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Airlines work hard to stick to their customers’ initial schedules, but some Air Arabia flight problems still happen occasionally. If you’ve booked a flight with Air Arabia and experienced flight delays or cancellations, you need to be fully informed of your rights in compensation and reimbursement.

If you are eligible for Air Arabia compensation, EU and UK regulations - the reference for the protection of air passenger rights - state your entitlement of up to €600 (£520) when an Air Arabia flight is delayed by 3 hours or more.

Click2Refund seeks to make the experience as flexible as possible and guarantees full refunds from Air Arabia airline to their eligible customers.

Use our free calculation tool to determine your compensation amount.

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What Is EU261 and UK261 Law?

EU Regulation 261/2004 and UK261 are the primary European framework that sets out standard guidelines for compensation for passengers' rights in the event of flight problems with Air Arabia.

With these laws in place, passengers can claim compensation for delayed or cancelled flights if their flight departs from an EU or UK airport and experienced significant disruptions.

EU261 and UK261 have assisted many travellers in receiving reimbursement from Air Arabia after being affected by flight delays or cancellations.

My Flight With Air Arabia Just Got Delayed: What To Do?

Are you panicking over your delayed flight with Air Arabia? Don’t worry; just follow our simple, guide step by step to handle the situation probably.

  1. First and most importantly, hold your boarding cards, and any other travel documents related to the airline.
  2. Ask about the reasons behind the delay and gather as much proof as possible.
  3. Make a note of the arrival time at your destination.
  4. The airline should offer you snacks and refreshments on their own depending on the waiting time. However, you can ask for some in case they didn’t offer you any and take a picture of all the receipts you get.
  5. Don’t sign on any paper or make any agreements that may waive your rights for compensation.
  6. If the flight is delayed for more than five hours, you can choose whether to wait or leave the airport. If the delay leads to you staying overnight, the airline must provide two options:
    • Offer accommodation and cover transport expenses from and back to the airport.
    • Give you reimbursement for the transport if you are flying from your city and heading to spend the night at your house.
  7. When you eventually arrive at your destination, note the exact time of arrival and check if your delayed flight is eligible for compensation.

Am I Eligible For Air Arabia Flight Delay Compensation?

In order to be fully qualified for compensation, you must fulfill two crucial requirements:

  1. Your flight should be delayed for more than 3 hours after the originally scheduled and advertised arrival time before you can claim Air Arabia compensation.
  2. Your flight leaves from an EU or UK airport.

Under Which Circumstances Are Flight Delays Not Covered Under EC 261 and UK261?

Delays that last less than three hours.

The moment the plane is parked at the gate and the door is opened, not when the wheels hit the ground, it is considered to have arrived.

It's crucial to be exact because there may occasionally be a gap of fifteen minutes or more.

Extraordinary Circumstances

Unfortunately, "extraordinary circumstances" are frequently the cause of flight delays. This means that passengers are not entitled to compensation and the interruption is not considered the airline's fault. These circumstances consist of, but are not restricted to

  • Bad weather;
  • Strikes at airports or unions;
  • Strikes by birds;
  • Air traffic controller restrictions (such as runway closure);
  • Political and social instability;
  • Airport security dangers and risks.

You've undoubtedly noticed that this list does not include technical issues. It is the responsibility of each airline to maintain the functionality and condition of its aircraft. As a result, if a mechanical problem causes your flight to be delayed, you have the right to reimbursement.

It's also crucial to remember that not all strikes are now regarded as instances of force majeure. As per the 2018 European Court of Justice ruling, the carrier bears the obligation of handling internal "wildcat strikes" initiated by airline staff due to the airline's reorganization. If an airline experiences a delay due to this cause, they will have to provide compensation.

Amount Of Air Arabia Flight Delay Compensation I Am Eligible For

The amount of compensation you are eligible for depends on your flight distance. Check the detailed table mentioned below to determine how much Air Arabia delayed flight reimbursement you could get, depending on the flight itinerary:

Less than 3 hours Between 3 - 4 hours More than 4 hours Distance
0 € € 250 € 220 All flights up to 1500 km
0 € € 400 € 350 All flights between 1500 km and 3500 km
0 € € 300 € 520 All flights over 3500 km

Remember the following two situations:

The compensation sum may be reduced to half if the flight distance exceeds 3500 km and the delay is between three and four hours (i.e., you will receive €300 instead of €600).

Additional entitlement to food, refreshments and other offers

As mentioned previously in this article, when a flight delay leads to overnight staying you must be provided with accommodation and transportation to and from the airport.

Upgrading and downgrading

In case you are offered a substitute for your delayed flight and are lucky enough to get an upgrade, Air Arabia isn’t obligated to pay any extra expenses. On the other hand, if the class you are offered is lower than your original one, you can get reimbursement of between 30-75% of the original price paid.

Further compensation

Your entitlement to future compensation remains unaffected, even if you get compensation under EC 261 and UK261.

In situations where travellers have voluntarily given up their reservations, this provision is not applicable.

Obligation to inform passengers of their rights

Airlines are obliged to inform passengers about their rights and the content of EC 261 and UK261. You can check your rights to be completely aware of them.

Air Arabia Cancelled Flight Compensation

Heading to the airport, prepared for travel with your luggage packed... just to see the red blinking "cancelled" indicator on the departures board next to your flight. Have you had this experience before? If so, you are aware of the disappointment that comes with having to adjust your post-arrival plans.

Unfortunately, these circumstances are surprising and frequently happen to passengers. The only benefit of a flight cancellation, as a passenger, you are entitled to compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004 and UK261 laws.

Click2Refund is committed to supporting travellers in obtaining their rightful Air Arabia cancelled flight compensation and guiding them through all associated legal processes to finally get their reimbursements back.

We will handle all of the paperwork and forms, so you won't have to worry about contacting the airline or handling other things. To find out if you qualify to the refunds, try our free compensation calculator.

Am I Eligible For Cancelled Flight Compensation With Air Arabia?

If your Air Arabia flight is cancelled you can get compensation under the following conditions:

  1. You are notified about your flight cancellation less than 14 days before the originally scheduled departure, and the airline doesn’t offer an alternative flight within a reasonable timeframe.
  2. Your flight is scheduled to depart from an EU or UK country.
  3. The airline is responsible for the disruption. If your flight is cancelled because of out-of-hand circumstances; like dangerous weather or a bird strike, you won’t be compensated but you are still entitled to a replacement flight or a refund if you choose not to take your trip.

Cancelled Flight Refunds From Air Arabia

The amount of compensation you’re entitled to varies depending on:

  • When the flight was cancelled
  • The distance of the flight
  • The departure and arrival times of the rescheduled flight

If the airline provides you with a replacement for your cancelled flight and you have to wait long enough, you have access to the:

  • Food and drink
  • Phone calls and emails
  • Accommodation if you’re delayed overnight, as well as journeys between the airport and the hotel
Flight Distance Compensation
Less than 1,500km € 250 (£220)
1,500km to 3,500km € 400 (£350)
More than 3,500km € 600 (£ 520)

Overbooked Flight or Denied Boarding Compensation

An overbooked flight occurs when an airline sells more seats than are available on the aircraft. This happens because not all ticketed passengers show up, leaving empty seats. Airlines view this as a missed opportunity to make additional profit

If a passenger doesn't show up, the airline doesn't have to refund their ticket, so selling the seat again means double revenue.

To maximize profits, airlines overbook flights, aiming for a balance where no one is affected. But when the number of people showing up for check-in is more than the number of seats available, some passengers would be denied boarding because the flight is overbooked.

Will I be Compensated Over My Denied Boarding?

According to EU Regulation 261/2004 (EC261) and UK261, passengers have the right to receive Air Arabia reimbursements for such situations as long as the denial of boarding is involuntary.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim For My Overbooked Flight?

The applicable compensation amount varies based on the distance travelled. Take into consideration that compensation increases with distance:

  • €220 for flights under 1,500 km
  • €350 for flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km
  • Up to €520 for distances exceeding 3,500 km

On-Time Performance Of Air Arabia

  • Punctuality recognition: Based on flight frequency and on-time performance, Air Arabia, the budget airline of the United Arab Emirates, was voted the most punctual airline in the Moscow Domodedovo Airport punctuality competition in 2021. In the Foreign Airlines with more than seven flights per week category, the airline overtook competitors worldwide.
  • On-time arrival rate: With its significant effort to improve its performance, Air Arabia could eventually in July 2019 achieve an 81.2% rate upon arrival of their flights. On the other hand, a few cancellations occurred at the rate of 1.6%.

How Long Can I Wait To Submit A Claim With Air Arabia?

The time limit for Air Arabia delayed and cancelled flight compensation claims is 3 years in general. However, the time limit may change according to the jurisdiction country. For example, it’s is 6 years in the UK, 5 years in Spain and France and 3 years in Germany.

Please check the time limits country by country in our related blog.

How Long Does Air Arabia Take To Pay Compensation?

Unfortunately, there are no specific time limits to get your compensation.Generally speaking, the process can take anywhere from 1 month to 3 months.

Entitled To A Claim? Let Click2Refund Enforce Your Rights!

Click2Refund is a leading flight compensation company that helps passengers understand their rights and get compensation for delayed or cancelled flights, and in instances of denied boarding.

Click2Refund is one of the best-rated flight compensation companies in the world with a track record of successfully resolving over 98% of compensation claims.

Besides being a no-win no-fee company that doesn’t charge you unless you have all your issues resolved, it hires professional legal experts to carry out all legal procedures on your behalf and fight to win your compensation without advance payment.

How Does It Work?

  • First, you can enter your flight details in our free calculator and we will calculate how much compensation you are entitled to
  • Next, our professional team of lawyers will start immediately with all the procedures to build a successful case of yours. They will do whatever it takes to get your compensation back and preserve all your rights regarding your Air Arabia delayed flight.
  • Finally, when our experts successfully claim your reimbursement, they will contact you instantly to receive your legal amount of money.
About  Air Arabia

Air Arabia was founded in 2003 by  Air Arabia Group in UAE. Air Arabia’s headquarters are currently located in Sharjah and the main base in Sharjah International Airport. Air Arabia is not a star alliance member. The company has 3 stars on Skytrax rating. Adel Ali leads the company as the CEO. Its subsidiaries include Air Arabia Maroc, Air Arabia Egypt, Information Systems Associates fze, Air Arabia Jordan, Haeco Sharjah Aircraft and Sharjah Aviation Services Co.

Air Arabia employs more than 2,302 employees worldwide. It has declared $ 138,570,000 in revenue. Air Arabia offers service to 101 destinations in 38 countries. Sharjah-Mumbai,Sharjah-Kuwait,Sharjah-Karachi,Muscat-Sharjah,Muscat-Kuwait,Delhi-Sharjah are some of the main flight destinations.

Air Arabia’s fleet consists of Airbus A320 model aircrafts. The average age of the fleet is 4 years. The youngest aircrafts are the Airbus A320 at 4 years old. They rank 30 among 259 airlines operating this type of aircraft. The most common aircraft in the fleet is the Airbus A320 with 40 of them at hand. They rank 30 among 259 airlines operating this type of aircraft.

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