and UK airports ✔️ Yes
  • Flights landing at EU and UK airports ❌ No

How Much is Eastern Airlines Flight Compensation?

Distance Compensation
Up to 1,500 km Up to €250 (£220) per person
Flights between 1,500 - 3,500 km Up to €400 (£350) per person
Flights over 3,500 km Up to €600 (£520) per person

China Eastern Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

What Are My Passenger Rights in Case My China Eastern Airlines Flight Was Delayed?

So your China Eastern Airlines flight was delayed - now what? Well, if the delay was more than 3 hours, you may be entitled to compensation of up to €600 (£520). Here's a breakdown of your rights and how to claim what you're owed from China Eastern Airlines.

Check your eligibility with Click2Refund compensation calculator!

How Delay Compensation Works

According to EU Regulation 261/2004 and UK261, if your flight arrives more than 3 hours late at your final destination, you can claim delay compensation from China Eastern Airlines.

The amount you can receive depends on the distance of the flight:

  • Up to €250 for flights under 1,500 km
  • Up to €400 for flights between 1,500-3,500 km
  • Up to €600 for flights over 3,500 km

Exceptions to Delay Compensation

Certain exceptions, however, do exist: you cannot claim compensation for delays resulting from extraordinary circumstances beyond the airline's control--these may include inclement weather, natural disasters, strikes of airport staff, or air traffic issues.

Furthermore, if the airline informs you of a change to your flight 14 days prior or offers an alternative with minimal schedule alterations—no compensation would be applicable in these instances.

If eligible, contact Click2Refund to submit your claim with supporting documents like your booking, boarding pass, and delay proof. We can help you get your compensation from China Eastern Airlines.

China Eastern Airlines Cancellation Compensation

Having a flight canceled by China Eastern Airlines can really put a damper on travel plans. However, it's important that passengers know their options in these situations. Let's break down what rights and potential assistance may be available if your China Eastern flight gets canceled.

What Are My Passenger Rights in Case My China Eastern Airlines Flight Was Canceled?

When a China Eastern flight is canceled, there are a few key passenger rights aimed at reducing hassle:

  1. Timely Information: China Eastern must notify you promptly of the cancellation and explain the reason, along with rebooking or refund options.
  2. Rebooking or Refund: You have the choice between being placed on an alternate flight to your destination or receiving a full refund for your ticket.
  3. Potential Compensation: Depending on the cancellation circumstances, you may qualify for payment from China Eastern. The amount varies based on factors like delay in reaching your final destination and original flight distance.

Cancellation Notification Period

If China Eastern cancels your flight less than 14 days before departure, you qualify for compensation in addition to any refund. That is because it leaves little time to find an alternative.

However, if you receive notification more than 14 days out, you'll still get a full refund but aren't eligible for compensation. The airline does have to put you on an alternate flight, offer vouchers if you accept, or refund you entirely otherwise.

China Eastern Cancellation Compensation Amounts

Similar to delays, cancellation compensation depends on flight length:

  • Up to €250 for flights under 1,500 km
  • Up to €400 for flights between 1,500-3,500 km
  • Up to €600 for flights over 3,500 km

Exceptions include cancellations due to extraordinary circumstances outside an airline's control, like severe weather. You also can't claim payment if offered an alternative that doesn't significantly alter your travel plans.

China Eastern Airlines Overbooking Compensation

What Are My Passenger Rights in Case My China Eastern Airlines Flight Was Overbooked?

Have you ever arrived at the airport only to find out that your China Eastern Airlines flight was overbooked?

Overbooking is when an airline sells more tickets than seats available on a plane. So, when everyone shows up, not everyone can fit in. And if you encounter the problem of overbooking with China Eastern Airlines, here's what you need to know about your rights:

  1. Right to Assistance: As a passenger affected by overbooking, China Eastern needs to help you out. That could mean rebooking you on another flight or giving you compensation based on the details.
  2. Right to Rebooking or Refund: If no seats are available and you get bumped from flying, China Eastern may owe you money. How much depends on factors like delayed arrival time and original flight length.
  3. Right to Compensation: In an overbooking, China Eastern must either put you on a different plane still going to your destination or refund your ticket entirely.

Being overbooked can disrupt plans, but being aware of your passenger protections at least takes some stress out. If no seat is available, China Eastern has to take care of you, so keep those rights in mind, just in case.

Missing Baggage on China Eastern Airlines: What Are My Passenger's Rights

Dealing with lost luggage on a China Eastern Airlines trip adds unwanted stress. So, knowing your rights and the procedures for handling such situations is essential. Let's explore China Eastern Airlines's baggage policies, compensation rights, and tips for resolving missing baggage issues.

Baggage Delivery Policies

China Eastern Airlines commits to delivering passengers' suitcases within 21 days of international flights. While delays can occur, compensation becomes applicable if bags remain lost beyond this timeframe.

Procedures for Missing Luggage

If your baggage goes missing, start by checking baggage claims and then promptly notify China Eastern Airlines. It's crucial to file a Property Irregularity Report for any vanished bags. China Eastern Airlines will take responsibility and pursue the bag's location or its safe return to the final destination.

Your Compensation Rights

In the unfortunate event of missing baggage, passengers may be entitled to compensation for various incurred costs, including:

  • Essential toiletries and clothing purchased during the waiting period for the bag's return.
  • Expenses for replacing permanently lost items such as medications, electronics, or personal belongings of sentimental value.
  • Any shipping fees incurred if the bag is ultimately delivered to an address different from the intended destination.

China Eastern Airlines may provide an initial nominal sum to cover immediate needs while determining responsibility for the lost bag. However, passengers will need to provide receipts to support additional expenditure claims later on. Despite the frustration of baggage issues, it's essential to know your rights and follow the defined claims procedure to improve the chances of a swift and fair compensation.

How Much Time Do I Have to Claim Compensation and Refunds from China Eastern Airlines?

Passengers have strict deadlines to adhere to when seeking financial remedies from China Eastern Airlines due to flight disruptions.

For delays, cancellations, or denied boarding:

  • Under EU Regulation (EC) No 261/2004, you have 3 years.
  • Under UK Regulation 261/2004 (UK261), you have 6 years.

After this point, airlines are no longer obligated to process payment requests. Check Click2Refund’s blog about time limits.

If claiming a refund for a canceled flight booking from China Eastern, most tickets set an annual time limit of 1 year from the date of issuance to get reimbursed. It is printed on the ticket itself. However, many countries' laws may enforce even shorter refund deadlines ranging from 4-6 months, depending on circumstances.

For delayed baggage returns resulting in fees like replacement purchases, China Eastern gives passengers 21 days to file lost luggage reports and initiate claims before liability expires. Supporting documents like receipts must be provided within 2 months as well. Failure to meet these requirements could void your right to reimbursements.

It's important passengers are aware of these finite claim windows to protect their legal entitlements to compensation. Missing deadlines leaves no recourse but potentially costly out-of-pocket expenses from disruptive flight experiences.

Claiming Compensation with China Eastern Airlines: Make Claims Simple with Click2Refund

If you have faced any disruption with China Eastern Airlines, you're entitled to request reimbursement. Be sure to gather documents showing your booking and the disruption to aid any potential claim. Staying organized can help your case.

Filling out forms and going back and forth directly with airlines can turn a simple delay claim into a headache. So, let Click2Refund handle all the hassle for you.

Just provide the basics about your trip issue. Our representatives will then communicate directly with the airline on your behalf. All the paperwork and follow-ups are taken care of, saving you time and stress.

Best of all, our assistance is especially helpful for situations involving language barriers or complex disruptions. Let us do the legwork - you get your due compensation without fuss. And it's truly the most effective way to seek financial relief from China Eastern Airlines disruptions.

How Long Will the Compensation Claims Process Take?

Once you submit your completed claim form along with all supporting documentation with Click2Refund, the process will move forward. However, timelines can vary depending on the specific details of your experience and how responsive the airline is.

In general, here are some typical stages you may see:

  • Eligibility Review: Within an hour, the claim will be assessed to determine if you meet the criteria under passenger rights laws and regulations.
  • Carrier Contact: Your claim is then forwarded to China Eastern Airlines for a response, which they have 30 days to provide. However, processing often takes longer.
  • Negotiation: If compensation is not offered, it may take 4-6 weeks of discussion to reach a settlement agreement. Court proceedings could extend this to 3 months or more.
  • Payment: Once an agreement is finalized, it typically takes China Eastern Airlines 1-2 weeks to issue the payment to close out the claim.

While timelines can slip, most cases conclude within 3-4 months when the carrier cooperates. But if you don't receive an update within a reasonable period, don't hesitate to inquire about the status of your claim. Pursuing your rightful compensation is essential to make you financially whole again after travel disruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What if my flight was delayed/canceled due to the airline's strike - can I still claim compensation?

A: No, if the disruption were directly caused by industrial action like a strike involving China Eastern Airlines employees, it would likely be considered an extraordinary circumstance outside their control. You would not be eligible for EU flight delay compensation.

Q: What supporting documents do I need to claim compensation?

A: Key documents include your flight booking confirmation and boarding pass, as well as proof of the disruption, such as emails or text message notifications from the airline. Keep all originals and photographs in case the airline requests copies for verification.

Q: How can I check if my canceled/delayed flight qualifies me for compensation?

A: Visit a website like Click2Refund that can input your flight details and check your eligibility based on regulations. They'll also guide you through submitting a claim to receive what you're owed from China Eastern Airlines.

About  China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines was founded in 1988 by China Eastern Air Holding Company in China - PRC. China Eastern Airlines’s headquarters are currently located in Shanghai and the main base in Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. China Eastern Airlines is not a star alliance member. The company has 3 stars on Skytrax rating. Liu Shaoyong leads the company as the CEO. Its subsidiaries include Shanghai Airlines, China United Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Eastern Aircraft Maintenance Limited, China Eastern Airlines, Joy Air, China Cargo Airlines and China Eastern Airlines.

China Eastern Airlines employs more than 80,000 employees worldwide and operates a mainline fleet of more than 501 aircraft. It has declared $ 15,166,000,000 in revenue. China Eastern Airlines offers service to 217 destinations and they have carried more than 110.8 million passengers in 2017. Peking-Jakarta,Peking-Seoul,Peking-Hanoi,Kuala Lumpur-Peking,Phuket-Guangzhou,Shanghai-Taipei are some of the main flight destinations.

China Eastern Airlines’s fleet consists of Airbus A320 model aircrafts. The average age of the fleet is 5.7 years. The youngest aircrafts are the Boeing 777 at 2.6 years old. They rank 3 among 67 airlines operating this type of aircraft. The most common aircraft in the fleet is the Airbus A320 with 185 of them at hand. They rank 93 among 259 airlines operating this type of aircraft.

China Eastern Airlines have 1 accident reports to date. The most recent one is in 1983 at Fuzhou, China with McDonnell Douglas MD-80/90 aircraft.

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