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Since Air Europa airline is headquartered in the European Union (EU), Air Europa ensures that most of the flights it operates are protected by EC 261 Regulation, an internationally known law that protects passengers' rights on flights.

The entitlement of passengers to compensation in the event of flight delays, cancellations, or overbookings, especially those for which they are not responsible for, is established by EC 261 regulation. Passengers can also make compensation claims for past flights; these claims can typically cover travel within the last five years in Spain. The time limit may change according to the jurisdiction country in the EU.

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What Did the EU Regulations Say About Air Passenger Rights and Flight Compensation?

To understand how this works, you must also accept that airlines, just like Air Europa, may encounter flight delays despite their best efforts. In cases like this, passengers' rights are bound to be protected in case of an Air Europa flight delay.

The vast majority of Air Europa's flights are governed by the internationally acclaimed EC 261 law, which upholds the rights of travelers in aviation. This protection clause is always upheld because Air Europa operates within the European Union.

So, under this EC Regulation 261, passengers who, through no fault of their own, fall victim to these delays, cancellations, or overbookings are entitled to Air Europa delayed flight compensation. But mind you, airlines may not be required to compensate passengers in some exceptional circumstances, like bad weather or problems at the airport that are considered as extraordinary circumstances– most of these events are usually out of management's control.

But if the said event that caused the delay stems from technical problems or airline employees' strikes, you will probably qualify for reimbursement under Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004. Additionally, you normally have five years to file a claim for compensation for a delayed flight with Air Europa.

Flight Cancellation: What will I do if my Air Europa flight is Canceled?

This is usually the confusing part for most air passengers. The following European air passenger rights are clearly stated if an Air Europa flight is canceled: If you would rather not take Air Europa's conveyance to your location, they must refund you. You can be eligible for reimbursement up to €600 per person if you get a cancellation notice fewer than 14 days before your planned trip.

Air Europa has this culture of usually rebooking the customers on another trip at no additional expense. You can ask for other adjustments if the suggested substitute does not meet your needs or if you change your mind not to continue with the planned trip. Payments are only needed if Air Europa can arrange a replacement flight that fits into the original itinerary.

This makes sense since it guarantees you arrive at your location with the least amount of inconvenience to your plans. Nonetheless, you might as well decide to sue the airline for reimbursement in the event of last-minute cancellations, a path few passengers have followed. The rights above and compensation might not be available when the airline is not at fault for the cancellation.

What if I was Still At Home When the Cancellation Took Place?

We have seen many situations like this, but do not worry; a replacement flight will be available. However, they are not always confident when it will be available nevertheless. It might occur on the same day or perhaps on a different day.

The rules don't change, even if your flight is canceled because of unforeseeable events like bad weather. On the other hand, you can choose to obtain a complete Air Europa reimbursement, which will be transferred to your bank account within a week.

Also, understand that Air Europa's cancellation policy does not affect these EU-mandated regulations. So, it would help if you were prepared to choose between requesting a refund or taking a different flight. But if the cancelation is their fault, you might also be qualified for compensation.

Please Note:

Passengers are entitled to a full refund of their ticket price if an Air Europa flight is canceled and passengers decide not to fly with an alternative booking provided by the airline. Also, know that with flexible tickets from the airline, you can change your flight's date later with little additional expense.

How Much is the Air Europa Flight Compensation?

The distance determines Air Europa flight delay compensation traveled, as outlined in EC Regulation 261:

  • Up to €250 per passenger for any flights under 1,500 kilometers.
  • Over 1,500 km domestic flights within the EU: up to €400 per person.
  • Between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers of non-internal flights: Up to €400 per person.
  • Flights over 3,500 kilometers: up to €600 per person.

What’s the Air Europa Flight Refund Policy Like?

In this case, the Air Europa compensation also requires the airline to help you rebook a similar flight if there is a cancellation. But in a (rare) situation where rebooking is not possible, you will be eligible for a complete cash refund. Unless extraordinary circumstances are out of the airline's control, your claim is likely to be successful.

You can get a full refund for your Air Europa ticket if the airline cancels your journey for extraordinary reasons like an outbreak, such as COVID-19 travel restrictions or equivalent, and no substitute flight is provided. This is because the originally scheduled flights were not available.

Refunds for tickets can be of two types: full refunds, which need to be given in cash or credit, and vouchers, which are only allowed if you specifically consent to them. This is where we advise that vouchers, however, should not be accepted because of their short expiration dates and possible redemption limitations.

How Do you Claim Compensation for a Delayed Air Europa Flight?

Before we break it down here, we must state that applying for your compensation claim through the Air Europa compensation claim form can work, but there are better ways to do it. This is because it will take time and be a bureaucratic process.

This is why we’d recommend you take advantage of specialists in the field. These people understand the legal process involved in helping you claim your rightfully deserved compensation as fast as possible. And this is where Click2Refund comes in.

Click2Refund is poised to take care of all the legal details on your behalf, expediting and simplifying the procedure for you.

How Much Delay Does it Take to Be Eligible for an Air Europa Compensation?

Should your Air Europa aircraft experience a three-hour or longer delay at the airport of your planned destination (within the same reservation), you may be eligible for compensation. However, depending on the length of the delay and the distance of the flight, the amount of Compensation may change. To determine whether you are eligible for Compensation for your Air Europa flight, use the Click 2 Refund flight delay compensation calculator.

What if it's a Long Delay?

The truth is, sometimes it can get messy. As in, the delay can go way more than expected. In this situation, you can be qualified for free lodging. For example, your airline must help you if your flight is the following day and you must wait at the airport. They must provide free hotel accommodations and prepare for free hotel transportation by requirements. Mind you, nobody is excluded from this service; you must be an Air Europa passenger to be eligible.

What’s the Situation if the Fault is From Air Europa?

Because they are preventable, situations like this, such as a staffing shortage or technological difficulties, are usually considered the airline's fault. Thus, you might qualify for reimbursement for EU travel delays in those circumstances.

You may qualify for airfare compensation if there have been any delays on your flight. You might need to take the easier path: reach out to Click2Refund.

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This airline was originally part of the British ILG-Air Europe Group, having been founded in 1986 under the name Air España SA. Spanish banks owned 75% of the company when it began operations. The airline flew Boeing 737-300s and Boeing 757s on holiday charters, primarily out of European towns and resorts in the Mediterranean.

The airline is based in Llucmajor, Mallorca, Spain, and it uses Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport as its main hub. Palma de Mallorca Airport and Tenerife North Airport are used for additional target city operations. With more than 44 destinations in Spain, Europe, South America, North America, the Caribbean, Morocco, and Tunisia, Air Europa has proven to deliver world-class air transport services on several occasions.