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With its main office in Dossobuono, Villafranca di Verona, Air Dolomiti S.P.A. is an Italian regional airline associated with Lufthansa Regional. The airline's operational hubs are Verona Villafranca Airport, Florence Peretola Airport, and Airline's Arco Polo Airport. Munich and Frankfurt Airports in Germany serve as additional focus cities.

Air Dolomiti, a fully-owned subsidiary of Lufthansa, facilitates connections between Munich, Frankfurt, and other Italian destinations. Air Dolomiti is a company that operates under its name and specializes in routes from Italian locations to Munich and Frankfurt. Many of its services are provided through codeshare agreements with Lufthansa. As of February 2021, the airline operated out of Frankfurt and Munich airports, serving 14 locations throughout Italy and Europe.

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What is Air Dolomiti Compensation, And How Does It Work, As Recommended By EC 261?

If you experience Air Dolomiti flight delay or cancellation, you may be qualified for compensation up to €600 for each passenger.

To get your compensation, you don't have to understand Air Dolomiti's compensation or refund policies; you need the right people to help you sort it out, and that's where Click2Refund should come in. Europe has established explicit rights for air passengers to deter last-minute flight cancellations, delays or overbookings as stated in EC 261 regulation. Regarding flight cancellations in particular, airlines such as Air Dolomiti must reimburse impacted passengers up to €600 if a flight is canceled fewer than 14 days before the scheduled departure, or delayed more than 3 hours, or overbooked.

Let’s add, that the main idea behind defending airline passengers’ rights is linked to the EU regulation EC261. In the event of a significant flight delay, cancellation or overbooking airlines are required by this regulation to compensate passengers.

What Qualifies You For A Dolomiti Compensation Claims?

  • Air Dolomiti Flight Delay: If your flight experienced a delay of 3 hours or more upon reaching your final destination.
  • Air Dolomiti Flight Cancellation: If Air Dolomiti canceled your flight and provided notification less than 14 days before the scheduled departure.
  • Overbooking: If you were denied boarding due to overbooking. This means the airline sold tickets to more people than the seats can accommodate.
  • Missed Connecting Flight: If you missed a connecting flight due to a delay in one of the airline fleets, your arrival at the final destination will be delayed by 3 hours or more.


If your flight experienced a delay of less than 4 hours, the overall compensation amount might be decreased by 50%.

What Does The EU Air Passenger Rights Say About Delay Compensations?

Passengers traveling with Air Dolomiti enjoy complete protection under EC 261, Europe's comprehensive air passenger rights, since the airline has its headquarters in Europe. EC 261 regulation applies to all Air Dolomiti flights originating at or arriving in European airports.

This guarantees that travelers are taken care of in the event of flight delays, cancellations, or overbooking; in some cases, compensation may be available. Most importantly, travelers can still make claims for previous flights; these claims are frequently accepted for flights that occurred within the last three years.

Air Dolomiti Flights That are Covered By EC 261

There are just two types of flights that are covered by the EC 261:

  • Flights that depart from airports in the European Union (E.U.).
  • Flights that arrive in airports in the European Union (E.U.).

How Much is the Air Dolomiti Flight Compensation?

The compensation all depends on the distance. Air Dolomiti delayed flight compensation, as stipulated by the EU regulations, include:

  • All flights covering a distance of less than 1,500 km – get up to €250 per person.
  • Domestic EU flights surpassing 1,500 km – get up to €400 per person.
  • Non-domestic EU flights range from 1,500 to 3,500 km – get up to €400 per person.
  • Non-domestic EU flights exceeding 3,500 km – get up to €600 per person.

When is An Air Dolomiti Passenger Eligible For Compensation Claims?

According to Air Dolomiti, a flight is considered to be in extraordinary circumstances if it is canceled because of situations outside of its control, like bad weather or problems at the airport. Passengers are not entitled to compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight with Air Dolomiti in these circumstances.

In the event of a cancellation, airlines usually try to reschedule impacted passengers on the next available flight without charging extra. If none of the alternatives suit their needs, passengers can accept the suggested alternate flight, request a different replacement, or request reimbursement.

How Does The Air Dolomiti Reimbursement Policy Work?

Aviation laws regulate flight compensation and refunds as separate concepts. Rules allow passengers to be eligible for payment and a refund if a flight is canceled. Airlines will try to rebook passengers on a similar flight in case of a cancellation.

A cancellation refund guarantees a complete cash reimbursement if it becomes impossible to rebook. Unless there are exceptional circumstances outside of the airline's control, a claim for such compensation and refund would be successful.

What Happens To Passenger's Tickets During an Air Dolomiti Flight Cancellation?

Passengers are entitled to a full ticket refund if Air Dolomiti cancels a flight for unusual reasons (such as outbreaks or travel restrictions imposed by Covid) and no replacement flight is offered. This is because the flights that were scheduled initially were not provided.

It's crucial to remember that vouchers are only acceptable if expressly agreed upon and that the entire refund should be given in cash or credit. It is not advised to accept vouchers because of their short expiration dates and possible redemption limitations.


Air Dolomiti provides a substitute flight with an equivalent arrival time. If the traveler decides not to accept it, they may forfeit their entitlement to compensation.

Are Passengers Eligible For Air Dolomiti Compensation After An Overbooking?

More often than most people think, overbooking can cause last-minute disruptions to an average passenger’s plans. More tickets are frequently sold by airlines than there are available seats on the aircraft. Travelers might be forcibly prevented from boarding if more people volunteer to give up their reservations.

Airlines must look for volunteers to give up their seats if a flight is overbooked and every passenger shows up. They may offer coupons, miles, or other incentives in exchange. Airlines must only allow some passengers to board to allow the plane to take off if volunteers are found. Passengers can receive up to 600 EUR in flight compensation if denied boarding.

What Situation Can Lead To Air Dolomiti Denying Their Passengers Compensation?

The airline is not at fault when a flight is delayed or canceled due to extraordinary circumstances. You might not be eligible for flight compensation if any of the following events apply to the delay or cancellation of your Air Dolomiti flight (note: this list is not exhaustive):

  • Adverse weather, like dense fog, flood, or thunderstorms.
  • A strike, usually in the aviation sector (for example, a walkout by air traffic controllers at a particular airport). A strike by the airline's employees is not considered unusual, though.
  • Political events, like a terrorist attack or a political upheaval that poses a threat to public safety.
  • Natural catastrophes, such as hurricanes and volcanic eruptions.
  • A sick or disruptive passenger;
  • A collision between the aircraft and birds or other foreign objects.
  • Delays in flights brought on by airport employees, such as abnormally long lines at security checkpoints.


Passengers who are 3 hours late get up to 600 EUR in the Air Dolomiti compensation plan.

How Long Can Affected Passengers Wait To Get Their Compensation?

How long the flight delay to get a compensation depends on the service the victims used. Interestingly, when travelers use Click2Refund to file for flight compensation and rebates, they usually get their money back in a few weeks or months.

Secondly, Air Dolomiti is a regional airline in Germany and Italy, and each nation's laws govern the time frame for filing a claim for flight compensation. It is also necessary to add that Italian passengers have up to two years to file a claim for reimbursement; in Germany, however, they have up to three years after the said flight disruption.


It's crucial to remember that the airline might occasionally try to delay or avoid these payment requests from customers, taking advantage of the fact that customers frequently lack legal support in such circumstances. Another reason to use a specialist again, Click2Refund to the rescue.
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About  Air Dolomiti

Air Dolomiti was founded in 1991 by Lufthansa in Italy. Air Dolomiti’s headquarters are currently located in Dossobuono and the main base in Verona Airport. Air Dolomiti is a star alliance member. Joerg Eberhart leads the company as the CEO.

Air Dolomiti employs more than 536 employees worldwide and operates a mainline fleet of more than 12 aircraft. It has declared $ 200,650,000 in revenue. Air Dolomiti offers service in 11 countries.

Air Dolomiti’s fleet consists of Embraer 190/195 model aircrafts. The average age of the fleet is 7.8 years. The youngest aircrafts are the Embraer 190/195 at 7.8 years old. They rank 34 among 63 airlines operating this type of aircraft. The most common aircraft in the fleet is the Embraer 190/195 with 12 of them at hand. They rank 34 among 63 airlines operating this type of aircraft.