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Aegean Airlines S.A. is the flag carrier of Greece and the largest Greek airline by total number of passengers carried, by number of destinations served, and by fleet size.
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The largest Greek airline, Aegean, flies to dozens of destinations, in and outside of Europe. It is a member of Star Alliance, the airline is known for being customer-friendly and professional, yet delays and cancellations can occur.

The company's passenger traffic grew by 72% in 2023 and so did Aegean Air complaints related to Aegean Airlines customer service, Aegean customer support, and Aegean Airlines reimbursement programs.

Flight delays and even cancellations are unfortunately common in the airline industry, sometimes due to unforeseeable circumstances and sometimes due to negligence. Whatever the reason, it is important to be aware of your rights as a passenger and receive the rightful Aegean Air flight delay compensation if your flight has been cancelled or delayed.

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Good Things to Know

  • You can get compensated if your flight has been delayed by at least three hours.
  • You can get compensated if your flight has been cancelled.
  • You can get compensated if you flight is overbooked and you are denied boarding.

Eligibility and the amount of compensation you can claim depends on a variety of factors, including your route, the nature of delays or cancellation, and the timeline.

Use our automatic tool to see if you’re eligible to receive Aegean Flight delay compensation or other forms of reimbursement.

What the Rules Say

Passenger rights for air travel are pretty much the same in the EU, EEA, and UK. That's why we often just call them European air passenger rights.

Sometimes, we might use the word "Europe" to mean this entire area where the flight compensation regulations EC 261/2004 and UK261 are valid.

For flights with European airlines such as Aegean Airlines, these rules cover all flights to and from Europe. If you're dealing with non-European airlines, these rules apply to flights leaving Europe.

Since Aegean Airlines is an EU airline, EC 261, known for being the most comprehensive air passenger protection laws, covers it. According to EC Regulation 261, passengers can claim compensation for delays, cancellations, or overbooked flights that are not their fault.

While there are certain exceptional circumstances, like bad weather or airport issues, that may exempt the company from paying compensation, situations such as technical problems or airline staff strikes usually entitle you to reimbursement under Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004.

Moreover, you generally have up to 5 years to file a compensation claim for a delayed Aegean Airlines flight. The time limit may change according to the domestic laws of the jurisdiction country. It is 5 years in Greece.

Is Aegean Airlines reliable?

If you look online for Aegean Airlines flight problem list, you will find that the airline is generally reliable. However, like any other airline, it does not have a 100% record, which means some people do suffer due to delays and cancellations.

Here’s what the stats say:

  • According to the data from the last quarter, the airline recorded 88% on-time flights.
  • A total of 2% of flights were late.
  • About 4% of the flights were very late.
  • Surprisingly, 5% of flights were cancelled. Data shows that international flights are more commonly cancelled.
  • The average delay for the company stands at 17.72 minutes.

If you have been a victim then you may have the right to receive Aegean Airlines compensation. Get in touch with us today to know more about how we can help you.

What if my flight got cancelled?

If your Aegean Airlines flight gets canceled, European air passenger rights lay out clear guidelines: Aegean Airlines must offer you an alternative flight or a refund, based on your preference. In addition, you might receive up to €600 per person compensation if cancellation is less than 14 days before planned departure.

Typically, when Aegean cancels flights, they make an effort to rebook passengers without any extra charges. If the alternative flight offered doesn't suit you or you've changed your mind about the trip, you have the option to request different arrangements.

Remember that if Aegean puts you on another flight that arrives at the original time then they are not liable to pay compensation. At the end of the day, the aim is to minimize disruption by ensuring you still reach your destination without significant delays. However, you may still have the option to request Aegean Airlines compensation if it’s a last-minute cancellation and you arrive to your destination with a delay of two hours.

These rules apply unless the cancellation is due to circumstances beyond Aegean Airlines' control, such as severe weather. These situations are considered exceptional circumstances.

Go here to know more about your rights as a traveler.

What if my flight got delayed?

If you've experienced a delay with your Aegean Airlines flight, you could be entitled to compensation under specific conditions.

You're eligible to claim up to €600 (£520) if your flight was delayed by at least 3 hours, and the airline is found to be responsible for the delay. It's important to note that there are exceptional circumstances, like severe weather or political instability in the country, which may impact the eligibility for compensation. If your situation aligns with these criteria, you may have a valid claim for Aegean Airlines delayed flight compensation.

How much is my Compensation for Delayed Flights?

Wondering about the compensation for a delayed Aegean Airlines flight? Here's the breakdown:

  • For flights covering less than 1,500 km, you could receive €250 (£220) in compensation.
  • If your flight falls between 1,500 and 3,500 km, the compensation goes up to €400 (£350).
  • Flights exceeding 1,500 km within the EU also qualify for €400 (£350) in compensation.
  • For flights surpassing 3,500 km outside of the EU, the compensation is €600 (£520). However, if the delay is less than 4 hours, the total amount might be reduced by 50%.

As an example, if you were traveling with Aegean Airlines from the UK to Greece, you likely qualify for £350 in compensation.

Aegean Airlines compensation: What to Do?

When dealing with disruptions like flight cancellations, delays, or overbookings while traveling with Aegean Airlines, there are steps you can take to make the compensation claim process smoother:

  • Open Communication with Aegean Airlines: Initiate a conversation with the airline's dedicated staff, either at the airport service desk or through customer support helplines. Discuss the circumstances of the delay to understand its cause and request written confirmation to keep a comprehensive record.
  • Keep Important Documents: Hold on to relevant travel documents, including boarding passes, tickets, and receipts. These documents serve as crucial evidence when supporting your compensation claim. Also, retain records of any communications you've had with the airline about the disrupted flight.
  • Ensure Basic Care Obligations are Met: If you find yourself stranded at an airport due to flight disturbances, Aegean Airlines must fulfill your basic needs, including food and accommodation if the disruption lasts for an extended period.
  • Use Click2Refund's Compensation Calculator: The 'Compensation Check' tool on the Click2Refund website can be a valuable resource to simplify your claim process. This tool is designed to help you navigate through the process and determine your eligibility for compensation from Aegean Airlines. It allows you to quickly assess the potential compensation based on the unique factors of your flight disruption.

By following these steps and leveraging tools like the Click2Refund website, you can expedite and streamline the process of seeking compensation for flight disruptions with Aegean Airlines. Additionally, gaining an understanding of the company's policies can give you an extra advantage during the claim process, as each airline, including Aegean Airlines, has specific protocols for handling disruptions. Familiarizing yourself with these policies can further facilitate your claim journey.

Aegean delayed flight compensation: Avoid These Mistakes

Navigating the process of compensation claims for flight disruptions with Aegean Airlines can be intricate, and taking the right steps is crucial for optimal compensation. Equally important is avoiding certain actions that could impede your claim. Here are some common pitfalls to steer clear of during flight disruptions:

Accepting Travel Vouchers:

Airlines, including Aegean, might offer travel vouchers as compensation. However, it's worth considering declining this option. These vouchers often have limitations such as usage restrictions. Accepting them could limit your ability to use them within the provided time frame, potentially jeopardizing your compensation. Rejecting travel vouchers not only safeguards your rights but also preserves your ability to claim cash compensation or take legal action in the future if necessary.

Hastily Signing Agreements:

Signing agreements without thorough evaluation could waive your rights or bind you to inadequate compensation. It's essential to take the time to analyze offers, understand relevant regulations, and seek advice from experts. This approach strengthens your claims process for compensation.

Accepting the First Proposal:

Rapidly agreeing to the initial proposal in any negotiation scenario may result in a less-than-ideal outcome. Airlines might present an initial offer as a goodwill gesture for a flight disruption, but it could be substantially lower than your actual entitlement. Practicing caution, staying informed about your rights, and keeping your options open are crucial to ensuring you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Aegean Airlines Reimbursement Process

Here’s the process:

  • Get in touch with us, provide the required details, sit back, and let us fight for you.
  • Do everything on your own from reaching out to Aegean Airlines and formally requesting compensation and filling Aegean compensation claim form. Remember that airlines are known for giving excuses to avoid paying compensation, so be prepared to fight.

Get in touch with us today to know more about how we can help you.

Aegean Airlines Reimbursement: Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive Aegean Airlines flight delay compensation?

The time it takes to receive Aegean Airlines flight delay compensation can vary. Generally, airlines aim to process compensation claims as promptly as possible, but several factors can influence the timeline. These factors may include the airline's internal processes, the complexity of your specific case, the volume of claims they are handling, and the efficiency of their claims processing system. Based on our experience, most cases are solved in two weeks but some can take months.

How can I contact Aegean Airlines customer service?

You can contact the Call Centre at (+30) 210 6261000. Alternatively, you can get in touch with Aegean Airlines customer service at the service desk or try social media platforms.

Is it mandatory to work with a lawyer to receive Aegean delayed flight compensation?

No, it is not mandatory to work with a lawyer to receive Aegean delayed flight compensation. However, working with a professional like Click2Refund can increase your chances of getting rightfully compensated.

Can I claim for previous flights?

In most cases, yes, for as long as the flight is not older than 5 years in Greece. The time limit may change according to jurisdiction country.

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About  Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines was founded in 1995 by Theodoros Vassilakis (34.17% - 23.6% via Evertrans S.A. and 9.46% via Aut?hellas S.A.), Alnesco Enterprises Company Limited (9.48%), Siana Enterprises Company Limited (9.48%), and Konstantakopoulos Achilleas (6.39%) in Greece. Aegean Airlines’s headquarters are currently located in Athens. Aegean Airlines is a star alliance member. Dimitrios Gerogiannis leads the company as the CEO. Its subsidiaries include Animawings, Olympic Air.

Aegean Airlines employs more than 2,684 employees worldwide and operates a mainline fleet of more than 69 aircraft. It has declared € 1.334,000,000 in revenue. Aegean Airlines offers service to 118 destinations and they have carried more than 12.5 million passengers in 2022. Atina-Rome, Atina-Paris, Atina-London, Atina-Warsaw, Atina-Jerusalem, Atina-Bucharest, Atina-Moscow, Atina-Stockholm, Atina-Copenhagen, Atina-Tallinn, Atina-Helsinki, Atina-Oslo, Atina-Ljubljana, Atina-Vienna, Atina-Berlin, Atina-Budapest, Atina-Kyiv are some of the main flight destinations.

Aegean Airlines’s fleet consists of Airbus A320 model aircrafts. The average age of the fleet is 8.5 years. The youngest aircrafts are the Airbus A320neo.. The most common aircraft in the fleet is the Airbus A320 with 40 of them at hand.

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