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From minor delays to cancelled flights, flying with any airline, including AirBaltic, can come with several uncertainties. And as an Air Baltic passenger — it's essential to know your rights covered by EU regulations in case of various travel disruption.

If you experience a delay or flight cancellation while flying with Air Baltic, EC 261 regulations might entitle you to extra compensation - potentially up to €600. To check your eligibility for Air Baltic flight delay or cancellation compensation, input your flight details in our online tool.

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What are my Passengers' rights with Air Baltic?

EU Regulation 261/2004 secures your rights when you travel on AirBaltic within, to, or from the EU, and also with any European airline. This rule guarantees the airline's assistance and potential compensation if they delay or cancel your flight.

No one wants delays or cancellations to happen. But if they do, the goal of these rules is to take care of passengers and give us choices. Knowing these rules can help you understand what help and support you can ask for when your flight runs into trouble. Let's explore entitlements and claim processes together.

Air Baltic Flight Delay Compensation: What Are My Passengers Rights

According to European legislation 261/2004, a delay is considered to have occurred when an arrival is over 3 hours past the scheduled time. However, only delays entirely within the airline's control qualify passengers for financial reimbursement under EU regulations.

Your Compensation Rights

If a flight is delayed beyond the limits due to factors like mechanical issues or staffing problems, you may be entitled to monetary payment depending on delay length and flight distance. The specific eligibility conditions and reimbursement amounts are outlined below:

  • Short flights (under 1,500km) delayed 3 hours or more = €250
  • Medium flights (1,500-3,500km) delayed 3 hours or more = €400
  • Long flights (over 3,500km) delayed 4 or more hours = €600
  • Long flights (over 3,500km) delayed between 3-4 hours = €300

It's important to understand the conditions that trigger compensation, so you're aware if a delay on your Air Baltic flight makes you eligible. Keep boarding passes and documents as proof of the delay duration.

What To Do If Delayed

Notify Air Baltic staff at the airport of any expenses like hotels or meals due to a long delay. Retain receipts for inclusion in your compensation claim. Most importantly, be patient - delays are outside your control, though compensation makes the wait time frustration worthwhile.

If you find yourself in the situation of a significantly delayed Air Baltic flight, then you should consider claiming compensation from the airline. Click2Refund handles all types of flight delay and cancellation claims. Contact us for more details.

What documents are needed?

To submit a claim, you need your flight booking details, boarding passes as proof of delay, and receipts for any expenses during the delay like meals, hotels, transportation etc.

Air Baltic Flight Cancellation Compensation: What Are My Passengers Rights

Nothing ruins travel plans like finding your flight cancelled. Airlines strive to avoid this, but disruptions do happen occasionally. It's helpful to understand AirBaltic's cancellation policies and your rights in this undesirable scenario.

Air Baltic's Cancellation Policy

If adverse weather, strikes, or other factors require cancelling a confirmed scheduled flight, Air Baltic pledges to book all passengers on alternative flights that same day if possible. Regardless of cause, certain entitlements then apply.

Your Cancellation Rights

If Air Baltic fails to provide at least two weeks' notice for cancelling a flight, passengers are due monetary compensation per European laws. Amounts vary based on flight length.

  • For flights up to 1,500 kilometers: €250.
  • For flights between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers: €400.
  • For flights exceeding 3,500 kilometers: €600.

Compensation can be given in different ways like cash, bank transfer, check or your preference. Options include getting vouchers or services, but only if you agree. It's important to know you always have the right to take cash instead if preferred. You pick the method.

Refund and Re-routing

Other than compensation, you have two other options available if your flight is delayed by more than five hours. These options are: Refund or Re-route.

  • Firstly, instead of any compensation, you can obtain a complete refund of your ticket price if you wish not to continue with your journey due to the lengthy delay.
  • Secondly, if you still want to reach your destination, the airline must work to get you there. This might be of the next available flight -- straight away or at some future date more convenient to you.

What To Do If Your Flight is Cancelled

Now, what should be your next step when you come to know about your delay? Request info right away on all options to reach your destination, whether that same day or in the following days. Keep receipts for accommodation, meals, transport, and any other expenses, if rerouting extends your trip. Within 2 years, use evidence like confirmation emails and boarding passes to claim appropriate reimbursement from Air Baltic for cancellation hassles. The time limit differs according to the jurisdiction country.

Air Baltic Denied Boarding Compensation: What Are My Passenger's Rights

Nobody plans on getting stranded at the airport, but overbooked flights may result in denied boarding despite verified reservations. If this happens to you on Air Baltic, familiarize yourself with entitlements and the next steps.

What is Denied Boarding?

Air Baltic considers boarding to be denied when they are unable to provide a seat for which you have a valid reservation and checked in on schedule.

Your Compensation Rights

If no volunteers accept remuneration for relinquishing their reservations, AirBaltic staff must deny boarding to passengers against their will. In this scenario, you are due monetary payment under EU law.

Here are the compensation amounts:

  • Flights under 1,500km: €250
  • Flights 1,500-3,500km: €400
  • Flights over 3,500km: €600

What To Do If Bumped

Inform staff immediately that you wish to be compensated. Seek assistance with booking the next available flight at no extra cost. Obtain hotel and meal vouchers if overtime is needed at the airport. Follow up by claiming reimbursement owed within two years

Missing Baggage on Air Baltic: What Are My Passenger's Rights

Missing bags is stressful, but regulations exist to help travelers. Let's explore baggage policies, compensation rights, and tips for reunions or reimbursement when flying Air Baltic.

Baggage Delivery Policies

Air Baltic pledges to deliver suitcases within 21 days of international flights. Delays can happen, but compensation kicks in if bags remain lost beyond this point.

Procedures for Missing Luggage

First, check baggage claims, then notify Air Baltic and file a Property Irregularity Report for any vanished bags. They'll pursue the airline or final destination responsibly.

Your Compensation Rights

In the event one's suitcase goes astray, common costs incurred that can be claimed include:

  • Essential toiletries and clothing purchased during the waiting period before the bag's return.
  • Charges for replacing permanently lost contents such as medicines, electronics, or irreplaceable personal items.
  • Any shipping fees if the bag is ultimately delivered to an alternate address from one's destination.

Air Baltic may provide a nominal sum upfront for immediate needs while responsibility for the bag is being determined. Receipts will be required to substantiate larger expenditure claims later on. While baggage issues are frustrating, know your rights. Using preventative measures, patience, and the defined claims procedure improves chances of reunion or fair compensation when flying with Air Baltic experiences mishaps.

How long until a bag is "lost"?

Three weeks without locating it is considered lost by regulations.

How Much Time Do I Have to Claim Compensation and Refunds from AirBaltic?

If issues like delays or cancellations happen on your Air Baltic flight, it's helpful to understand the deadlines for seeking repayment. Timeframes can vary in certain countries (i.e. 1 year in Poland; 2 years in Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia; 3 years in Germany, Finland; 5 years in Greece, Hungary, Spain).

If departing from or arriving in the United Kingdom, you actually have up to six full years to put in a request. Scotland is an exception, granting five years instead.

Location plays a role since compensation guidelines consider laws where the travel started and finished in addition to rules for Air Baltic's home base. So be sure not to delay in situations that leave you owed funds or reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs. Submitting promptly after travel disruptions eases the process.

Claiming Delay Compensation

Now that you know about your rights, the big question is how to follow through and collect your rightful compensation. While you can file directly with Air Baltic, we highly recommend using the Click2Refund service instead.

Making Claims Simple with Click2Refund

Filing compensation requests with Air Baltic directly can involve time-consuming forms and back-and-forth communication. Click2Refund makes the process a breeze by handling all the back-and-forth for you at zero cost.

Simply submit your details. Click2Refund experts then interact directly with Air Baltic on your behalf. We submit the formal request, gather any extra details needed, and ensure prompt processing according to regulations.

Best of all, Click2Refund services are especially helpful for addressing language barriers or complex disruptions, too. By letting Click2Refund do the heavy lifting, affected travelers gain compensation due with minimum fuss. It's the simplest path to financial relief from Air Baltic trip disruptions!

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Air Baltic was founded in 1995 by the Government of Latvia in Latvia. Air Baltic's headquarters are currently located in Latvia, and the main base in Riga International Airport. Air Baltic is not a Star Alliance member, and as Latvia's national airline, they are the largest in the Baltic region. Air Baltic subsidiaries include Air Baltic Cargo and Air Baltic Sia Training Centre Holdings.

Martin Gauss leads the company as the CEO. They only operate their own flights but also work with some other airlines through codeshares, like Lufthansa from Germany and Etihad from the Middle East. The airline employs over 2,200 people total. Their fleet consists of 46 Airbus planes that fly to around 100 destinations across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

All the planes in their fleet are A220 models, which are very new with an average age of just 2.7 years. The A220 is considered one of the most advanced and fuel efficient planes available, with less fuel used and noise produced. AirBaltic ranks number 1 out of 12 airlines that fly this type. It's also their most common plane, as they have 46 of them. This makes their fleet consist solely of the A220.